Schadenflorida: Traffic Gods Amused

By Mark Esposito, Weekend Blogger

Finger and Truck Flipping Jeffrey White

Somewhere across the space-time continuum a universe exists where the traffic gods actually do care what happens on the roadways. Evidently, our world has collided with that universe in the black hole of Lakeland, Florida. There, a local resident captured on video a cosmic exercise of justice for a tailgating driver who just couldn’t wait for her to make her turn. Flipping off the amateur videographer as he rocketed on by, the gods have exacted their revenge on 33-year-old Jeffrey White –and they must have a sense of humor.  The unidentified motorist said,  “He just started tailgating me and I’m looking in my mirrors and I’m like dude, what is going on. I didn’t even realize he shot a bird at me until after the video because I was focused on the road.” (video after the fold)

Here’s the video:




Jeffrey White of Tampa  was arrested and charged with reckless driving and leaving the scene of a crash.

Source: abc News

~Mark Esposito, Weekend Contributor

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  1. The look on his face as he was flipping her off, evil ba****d. Kept his eyes off the road just a tad too long, hehehe, chuckle, cackle, snort.

  2. Aaamen, Aaaamen, Aamen Amen Amen
    Agamemnon, Aaaamen
    On Christmas morning, Aaaamen. etc

    song from Lillies Of the Field

  3. Thanks for this. I will show it to youngest when she gets back. She hates tailgaters. She sometimes brake-checks them. When she was wearing her Sheriff’s Dept. uniform going back and forth to work, she had much less problem with tailgaters for some reason.

    There used to be a guy who drove an old pickup truck around town. The truck had a do-it-yourself paint job in flat black. Something awful must have happened to the rear of it, because the back bumper had been replaced by a massive I-beam. The beam was painted flat black too, but in neat white block letters across the length of the beam web, it said, “I BRAKE FOR TAILGATERS.”

    In all the years he drove it, I never once saw anyone tailgating him.

  4. The guy is an a$$hole and the bird was not necessary, however the other driver was doing what is my pet peeve. That driver was just lollygagging in the passing lane. In Wi., it is hell. Cheeseheads are the worst left lane hogs in the nation. California has some of the best drivers, maybe because they drive so much. Hardly ever is there someone hanging out in the passing lane. Just another perspective.

  5. And wehat Nick said plus she even admitted when he tried to pass she sped up. She is not totally innocent.

  6. ROMEO
    I would, I would flip thy bird.

    Sweet, so would I:
    Yet I should kill thee with much cherishing.

    Good night, good night! passing is such
    sweet sorrow,

    That I shall spite thee till it be morrow.

  7. As we watch this video, we see that there are no cars for miles in front of the videographer. We can also see that the videographer is going about the same speed as traffic in the right lane, which has plenty of room to pull over into. Where I live, it’s not only law but also considered a courtesy to pull over, even if you are already driving the speed limit, so that faster moving traffic can proceed unhindered. The videographer is also driving carelessly, more concerned with aiming her camera than aiming her car. One can only assume she had spent months, harvesting the right opportunity to bait a tailgater, in order to overcome the incredible odds that led to this event. It’s people like this person who are responsible for all the road rage; they pull out in front of you, they cut you off, they don’t move over, they text, talk and look at themselves in the mirror, totally oblivious of situational awareness that otherwise makes it possible for every motorist to have a pleasant day, escaping becoming 1 of 35,000 casualties each year on highways. Karma has already probably bitten her own ass by now. No community needs a motorist like her, much less over-socialized, urban folks with misplaced schadenfreude, reinforcing insane behavior. I have always felt that road-rage laws are misdirected, criminalizing valid impatience, when in fact discourteous behavior should be outlawed. In this way the law protects the rude driver. And we wonder why, stupidly, why road rage is now epidemic.

  8. Whoa nick, while I agree with you that she was lollygagging, California has some of the WORST drivers for this type of action. I always thought it was because we had so many emigrants or passers through but I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen traffic held up on a six lane freeway (three in each direction) and there were three trucks pacing one another, no one even trying to pass. Or two trucks side by side and the driver in the far left lane hitting her brakes slowing down to 50 ( posted 65) miles per hour while talking on a cell phone.

