California Man Dies In Pursuit Of Suspect Who Stabbed Mother In Parking Lot

E_HERO_0430_A.jpgThis story stood out on Reddit because the killing occurred near where I spent many of my summers with my Italian grandparents in Cherry Valley, California. Troy Cansler, 47, (left) is a husband and a father who refused to stand by and watch a woman be stabbed for her purse on Sunday. He gave chase after police say Vincent Alex DeLeon, 26, stabbed and robbed the woman who had a baby in a stroller. DeLeon then proceed, according to the charges, to stab this brave man to death.

I knew exactly where this stabbing occurred and it is a sad indication of how crime has invaded this once sleepy beautiful place. However, I like to think that it is Cansler and not DeLeon who represent the people living in this area. DeLeon was arrested in an adjacent building after the fatal stabbing. The first victims is recovering. In the meantime, a wife is without her husband and a 12-year-old girl is without her father.

Cansler was raised on a farm nearby and his father was a police officer. His mother was a bird rescuer. Public service obviously runs deep in that family.

He left a proud legacy to what is clearly a remarkable family. As for DeLeon, his legacy if convicted will be infamous and his future dim. He is charged with murder, attempted murder, robbery and grand theft. That should do it for a life in prison if convicted.

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  1. Wow, this piece of writing is fastidious, my younger sister is
    analyzing these kinds of things, so I am going
    to tell her.

  2. Well, I was not going to comment until I read “porkchop”‘s (nice moniker) very well thought out logicon how the situation should have been handled. Well thought out if you are an 8 year old! Evil can only exsist when goodness fails to act. I live with Troy and Autum and they are good people. I think Troy would be shocked at the attention his death has recieved . While I know he is a hero as others agree with me, Troy would say ” you don’t get credit for shit you are supposed to do”.You see PorkCHUMP, this assault occurred at 9;27pm on the main blvd. at the only Stater Bros Supermarket in town, which happens to share the lot with a busseling fitness gym, that are all under the watchful eye of the Yucaipa Sheriffs Deepartment that nobody has mentioned , are only- literally, 1 short block away. Troy was on foot. One would assume pursuit could have easily been mounted by someone with a vehicle after all it occurred in a PARKING LOT! I would like to believe that Troy just beat all the other bystanders to the scene but sadly that is not the case either. She struggled,to keep her purse as a single mom would do, and was stabbed five time, thats “5” times ending up on the ground in the middle of a busy supermarket parking lot less than a block from the sheriffs clubhouse. From the ground with multiple stab wounds to her upper body,she sees the shopping cart with her 2 year old still strapped in to it starting to roll away blindly through the busy lot.She was losing the fight for her life and now her babies life was in the balance. No one drove up or stepped in or even called 911. But Troy saw it from opposite end of the shopping center by the UPS store and he ran the distance that separated his life from his death in record time without hesitation. Had he paused a moment more or trotted insted of flash gordan sprinting…. only God knows. Maybe Troy was there because the Lord knew his heart and knew he could count on him and , he just wanted the world to know him too.First thing Troy did was catch the baby in the runaway cart. He brought her to her mama who was bloody but ok Troy made sure of that .He caught that son of bitch in less than 50 yds from the scene. All this and nobody trys to even get an assist? He chased and caught the coward because it would happen again to someone else. When good people stand idley by and don’t get involved, then evil wins. Troy is in every one of us , the stuff they make heroes out of.. One more act of selflessness was preformed that nite also….as a man lay bleeding out his life from a knife to the neck, scarred and alone- a stranger knelt beside him and prayed with him in his final minutes. “you don’t take credit for shiy byou are SUPPOSED to do”.

    Kenny Johnson

  3. His grandparents are gone now, but he will be remembered by his mother and stepfather, Kandie and Jim; and his brother, Tyler, and his stepsiblings, Tammy and Jimmy.

  4. neighbordave:

    “Clearly, the choice to let someone else die in lieu of you would, according to you, involve an evaluation of the relative “worth” of the other individual.”

    No, but it would an evaluation of the likelihood that you could succeed. A trained lifeguard or a competitive swimmer has a far better chance of pulling a drowning victim out of the water than someone who cannot swim. Most of us are somewhere in between. A weak swimmer going out into the current on the North Shore of Oahu to “rescue” another weak swimmer, has very little chance of success and a very high likelihood of becoming the second victim — a second victim that the professional lifeguards have to go out and rescuing, thus doubling the workload and the risk to them. I’ve been in that water — weak swimmers don’t do well. It might be different in a municipal swimming pool.

    “I don’t expect you to get it, because it can not be taught.”

    You seem to be fixated on my supposed inability to understand this phenomenon. I understand it perfectly well; people make decisions based on emotion all the time. It does not have to be taught — it’s a natural reaction. That doesn’t mean it is the right reaction under all circumstances. It needs to be unlearned, because multiplying casualties without a concomitant benefit is simply pointless.

