Time To Wake Up

Qg5FkJzIt is Saturday and some people have high expectations for you.

How can you go back to your newspaper with this staring you in the face?

I went on a glorious hike this morning at the break of dawn on Billy Goat Trail outside of Washington. The sun was coming up and it was incredible.

10 thoughts on “Time To Wake Up”

  1. Seldom can I sleep in beyond 7 am. My dog will not let me! But rather than seeing his face, he uses his but to wake me up. And the cat is even worse.

  2. It is a glorious day when one is awakened by not one but two precious pups as I am.

  3. At least yours is awake. Mine is sleeping under the table. At some point she will awake, come into my office and demand I let her outside. She has trained me well.

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