    I guess we live in different parts of the state. When I taught my son to drive I taught him he did not have the right to obstruct traffic. If he was doing 70 mph in the left hand lane and someone was going 80 mph, get out of their way.

  9. Caught on camera: Florida road rage driver crashes
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    Updated: Mar 28, 2014 4:58 PM CDT
    By WTHR Channel 13 – Email
    A Florida woman is speaking out after falling victim to a case of road rage. She says she witnessed “instant karma” when the tailgater ran his pickup truck off the road near Tampa.

    Watch it here. (Note – the video contains an image of the driver making a rude gesture.)

    When she refused to pull over for the tailgating driver, he zoomed by and gave her the middle finger. That’s when he lost control of his truck and crashed into a pole. She caught it all on camera.

    “I just pulled up the phone, driving with one hand and focusing on the road, focusing on my mirrors everything, and I just kind of held up the phone,” she said.

    The driver was later arrested for leaving the scene of the crash. He was not injured.

    The video already has more than four million hits on YouTube.

    The woman wrote, “This happened to me on SR 41 in Tampa on Monday March 24th. This pathetic excuse for a human being tailgated me for about three minutes. After about a minute, and me shaking my head, I pulled out my phone and started recording.”

    She explained, “I couldn’t move over because there were trucks in the right lane, and I sure as heck wasn’t going to speed on a rainy day with the roads being as slick as they were. I was turning left in about a half-mile when this happened.”

    “Now bear in mind, that this guy had already passed a truck in a left turn lane, was tailgating and driving recklessly on a wet slick road, wasn’t paying attention, and all in all being an ignorant —. Not once was I mouthing off, I never brake checked him, and in fact until I watched the video after the accident I didn’t even know he shot a bird at me because I wasn’t looking at him at all. I was paying attention to the road while holding the phone up with my right hand. I’ve recorded circumstances like this before, catching idiots doing stupid things, but never ever had this happen.”

    “He initially fled the scene of the accident, but thanks to this video he has been caught and charged. Massive props to the Sheriff’s Department and most especially the Highway Patrol who responded to the scene. This moron could have easily killed somebody with his moronic behavior, and my laughing at the end would have been replaced with tears. Needless to say though, I’ve never seen Karma come back so fast.”

    She explained that she disabled comments on her YouTube post after she says some viewers left rude comments.

    “Apparently people seem to think that they were right there and know exactly what was going on. You weren’t there. You don’t know what happened other than the truth that I told. And apparently I did get a comment of someone who he had done this same thing to… thank you for that,” she wrote.

  10. Or two trucks side by side and the driver in the far left lane hitting her brakes slowing down to 50 ( posted 65) miles per hour while talking on a cell phone.

    Oops, just realized how sexist this sounded. Males do stupid stuff in that left hand lane also.

  11. Pat, I’m in SoCal in the winter. What makes driving so much better compared to the Midwest is the MUCH fewer tractor trailers. I just don’t see lollygagging in the San Diego area. That said, everything is relative. I have driven coast to coast MANY times. I grew up in New England. Wisconsin is the worst. When I talk w/ truckers they corroborate my perspective. They also hate Boston and Oklahoma[go figure] drivers. I’ve driven thru OK many times and never noticed anything.

    Pat, God bless you for teaching your son correctly. Young drivers are big time lollygaggers. So are old men.

  12. I alsohave to disagree on LA drivers. The freeways are often total chaos with people doing all sorts of crazy things. The law of physics is often more applicable that the traffic law. LA to me was half way between a regular US city and what I experienced in Turkey.

    Granted, I have been in some really hairy experiences driving emergency vehicles but a cab ride I had in the Med coast there in Turkey was in the top three for an unnerving ride. I remember instinctively and reflexively pushing the imaginary brake on the floor. It was a harrowing ride. If you saw the traffic movements there you would be amazed that every car is not one of a thousand dents running on the sides and rear bumper.

  13. nick, three things: # 1: I pretty much hate SoCal. I just do not like it all that much and thus avoid it. # 2: In N. Cal. we see what I described on a daily basis, hour after hour. # 3: Having been no further east than South Dakota I’ll bow to your knowledge.