    I had a long discussion with a police officer last night. He fully agreed with my analysis. The incident here was a violent attempted armed robbery. (Some kind of mass stabbing or mass shooting event would be a very different situation.) The one thing that a person who has just committed a violent crime wants to do is to get away — as far away as possible as soon as possible; the only people who are likely to be harmed by someone who is fleeing under those circumstances are people who actually try to stop him from fleeing. If you corner a rat, the rat attacks — that is his “intuition”; if the rat has a knife, the rat tries to stab you as hard, fast, and often as possible. If you are not prepared for that by having a weapon of your own and the training to use it, you will very likely die, and the rat will continue on his way. If you do have a weapon and choose to use it, well, in most states, you had better be sure that the fleeing felon’s wounds are in the front, because you can’t shoot him in the back and expect to avoid indictment.

    “I am not suggesting that this should make sense to you or the general public, but there is a certain small percentage of humans who see this as entirely unstoppable for them.”

    I didn’t say that it didn’t make sense to me or the general public — there is an element of altruism and chivalry in all (or at least most of us). That doesn’t mean that the first reaction is going to be the right reaction.

  5. Paul, Birth order is a major factor many people don’t understand.

  6. Porkchop, excuse the delay as I don’t spend a lot of time in this world. However, you have shown my point be continuing to think it is a choice. For you and the professionals you mention, it may well be a choice. For others it is an intuitive reaction that they would have to CHOOSE to suppress. I don’t expect you to get it, because it can not be taught. This is no slam at you, just a reflection of the differences that make us all unique.
    You are analyzing all of this stuff based upon what you teach, and what you have learned. He acted because of what he was.
    I am not suggesting that this should make sense to you or the general public, but there is a certain small percentage of humans who see this as entirely unstoppable for them. (Just saw a highlight about a swimmer that saved someone and died in the process. Clearly, the choice to let someone else die in lieu of you would, according to you, involve an evaluation of the relative “worth” of the other individual. People, including firemen and police make that decision and live with it. This guy could not, and I salute his intuitive nature.)
    We don’t all, and can’t, fit the same mold.

    1. neighbordave – you are more likely to do this type of behavior if you are the oldest in your family. Where I was raised, this type of behavior was expected.

  7. I’m sure his mom didn’t approve of his bottle opening technique.

  8. Lisa, First of all, I’m sorry for your loss. One of the good things that come w/ death is hearing heartwarming stories. Your memories of Paul will live on. Children will hear them and they will continue through generations. He was obviously a wonderful man and you a wonderful woman for taking time this sad evening and sharing your memories. My prayers for you and all the living, I believe Paul is w/ the Good Lord and @ peace.

  9. Troy was always an excellent man. I knew him well as a young woman–he was my boyfriend. Troy was always ready to stand up for what is right, no deliberation, no asking whats in it for him. He was always strong and healthy, and would open bottles with his amazing teeth, beautiful teeth that never had a cavity! . He was a real man and an excellent human. His family are all good people, and i am sad to learn that he died due to some scummy creep. Troy once picked up a Datsun pickup truck, lifted it up by the back bumper, freeing it from being stuck in the sand on Pismo Beach. He was incredibly strong just by his natural self. When i first met him, my family’s home had an issue with water flooding into the basement. The moment Troy heard of this, he immediately grabbed a shovel and made adjustments to the way the ground sloped in our back yard. It was a huge job, and he just dove in, worked til past dark and fixed it. We never had the flooding after that. Troy was always a hero. A very lovely human. The world needs more like him. RIP Troy Cansler.

  10. His birth father was a cop. His real father was Ambers O’Neil Shewmaker! Cansler’s real name was Ambers O’Neil Shewmaker, Jr.! Wow! He came from a background of Colonial American stock. Also he shares the common ancestor as “Uncle” Alan Burton Hall!

  11. My heart goes out to both of the victim’s families. What a brave man, to not stand idly by while a mom with a baby was stabbed. We can only conjecture on the details. Perhaps his chase of the suspect prevented him from killing the woman. I am certain she and her family will be eternally grateful.

    I once watched a show that tested average Americans’ willingness to help a stranger. Actors staged a brawl between a group of men against one, and it looked bad. They coordinated with police, of course. Some onlookers called 911 but most walked away. I recall one tiny, feisty Latina jumped out of her car and gave them what for, speaking, as she said, as a mom. She put herself between the “victim” and the “gang.” It would have been a risk in a real situation, but I thought she was very brave. Every time they set it up, only one person out of the crowd would try to stop it.

    Randy jet-you’re so right. This is just such a case where being armed could have saved the woman from injury in the first place. Because otherwise she had no chance.

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