Islamic Militants Seize Over 200 Girls To Be Sold Into Slavery . . . The Nigerian First Lady Reportedly Orders Arrest Of The Woman Leading Protests For The Girls

Screengrab from video obtained by AFP of Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau

We have discussed the almost weekly race to the bottom by Islamic extremists who use their faith to justify the most despicable and inhumane acts. However, few can match the atrocities of Boko Haram (“Western education is sinful”) — more properly known as The Congregation of the People of Tradition for Proselytism and Jihad. This Islamic movement in Nigeria, Cameroon, and Niger was founded by Mohammed Yusuf in 2002 and has made murder and church bombings its special signature of faith. However, even the piles of thousands of corpses killed in the name of Allah did not prepare the world for the latest atrocity: the kidnapping of 200 Nigerian girls and an announcement from Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau that “I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah.” Reports indicate that many of the girls have been “married” to Boko Haram soldiers. Nigerians are complaining that the government (which receives enormous U.S. and foreign aid) is not working particularly hard to free the girls. President Goodluck Jonathan described the detention as “unfortunate” and “insensitive”. His wife proved more direct. Mrs. Jonathan has reportedly ordered the arrest of Naomi Mutah, a representative of the Chibok community where the girls were seized from their school. So 200 girls are abducted to be sold into slavery by a fanatical Islamic movement and the wife of the president has the woman leading protests arrested.

Last month, the fanatics overpowered guards at a school and forced the girls out of bed and into trucks. Some 276 were kidnapped and at least 53 escaped. That left 223 in captivity. Mutah and others started a campaign to force action from the government.

Reports indicate that First Lady Patience Jonathan felt slighted that the mothers of the abducted girls had sent Ms. Mutah to the meeting. The First Lady appears to have no authority to order such an arrest but that does not appear to matter in Nigeria.

For his part, the devout man promising to sell girls into slavery is captured on a video coldly describing how “There is a market for selling humans. Allah says I should sell. He commands me to sell. I will sell women. I sell women.” The State Department believes that he means it and that the girls could well disappear into Nigeria’s “market.”

Even if one accepts the statements of the government that they are trying to find the girls, the actions of the First Lady are an outrage. At some point, the United States has to tie foreign aid to basic values protecting women and the rule of law. Nigeria is breathtakingly corrupt. We have seen around the world how such corruption invites extremists to take hold and offer Sharia law as the answer to endemic problems of local governments. We seen to be sustaining such corruption from Iraq to Afghanistan to Nigeria while increasing drone attacks against insurgents fighting these governments. It has not proven a winning strategy but we do not seem to have a plan B. We gave some $625 million to the country in 2012. In the meantime, girls are denied their most basic right to education and choice. U.S. dollars should go to those countries that commit themselves to basic values, including the rights of women and girls as well as protections for free speech and free exercise. The world is facing a deep divide between religious orthodoxy and individual rights. The West has to stop being apologetic for demanding that nations afford their citizens basic rights as a condition for support. At the moment, we are pouring billions into countries that continue to radicalize and organize against basic freedoms. At a minimum, we should put the emphasis on aid to educating girls and establishing free press and independent court systems. Obviously, this needs to include security protection for schools. I believe that the Obama Administration is targeting such programs but we clearly need to require more from recipient countries in terms of reforms. In the case of Nigeria, we might want to start with demanding reforms of the faux office of the First Lady.

Sources: BBC and CNN.

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  1. Justice Holmes,

    Mao: 49 million

    Stalin: 7 million

    Pol Pot: 2 million

    I have not added Romania and North Korea, didn’t want to be seen as running up the score.

  2. Laser,

    Send in Dennis Rodman, just to see if he can score some points. USA, USA, USA.

  3. Nick – if you are expecting the MSM to follow anything that might make our glorious leader look bad, you are on a fool’s errand. The Crusades were started to take back the Holy Land from the conquering Muslims.

  4. Nick S. I am not sure you are right. The 30 years war, the Crusade the Inquisitions are just a few.

  5. I think (given the current US Sup Ct state of mind) – that we should send Bundy as the foreign Ambassador to the crisis; and see how he resolves it all.

    With liberty and justice for all.

  6. Should we reevaluate our foreign aid and stop it where it is being used to corrupt local politicians (many areas)? Yes. But here is what we will do instead. We will put toll booths on our formerly free Interstate road system so we can continue to fund corrupt foreign countries. We will reduce our funds to education in this country so we can buy more drones to kill people in foreign countries. We are Fd up.