    “Pat, God bless you for teaching your son correctly.” Well the boy is teaching me too nick. As you know lane splitting by motorcycles is legal here. One day he was driving in bumper to bumper traffic and he headed the car as far left as he could. Just as I was about to ask him just what the hell he was doing a motorcycle split the lane. He was trying to give that motorcycle as much room as possible. In not so tight situations I’ve seen them give him a wave of thanks after they’ve passed him.

  14. the girl is an idiot as much as the guy was. She was purposely trying to piss him off by not getting over. She also was as reckless as he was. Yeah I am sure she was not looking back constantly (sarcasm)
    People like her CAUSE road rage.

  15. I’m with Samantha… at first I thought the guy was a total ass, until I watched the video several times stopping the action and paying close attention to the speed of the womans car. She was enjoying boxing him in and totally antagonizing him by not pulling over and just letting him go by, the prudent thing to do. Now honestly folks… wouldn’t that have been much safer on the rainslick streets the gal was sooooooooo concerned about rather than taking a hand off the wheel so she could film and be so involved in making her little drama about road rage. The camera angle was always spot-on so she wasn’t watching the road ahead very diligently. And what if he had hit a car with a family in it instead of a pole? Think about that!!! Last time I watched my opinion of her had gone 360 and her sinister laughing at what could have been a fatality (caused by her) made me sick. She eventually disabled the comments on YouTube… certainly because the tide was turning against her little game and video, whereas she’d allowed them while it was going her way.

  16. Well now, we have vastly different perspectives from people watching the same incident. I investigated thousands of cases and never ceased to be amazed @ this dynamic. That’s one of the aspects I loved. If we could only carry this respectful disagreement to more hot button issues it would be superb. As I’ve said, we have made significant improvement the last few months. But, this great discussion should be a template for what we are capable of on more controversial topics.

  17. Pat, Great kid! This lane splitting is insane. The thing w/ boy drivers is while they lack invaluable experience, they can compensate w/ great depth perception, great spatial recognition, and quick reflexes. Get them past 24 years old and you often have great drivers. I have driven in Rome where those Vespa’s literally bounce between cars, and they give the “sorry” wave as they speed on past you. Driving in northern Italy was much more normal. I don’t know if any other state allows lane splitting? Anyone? Wisconsin allows no helmets on motorcycles. So, we are a magnet for many states. But, w/ no helmets, you’re not causing accidents, just putting yourself @ risk, not others.

  18. Her rudeness certainly could have caused a tragic accident, it may not have been her fault but that wouldn’t diminish the tragedy. She is as much to blame as the rude tailgater….she could have pulled over to let this jerk pass if she wanted to, but like earlier posters mentioned here, she was enjoying boxing this guy in as evidenced by her cackling laugh at the end. The roads were wet, slick and she’s playing stupid games endangering lives. After watching the video I thought she too should have been arrested for recklessly endangering the lives of others.

  19. C W, Great comment. The info about taking the YouTube video down is interesting. Maybe her attorney suggested it.

  20. Darren, I’m talking San Diego. LA is a different venue and MUCH different dynamic. But, I still assert Californians are good drivers. They live in their cars. And, there’s a reason Greeks hate the Turks. I’m sure driving is in there somewhere.

  21. ;let me be the a-hole for the day… where exactly in the rules of driving does it say we are obligated to pull over and allow someone to pass by us? and exactly how many of you have driven ONE HANDED? while eating? drinking your beverages? reaching into your glove compartments? adjusting your inside and outside mirrors? or just blowing smoke out ur uh i mean your noses? i saw 2 trucks driving in the left lane

    @ 04.00 you can see the back wheels of one truck but then im guessing you all want to ignore that
    there is also another truck in front of the first but i dont see anyone commenting on that while he is busy tailgating her…
    049 we see the truck again

    1:05 we see a suv pass her by why exactly didnt he just keep going? she isnt the one who had the accident but of course we get people on here complaining about HER DRIVING. her eyes obviously werent off the road long enough to get into a accident and run.. and yet she is the villian because she did what was her right to do and not pull over to allow him to pass..

    i wonder how many of you would be trying to lay blame on her if she had of pulled over and allowed him to pass for him to only slam into a car carrying a family…..

