I Love Tenure

wEQshQeA Reddit contributor posted this picture of the office of a professor. According to the contributor, he was rarely in his office so he put this poster over the door as an alternative to being present.

If this is true, this academic has achieved a level of perfection only dreamt of by most faculty members. I remember that when I got tenure, I brought in a bucket of water the next day with a piece of wood in it. When people would ask, I would explain that I was studying dead wood for my post-tenure stage.

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  1. Welcome to Academia

    i haven’t seen this yet, but based on their previous flick,
    i assume its great

    Higher learning is a bloodsport. At Victoria College, a group of desperate professors vie for control of the department, the curriculum, the students, and one another. They’re willing to use all the weapons at their disposal, from the rhetoric of gender, race, and class to sex, money and raw power. A dark satire of the ensemble variety.

  2. John, I got it from another source that may not be of your liking. Stephen Colbert uses that great phrase. He is a funny guy.

  3. Spinelli, yer killin’ me, Man! “HIt ya where God split ya.” May I use that, with attribution, of course?

  4. Nick Spinelli, I’m not sure what universe you dwell in, but it’s clearly some alternate one where conspiracies abound and random comments trashing the president for no reason constitute “positive change”. IMHO this was never an echo chamber, but it is well on its way to becoming an insane asylum. Good day, sir.

  5. phillyt sounds like a disgruntled old timer who took his ball and ran home, returning now to trash a better blog. There are old timers, who hate positive change, using multiple aliases all saying the same stuff. If you don’t like how this blog has changed, FOR THE BETTER, then why come back? There are plenty of echo chambers. This isn’t one of them. If you have something substantive to say, please join in civilly. If you don’t, “Don’t let the door hit ya’ where the Good Lord split ya’.” Carry on.

    1. I have tried to get an answer to some real legal questions here and have come up empty so far. On the question of the scam WY runs to double their ticket income is one. They insist that fines be only paid with money orders and then fail to credit the payment, and when the driver tries to renew his license in his home state, cannot do so because of a hold from WY. This is often after a good number of years when the driver finds out about this, and finding the receipt is near impossible. Thus the driver must pay the fine AGAIN My question is can one pay with a personal check since most people keep their checks longer than one time money orders? What are the legal ramifications if one uses only a personal check? Can the court still come after the driver even if the check is good? What if they refuse to cash it? Can their refusal void the fine? Can you still be tagged for not paying the fine even though you did proffer payment?

      Then I asked why was it proper to impeach Clinton for perjury in a civil suit that had nothing to do with his performance in office, yet the GOP refuses to call for the impeachment of Thomas for perjury on the financial disclosure forms that have EVERYTHING to do with his performance in office. I don’t recall if Prof Turley has spoken on this subject, but I would be interested in why this double standard.

  6. Dredd, you may be onto something. Or maybe just on something. 🙂

    I have never thought this site to be an echo chamber. On a good day one can read a whole array of well-crafted arguments on a variety of legal topics. Always worth the visit, or it used to be.

    What surprised me in coming here was to find that the same trolls that scour FaceBook looking for attention by making random comments, completely off-topic, are doing the same here.

    I think it’s a shame to let the site devolve into this kind of attention-getting behavior. Especially when the topic of the post was supposed to be humorous.

    The downside of unmonitored “speech” like this, is a race to the bottom, a rapid descent to the lowest possible common denominator. But so be it.

    Carry on screaming Benghazi!, 9/11!, Socialism!, Osama bin Laden!, Obamacare!

    What a shame.

  7. I very much apologize.

    As America is presented with and considers the available facts and evidence, or conspicuous lack thereof, related to the Benghazi attack, it simply occurred to me that we all saw Bush having the situation whispered in his ear in a kindergarten classroom during 9/11, but not one word has been put forth as to President Obama’s whereabouts or actions when four Americans, including a presidential level ambassador, were heinously brutalized and murdered, during an attack, demonstrably unrelated to a handy anti-Muslim video (Gen. Lovell), without any responding support from the Commander in Chief or his military assets.

    The image, herein, shows an authority figure appearing to be there while not actually being there. All I saw was a metaphor.

    Sorry, it just seemed a little weird.

  8. randyjet, you make many assumptions about what/who I do or do not appreciate/ credit. My teen son has published a substantial book which I would recommend YOU read. However, I wouldn’t want you to know his name or where we live & this isn’t the appropriate place to shamelessly plug his accomplishment. He’s an ‘Independent Constitutionalist Conservatarian’. I don’t even ascribe to ALL of HIS ideas, but I appreciate most of them. I DO admire his active & passionate interest in this great republic!

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