  7. I have followed this for 3 weeks. The MSM has been fixated on a buffoon in Nevada.

  8. More people have been murdered and enslaved in the name of atheism than in the name of God. Neither religion nor atheism are inherently bad, men are sometimes evil.

  9. When I Googled companies buying Nigerian oil, a whole new perspective opened up. Missing girls? Who cares. As the leader’s name suggests, Goodluck.

    Oil India Ltd. (OINL), the nation’s second-biggest state-run explorer, is studying an acquisition of Nigerian oil and gas assets owned by Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA), according to people familiar with the matter.
    Oil India is weighing a bid for stakes Shell holds in some onshore blocks, valued at as much as $2 billion, the people said. It will partner with India’s Sandesara Group on the potential purchase, according to the people,
    who asked not to be identified as the deliberations are private.

    The explorer joins Dangote Group, controlled by Africa’s richest man, and Seplat Petroleum Development Co. in seeking to acquire Nigerian assets being sold by Western rivals.
    Shell and Chevron Corp. are divesting fields in the country amid persistent violence and crude theft in the oil-rich Niger River delta.

  10. Wonder what the vassal General Ham has to say about it:

    General Carter Ham, the AFRICOM commander for the Pentagon, admitted last week that the US had helped trained the Mali rebels, including Captain Amadou Sanogo, who led the military coup which overthrew Mali’s constitutionally-elected government.

    In describing the statement Ham made at the Ralph Bunche center, Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff is highly critical of Ham’s support for widening US military involvement in the region, including the recent establishment of drone bases in Niger.

    Duff is extremely concerned that the US lacks the intelligence resources in Africa to prevent the horrendous “collateral damage” nightmares drones have caused in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen.

    He goes on to describe Mali as a “domino” in a misguided and poorly thought out destabilization effort aimed at creating a generation of warfare.

    (Journalism: Facts vs. Fantasy). Of the six commands that oversee the globe, USAFRICOM is very active at this time doing something.

  11. ” I agree that foreign aid should be immediately removed until Nigeria takes religion out of the government.”

    I am not so sure. Sometime you have to do the work where the work is. And sometimes you have to use the tools that are available there.

    I am reminded of Thomas a man I came to know through many conversations over a period of years. I have no idea how he made it out of Nigeria and became a legal resident in Washington DC. But there he was a devout Christian fundamentalist, both corrupt and principled in a way that was uniquely Thomas. I am sure there are many more in Nigeria who are against pillaging, kidnapping, rape and murder.

    Maybe we really do have to perform a kind of triage with our foreign aid dollars and cut off those we cannot help right now. But it is not clear to me that our funds have no effect or that there is nothing we can do to better direct our efforts.

    At the least, this situation requires more discussion before we abandon the people of Nigeria to their fate with the militias.

  12. Anyone who says Islam is a religion of peace is a fool, anyone who says there are Muslims who are against these types of people is an idiot: Islam preys on the weak and innocent it is corrupt and evil. To lie so as to advance the faith in its conquest is a noble thing
    . We have these same thing occurring here in the US, yet we turn a blind eye to them. Our leaders are bought by and ordered by Islamic pacts for their re=election.

  13. lol good luck with that one… its another distraction since the basic rights, and freedoms of humanity are being stripped left, right and sideways everyday.. trust the corporation of nigeria knows exactly where those girls are at. what it will take to stop this is for we the people to stand up as one and begin to fight back… until then it will continue to get worse and worse and so get prepared

  14. All foreign aid in any form and all trade or other interaction with theocracies or countries like Nigeria should be stopped immediately. We have spent far too much money on countries and rulers like this and this is the result. Wealthy leaders and crushingly poor people. A religion that allegedly supports the kidnapping and rape of girls and women is not a religion of which I am interesting in being tolerant. I pity the people. Theocracies are bad for humans. Lets send this story to SCOTUS. Oh, I forgot they don’t care.

  15. Fundamentalists on steroids. All because of a faith in an invisible being. Stop all aid and yes, tie any aid given to proof of human rights.

  16. A very sick reminder what happens when the government mixes religion into governance and policy. I agree that foreign aid should be immediately removed until Nigeria takes religion out of the government. In what world is kidnapping of 200 plus young girls considered unfortunate or insensitive? How about calling it a crime and doing something about it?!!

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