The Merry-Go-Round Price List

IMG_0534I went to Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo on Sunday with my daughter Madie. I then came face to face with the ultimate price listing for a Merry-Go-Round . . . where you start is where you end up. Kid, standing adult, or riding adult . . . $2.75.

This was even worse than standing immobilized in front of the no fat, one percent and two percent milk dilemma. In the end, the only option was that you could name your own status. That choice has to be worth $2.75, right?

P.S.: I must be getting old, but $2.75 used to get me into a movie in Chicago. This turned out also to be one of the shortest Merry-Go-Rounds that I have experienced. For that money, I expected live animals. (I rode the Bear of course in solidarity with God’s own football team. I must say it felt stronger and faster this year, but it might just be me).

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  1. Broome County NY has six antique carousels that were donated by a founder of the Endicott-Johnson shoe factory (I don’t remember which founder). Endicott has three, Johnson City has one and Binghamton has two. Rides are FREE for all riders. At the end of a ride, everyone gets off and runs to the end of the line for another ride. The communities pay for up keep and operators as a part of the parks’ budget. As the story goes, at one time, a charge of a piece of litter to go into a bin near the entrance was charged.

  2. am I missing something or are they charging parents who stand there to watch their kids too?

    1. anon – parents often stand and support the smaller children on the ride. They are being charged for that.

  3. Our family had family reunions on Martha’s Vineyard every June when all our kids were young in the 80’s/90’s. In Oak Bluffs is the historic Flying Horses Carousel, over 150 years old. They still have brass rings. Nearby is Mad Martha’s ice cream stand where the First Family go every year.

  4. Paul Schulte —

    15 cents for the movie; soda and popcorn — a nickel each.

    Watching the latest Steve Reeves movie — priceless.

  5. When I was a child I remember getting the brass ring one time on Spokane’s carousel. That made me think I won something great–what child does not want to ride the carousel again?

    Later, probably around when I was in college, I thought I would ride it again for old time sake. They switched to plastic rings. I felt gypped.

  6. “I must be getting old, but $2.75 used to get me into a movie in Chicago. ”

    Oh, that really hurts . . . I remember the days of 15-cent Saturday matinees (not in Chicago).

    1. Porkchop – I remember when a quarter got you the movie, drink and candy.

  7. Lincoln Park Zoo is a fun place to bring the kids. However, the sticker shock these days can be harmful to the parents health!

  8. My first thought was, “$2.75…. that’s highway robery!”. But then reality sets in, I’m sure $2.74 of the fare almost takes care of the insurance premium covering that dastardly, kid maiming, machine from hell. (As it would be portrayed in a court of law). As for the soothsaying bear… you got off cheap.
    My psychic charges $75.00! lol

  9. Last year when visiting the St. Louis Zoo, I rode the lion on the carousel and waved at my stick-in-the-mud siblings. They do have some interesting pictures of my which I will not share.

  10. Glass 1/2 empty or 1/2 full? I’m reading it as a nod to feel like a “child” for a precious few moments. Anyone ever pay to get into a circus tent only to enter & find that having a “seat” ( a pillow handed to you….eewwwy) would cost an extra $5. per person? Lessons in how to remain composed in front of your adoring & eager child! Better to ride the bear & smile than to sit there wondering what surprise “gifts” might be included with those costly pillows! :{

  11. With the taxes one pays in Chicago the ride should be free.

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