11 thoughts on “Lethally Cute”

  1. I agree with Carol. Our Will gives all the money and assets to dogs, cats and owls– three different rescue centers.

  2. My cats are in my will. I felt the need to put in where I wanted them to go if I predecease them.

  3. Actually, my pets are in my will. No kids, so everything I have goes to the care and comfort of the little critters with whatever is left after they go to a couple of local shelters.
    What? I should leave it to my nieces and nephews who can’t be bothered to send thank you notes? I don’t think so.

  4. Looks like this puppy’s dream is to grow up and win the title of “Most Tennis Balls Held In Mouth”

  5. To be honest here, the dog is not that cute. I love my dog, but she is not in the will.

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