  22. Thanks nick, the thing is that although I totally do not like lane splitting it is the law. Therefore, I learned a bit from my son; to settle down and look at things from their perspective. I have now grown to the point that I view the whole practice as lane sharing. I just wish I had his reactions and sense to always be on the lookout for them. I don’t think anyone can now teach me “spatial recognition” but still I try.

    When I first viewed this video and saw the first responses I thought we were seeing different videos. In my opinion you can’t film and drive and do both well.

  23. RobinH is a left laner, I knew it!! Robin, there are signs EVERYWHERE on interstates saying “Keep Right Except To Pass.” So, there’s that.

  24. Pat, Men are more spatial, it goes back to when we were hunters and gatherers. Now we use it to piss in the toilet even after a few too many beers. Evolution? Spatial recognition is in the genes. You can maybe improve it a bit w/ repetitive muscle memory drills?

  25. Woulda, coulda shudda. I’ve been driving for over 50 years, at times professionally, and I would have pulled over. If someone behind you is being a jerk then let it go and move over. One cannot turn on a cell phone, activate the camera icon, make sure the video option is on without taking your eyes off the road—if she has time for all that then she could have and should have pulled over. A rainy day with a slick road and her main concern is taking a video of the guy behind her. And a damn good video given her claim that she never took her eyes off the road and didn’t know she was flipped off until after she watched the video—I don’t think so, she knew exactly how to aim that camera to get the best shot and that was done by looking at the video display. She was as duplicitous as the guy driving the truck, in this case we have one jerk videoing another.

  26. Nick

    Sorry, I thought you meant LA

    I can see you point about the amount of driving leads to better drivers, especially in more crowded situations. In my experience, among general populations, were the best drivers were Germans. They have a more professional attitude I think and their freeways when open in many areas have no speed limit. It is not unusual for 70 mph differences in speed between the inside and outside lanes. In that environment if you pay as little attention as young drivers here do and act like Mr. Road Rage in this article you can get into a mega-crash that is usually not survivable.

  27. Robinh45, It is called common courtesy. This was once fought over in the Sacramento Bee Letters to the Editor. The final blow came from a truck driver with 25 years experience. He said that it was people that think they own the left hand lane, refusing under any circumstance to either move over or speed up was, in his experience, the number one cause of accidents.

    If you want to get flipped off or worse just stay there. But it seems to me if we all just treated each other a little more kind instead of one up man-ship, it would be a better world.

  28. I did surveillance for a living. The ONLY time I would ever shoot video while driving was when I was following a subject who claimed they could not drive. It is incredibly unsafe.

  29. Darren, I would expect nothing less from German drivers. I imagine they are the antithesis of Italian drivers.

  30. @nick spinelli, You must be driving in a different San Diego than I’ve been driving in for the past twenty years, or a different part of it, or at different times of day,. Left lane slow drivers are as common as fleas on a dog in the part of town I drive in at the times of day I drive.

  31. Darren and or nick or anyone else that’s been to Germany, something I’ve always wondered about is driving on the autobahn. Are the entrances and exists there as clumsy as they are here?

  32. sorry everybody, but here in floriduh we have hands down the worst drivers. everyone is from somewhere else. you’re mixing up tourists from up north who are in a hurry or are lost and the navi is telling them to turn somewhere when the signs say no turn allowed. throw in retirees that haven’t been in a hurry for the last 20 years, then add people who live and work here who are just trying to get from point a to point b and dropping the kids off in between.

    and if you have the added bonus of an event week/weekend, bike week, race week etc. for daytona or in tampa or orlando, bowl games.

    my rant for the week.

    p.s. there’s one sob about three houses down from me that one year i’m gonna follow his a$$ back to pennsylvania after bike week and ride up and down his street at 3 am with the exhaust cut off of my car and see how he likes it.

  33. Pat:

    Generally they resemble interstate freeways, one difference is more often there are guard rails next to the left lane often with no soft shoulder. They also tend to have better merging where possible. A bad situation, which happens unfortunately too often, is what is called a “Stau” which means backup, where cars ahead come to a near stop and the ones behind are at high speed. You will see cars near the stau hit their emergency flashers to warn of the deceleration. This is one reason the hazard button on German cars is so prominent so you don’t have to search for it. They try to miniminze stauen by keeping the ramps as open as possible but it is not always the case.

