17 thoughts on “You Said This Was A Walk!”

  1. mr keebler and salt i would suggest that you not give a audience to misery… take another look at the face on the dog and find that smile that was there at first look.

  2. Always look forward to the pet pictures… but today the comments degraded any warm fuzzies right off. Perhaps I’ll ignore reading them from now on as they only tell me just how ill American society is. I can’t, in my wildest dreams, imagine how ones thoughts whilst looking at the dogs face goes to hateful places. Until I read some comments the picture made me smile/happy.

  3. TeaParty is one word referring to a political group, tea party, well you talk to the queen about that. Now, why did you attack me?

  4. Keebler, I don’t consider what I said as an insult. I grew up in a tough, blue collar, ethnic, family and town. I took offense to you and the other guy politicizing a cute, innocuous, post. There are ample opportunities to politicize other threads, but I really don’t like these fun ones being sullied. However, I didn’t play victim, I merely responded w/ my thoughts and feelings. I have nothing personal against you, verified by my giving kudos on the Easter Egg hunt thread. I’m tough but fair.

  5. It is interesting to note that everyone wants liberty, as the Tea Party claims, but they are afraid to extend that liberty to their neighbors. I’m responsible, but my neighbor may not be. As any example, I’m smart enough, but my stupid neighbors need to have government regulate Doctors for them, because they might buy from the snake oil peddlers instead.

    FYI: I just received a call back from a good friend Chas Siebrecht, my prior boss about one of his other appraisers Lee, who had acquired Leukemia. He was scheduled for bone marrow transplant and met a guy who had cured himself of prostate cancer using alternative medicine with emphasis on alkalizing. Chas said Lee is in total remission. I would suggest he is cured as long as he maintains a good PH level. Cancers cannot survive when the body is alkaline. There is a book called Alkalize of Die by an MD.

    Does Obama Care provide for alternative cures, since I now know four people who have cured themselves of cancer without any intrusive procedures?

    When I see people wearing pink ribbons and donating money for research for the cure for breast cancer, when I have extensively interviewed a woman, her Nutritional Doctor and her Medical Doctor that cured her breast cancer, it is a bit disheartening that so many people do not know that the cure already exists. How do we regulate stupidity. With over 85% of all drugs created by synthesizing natural substances, isn’t it rather logical that we just use the much less expensive natural products. Synthesized compounds have side effects because they cannot replicate nature perfectly in the lab. So not only are natural products cheaper they do not have the various contraindications that synthesized drugs have.

    The doggies sad face made me write all this after I got off the phone with Chas. The guy that had helped Lee, fell off a ladder while cleaning his gutters a few weeks later and passed away from his injuries.

  6. Nick,

    Why do you feel the need to insult people? I haven’t said anything, nor have I insulted you. Please explain?

  7. 740 and Keebler showing they feel the insecure need to politicize everything. When your ideology is imploding, I guess it’s understandable.

  8. The look on the face of every Obama supporter when they finally realize what he is doing to the country.

  9. That’s the kind of face you see on a ‘Christian’… after he figures out, everything that he’s been told in church…. is a lie……………….

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