10 thoughts on “Zen Dog”

    1. Darren – I think robin’s question had more to do with how the heck did it get on top of the dog’s head, not how did it get to the house. 🙂

  1. Cute cute picture.

    I have a picture of my weenie dog with a baby dove on her back and again a baby blue jay on her back on another occasion. My “Sadie” was gentle and treated them as if they were her babies. I raised both of the birds when neighbor kids found them and brought them to me to raise. Your dogs usually will treat other animals the way they are taught to treat them. Granted, I don’t have an attack dog. Oh yes, I released both birds when grown and now they both feed off my feeder in the back yard. Love my birds and doggie.

  2. Mine would not hurt the bird, but it would not let it be on her head.

  3. Lucky he is a very mild-mannered dog! Because little fluffy chicks taste like . . . well . . . chicken.

  4. What concentration! My yellow lab would never sit still with a chick in the room, let alone on his head!

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