    The lanes also are a little wider, which helps and the road maintanence seems to be better. If you want to drive at high speeds I would recommend you get some kind of training to do so because the situation is very different at 130+ than it is at 70. This is more involved than many realize as things such as roadway pitch, gusty wind sheer, vehicle weight transfer, steering-especially steering, and most importantly long range planning is critical. You have to pay attention to what is 1/2 mile ahead or more, else you cannot react in time. In the video below, the driver is on an Autobahn and travels up to 149mph. Look at the smoothness for which he is driving. Rough, sloppy, and jerking steering will cause harmonic like rolling in the suspension and can tilt the car into a pitch where the wind can lift one side of the car up slightly, leading to more imbalance (especially with tire grip) which quickly leads to out of control situations. At this speed you do not have time to react instantly. If it takes 1/2 second to recognize the need to hit the brake hard and 1/2 second to press the brake you will have traveled over 220 feet (3/4 length of a football field) before your brakes will even fully apply. This is why it is paramount to read 1/2 a mile ahead or more. You will travel 1,500 feet in 10 seconds.

    Here is the reason. Look at this situation. The driver is watching way ahead, look at the care for his lane usage and calm smooth driving. When the driver has to break hard and gets just behind this other vehicle. If it seems slow but the offending car is travelling 70.

    Here is a short example

  34. Darren, thanks for the information. I guess we were all taught to drive differently but checking mirrors and looking far ahead was just something I was taught and passed on. Also, checking gauges on a regular basis, you know, a quick glance. All have saved my butt a few times.

    I’ve driven for sustained periods at 120 mph across the salt flats when there was no speed limit on Interstate 80. It was dicey.

    pete, I heard on a news show last week that Idaho had increased their speed limit to 85. And pete, what you describe in Florida sounds a lot like California.

    I watched the first video again and I swear that if someone would have left that much room between two vehicles were I live, especially at rush hours, at least one vehicle would have slipped in between them.

  35. pete, here too most everyone is from somewhere else. When they live here six months and are instant experts on how “we” should drive.

  36. Pete:

    I don’t know what the speed limit is in Idaho, haven’t been there for a couple years.

    Also on the above driving video, there are a couple issues I want to stress. Watch the entire video and look a the driver’s hands. Notice during all that happens, including the jam-up with the white car at the end, he turns very few degrees. The faster the vehicle travels, the less your maximum turning radius becomes. At the speed he is travelling a 90 degree quick turn is highly likely to result in the loss of control. This is a significant reason that high speed pursuits with idiot suspects results in a crash is due to the oversteering.

    The criticals skill to learn at these speeds is to know precisely how far you can turn the wheel and use the gas pedal to make a rapid lane change to avoid a collision. It is a very narrow margin of error. Moreover, it is not something that can be taught in a text book. It requires an intimate knowledge and feel for the vehicle you are driving as each one is different, even between the same make/model when the cars become older.

    It is also important to understand drivin at these speeds is not a video game where you just start over again. There is nothing wrong with driving at the pace of the other cars. More speed, more risk. Nothing changes that.

  37. I’m sure this has been stated already, but __The left lane is for passing__

    I can’t figure out why drivers don’t respect this simple rule. I get frustrated and I see LEOs and other drivers out there getting frustrated by the many seemingly oblivious drivers that refuses to yield the passing lane , often pacing the vehicle next to them and blocking the flow of traffic for dozens of others. I’m not impressed by this video. It’s bad judgement and bad driving on the part of both drivers.

    Simple lack of knowledge and respect for the most basic rules of the road lead to frustration and wrecks. I see the lady taking the video as being partly responsible for this wreck.

    The USA requires drivers to exhibit almost no proof of skill or competence in order to receive a license. Driver license tests should be 10x more stringent and extensive driver training should be mandatory.

  38. To add to what Darren said, little things like tire pressure and the condition of shock absorbers can change the handling of a vehicle. Even one you are intimately familiar with. I enjoy watching NASCAR racing, and am in awe of the skill of crews, crew chiefs and drivers. The top tier crew chiefs know that an extra ¼ pound of air pressure in a right rear tire can change dramatically how the car handles in a turn. One-fourth pound per square inch! How do they do that? You start with having a $600.00 tire pressure gauge in the tool kit.

    Here in the mountains, so many of our car wrecks look more like plane crashes than an automobile. One northeast Tennessee county lost two deputies in a chase a few years ago. Pursuing a sports car, their cruiser could not match it on the mountain roads and they ended up straightening out a curve.

  39. Nick, I must take exception to your comment about Srn CA Drivers. I drive occasionally in Srn CA. On more than one occasion on I15 between LAS and LA the ratio of cars in the left lane to right is 10 to 1. I am in the right lane with the cruise control set about 2 mph above legal speed limit. The cars in the left have their speed range from 45 to 85 mph. Over one 10 mile stretch I was passed and passed by the same car about 10 times all while not touching my speed control. The vast majority were like sheep, following the car in front of them with no regard to how often they hit the brakes and accelerator. Their collective intelligence, or driving skills, did not impress me one bit.

  40. Utah has an 80 mph speed limit on selected segments of I85 and I15. Idaho just passed a law allowing the speed to be raised to 80 on selected sections of interstate. This will likely happen in the next year or two. I drive these sections a lot. 80 mph is appropriate as there are few cars/trucks, long vistas, and few curves.

  41. I don’t really think one can make a general statement about drivers in any location and have it hold true across the board. There are good drivers and bad drivers everywhere. When I taught my kids to drive, I drilled it into them that when they were in a cohort of other vehicles, they could be at the mercy of the worst, driver in the lot–who could be a homicidal/suicidal maniac for all they knew.

  42. I saw this I think Friday…. Redneck county Florida…. Meets Justice that is mightier than 4 Wheels and a Finger….

  43. Again folks telling me I’m wrong about SoCal drivers. I come from the left lane hell of the US, Wisconsin. So, everything is relative. Just like we all have a different perspective on this video, based on our genetics, bias, life experiences, etc., we have different perspectives on regional drivers. Well, almost all of us.

  44. Sorry folks this driver should be arrested. Aggressively driving in the passing lane on purpose, holding a camera up with her right hand, showing she was driving the speed limit, and refusing to pull over and let others pass only shows she is a scum bag provacateure.

    A self-proclaimed traffic citizen police like this woman is outrageous. She will learn what Karma is and it will not be soon enough for my taste.

  45. This thread has taken a 180 from the take by mespo and the first few commenters. and, it remained civil despite strong feelings. Superb!

  46. It appears that my perfectly civil comment has been moderated. I know it’s in the system because when I tried to repost, I got a message I was posting a duplicate. There were no links or odd characters. What gives?

  47. What about the many others he did this to?

    In general, those who do bad do not suffer karma nor do they reap what they sow.


    Exhibit #1: Dick Cheney the torture meister.

  48. This woman is almost certainly an unrepentant left lane hog. They cause many accidents. And the videotaping is horribly unsafe.

  49. Dick Cheney probably hasn’t driven in years. But, he does have a hunting license and he knows where you live!!

  50. nick spinelli

    This woman is almost certainly an unrepentant left lane hog. They cause many accidents. And the videotaping is horribly unsafe.
    The video shows her speed.

    Wrong again.

    Who had the wreck anyway?

    The victim?

  51. nick spinelli

    Dick Cheney probably hasn’t driven in years. But, he does have a hunting license and he knows where you live!!
    I hope he doesn’t come over and shoot my neighbor.

    He does not no an ass from the holes in his head.

    Anyone who gives him any sharp object is not very sharp.

  52. I have driven coast to coast several times and have seen many people who get in the left lane, set their cruise control on the speed limit and just sit there. Yes, absolutely they are abiding by the speed limit but when some jerk in a one ton vehicle starts riding their rear bumper it is time to move over. In an ideal world everyone would obey speed limits, but we don’t live in such a world and there are times when the left lane hog will end up in an accident—-sure they probably won’t be cited, they didn’t do anything wrong but tell that to those who are injured—“gee lady, I’m sorry your husband and one month old child were killed but I was just obeying the law and didn’t feel it necessary to move over.” Folks, move the hell over, let the idiots who want to speed go by, then get back in the left lane. I’ve been in certain areas in some urban areas where this lady’s life would be in jeopardy as some drivers have a pistol on their person and are not at all afraid to use it. But hey, her grave marker can say: “I wasn’t speeding and would not move over.”

    When at an intersection when the light turns green for my direction of travel, I always look to see if anyone is running a red light before moving. Why? The light is green and I have a right to proceed so why not accelerate and get going? Because I don’t want to get in an accident regardless of whose fault it is.

    Yes that silly lady with a video camera had a right to stay in the left lane. So what? Is exercising her right worth getting into an accident? And when she sees the idiot get in an accident she sounded excited and elated. Hell, she was happy that guy got in an accident. I hope the police arrest her.

  53. Wayne, Many states have regulations prohibiting the left lane driving of this woman. Florida does not. In 2005 Jeb Bush vetoed a bill outlawing left lane hogs. He stated drivers cruising slowly in left lane were “safe and cautious.” His mommy probably told him that!

  54. Yes, here in Montana “slower moving vehicles” are suppose to move over without mentioning any specifics about speed limits. Let the Highway Patrol deal with speeders, it is not up to us to force speed limit compliance by refusing to pull over–we’re not law enforcement and it is foolish playing deadly games with reckless drivers at 75mph on our freeways.

    I think Jeb’s mother had a lot of influence with the shrub family.

  55. You know, I used to get really fried about the guys here in SoCal who would come up on your bumper, or hang out in the wrong lane. When I had a family tragedy 4 years ago (my older daughter died in a car accident), I was really spaced out for quite a while. And talking to other folks who have had really crappy days also led me to understand that not everyone is firing on all cylinders at all times, and maybe we can just let them go.

    I have years of coast-to-coast, 11 Western states, big rig, small truck, sports car, you name it driving experience. Grew up in New York and Rome, Italy, drove the crazy autostrade and autobahnen. We’re all people, people. Some of us suck more, some less, some have issues, etc. I am teaching my younger daughter that you have to watch out for everyone. And your phone is in the glove box when you are behind the wheel.

    Be safe, all.

  56. yogi, Great comment. And you cannot teach a child, particularly a daughter, anything better than NO CELL PHONE while driving. The cops here in San Diego really enforce that law and I support their vigilance. Tragedy does give one perspective, yogi. Losing a child is the worst. Sorry for your loss. Keep coming back, we need thoughtful folks like yourself.

  57. Apparently, WordPress still thinks there is something abusive about my post. When it flags a post, for whatever reason, it seems no human bothers to read it.

  58. Nick, WordPress just ate two attempts to reply to you when all my first reply said was “Hee, hee…………just like animals.”

  59. I may have figured this out. I’m traveling and posting from a hotel wifi. I forgot to turn on my vpn in the first two attempts to reply. I turned on my vpn and, guess what? My post went through.

    Either WordPress doesn’t like my hotel wifi, or it has somehow associated my vpn server with my email and won’t accept any posts from another server.

    We need to get this blog on a real board.

  60. Let’s try my original vetoed post to test this theory:

    @Blind Faithiness “I’m sure this has been stated already, but __The left lane is for passing__”

    First of all, I believe that the woman making the video is just as dangerous as the road rager.

    However, it is not true that the left lane is just for passing. I’ve lost track of the number of times I have moved from the right lane to the left in order to make a left exit only to get tailgated and honked at by some idiot. And not some idiot that I pulled out in front of. It’s always some idiot who pulls up behind me a full minute or more after I am in the left lane. (My guess is that people who see me change lanes have a clue that I just may be exiting.) I always wait until I am reasonably close and usually drive a little above the speed limit, conditions permitting. What is the alternative…waiting until the last minute and moving heaven and earth to change lanes?

    Highways, even interstates, are often too crowed to use only the right lane except for passing. I’ve been in the left lane on the interstate in traffic as far as I can see, moving at 30mph, and still get tailgated. I always try to leave at least a couple car lengths in front of me in these situations just in case someone slams on the brakes up ahead. That seems to enrage some drivers. How are these idiots going to get to their destinations any faster if I tailgate the car in front of me that is driving the exact speed I am driving?

  61. Simms,
    I just cleaned out the spam filter. There were almost three thousand spams. They come in faster than you can crank the scroll wheel. Looking for a post more than thirty seconds old is an exercise in futility.

    I have another tab open. In the time it took me to type this 43 spams came in.

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