Florida Police Kill Wrong Man In Search of A Suspect Accused Of Attempted Murder . . . Later The Suspect Was Never Suspected Of Attempted Murder And In Fact There Was No Crime

andrewscottYou may recall that we discussed the disturbing case involving the shooting of Andrew Lee Scott, 26, an entirely innocent man who was killed by Florida police after they went to the wrong home to arrest an attempted murder suspect, did not announce they were officers, pounded on a door at 1:30 am and then shot and killed Scott when he pointed a gun at the strangers at his door. They were looking for Jonathan Brown who is suspected of attempted murder and insisted that they had little choice in the shooting. Now, to compound the tragedy, it turns out that Brown was also completely innocent. Brown was exonerated after being charged with attempted murder when witnesses established that there was no crime to begin with. In fact, the witnesses suggested that Brown was something of a hero. The family is now in court and, while the charges were dropped some time ago, I wanted to run an update on the case.

The incident occurred at a party when two of Brown’s friends got into a fight over a girl. Brown intervened to try to break up the fight and then left on a motorcycle. A Leesburg Police Department radio transmission however said that Brown was charged with assault and was fleeing on a motorcycle. It is not clear how a false assault report became an attempted murder charge. Brown parked his motorcycle near his residence and police for some unexplained reason just assumed that whatever door was closest must be his apartment. That is when they started to bang on the door at 1:30 in the morning. They were not in uniform. They did not identify themselves and they tried to partially conceal themselves from people in the apartment. It is little surprise that Scott thought they might be robbing him or trying to break into his apartment. When he answered the door with a gun in his hand, he was shoot repeatedly by Deputy Richard Sylvester. Notably, reports indicate that one of the bullets went through the door before striking Scott.

Brown was later arrested without incident in his apartment. Brown said that he was then abused by police officers and correctional officers. His lawyer objected that police overcharged the case in an effort to make it look more serious in the aftermath of the killing. The fact that he was charged with attempted murder rather than assault seems to support that theory.

It took five months for the truth to come out — long after the story of the “attempted murderer” had passed from the media. In the meantime, Brown said that he was kicked out of school, lost his job, and many of his friends. He was studying to become a licensed practical nurse.

The Lake County Sheriff’s office issued a statement saying simply, “The dismissal of the Leesburg Police Department charges against Jonathan Brown does not impact the situation involving Andrew Scott in any way.” The police cleared all of the officers, including Sylvester, and found that they acted appropriately in the death of Andrew Lee Scott.

The family has filed a lawsuit in federal court.

Source: Tallahassee News

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  1. Paul Schulte

    … could have sworn there was a whole meme …
    The mind of Cheezus works in memesterious ways.

    Whole meme, half-meme, its all milking the horse …

  2. Feynman,

    A teacher’s salary is none of my business. The fact that I am taxed to pay for it is. Public school and colleges exist solely to redistribute wealth. That is all.

    There is no mandate in the Constitution for me to buy another person’s house, car, food, clothes, movies, toothpaste, fertilizer, lipstick, vacation, bicycle or education. The efficient PRIVATE market will resolve ALL issues related to education and every other industry. Why are there Mercedes Benzes in public school parking lots? Why are there Range Rovers dropping kids off? Why am I paying for that? Why am I run off the golf course by public school students proudly displaying taxpayer funded bags and clubs? Why do I have to pay to send other people’s kids to school? My kids went to private school that we paid for. Just like yours and every other concerned parent’s kids. Because of compulsory redistribution we have to pay twice.

  3. Paul, I did forget New Orleans, which you are smart enough to know is a city, not a state. Annually NYC tops the list, w/ Chicago, LA and New Orleans bouncing around 2-4. Once in awhile Miami pops in there. But you also not only know the difference between a state and city, you also know 9 of the top 10 cities in the US are SOLID Dem strongholds.

  4. John,

    Chicago teacher average salary $75k.

    San Jose start at $75k and step up to $101k.

    Undoubtedly there are higher salaries for specialized positions, but I think your figures are misleading.

    Your ideas about how to educate our children are frightening. Make them just like factories? I think a few parents might object.

    And I hadn’t noticed any superhero images of teachers lately. Thanks to rants.

  5. The entire issue of the shooting could have been avoided if the two deputies had ran the registration of the motorcycle and saw which apartment the owner was living at (if this was in-fact registered to Brown’s address in the apartment). From what I have read here, there were some seriously lacking problems on many levels from a police procedure point of view and as a result someone was killed.

    I agree the sudden attempted murder charge was very likely the result of the shooting to provide cover for the shooting.

  6. Police are NOT heroes. They are a necessary evil. A meter reader was the hero in the Casey Anthony case. Jaycee Dugard was held for 18 years; the Cleveland 3, for 10. The bomb went off in Boston and the Scott Peterson case was solved by a beachcomber. Great police work, men.

    One thing we know with certainty is that governmental workers’ unions broke, Detroit, Stockton, San Bernardino, etc., with more to come. Teachers, police, firemen, et. al., don’t need “hero pay” or prima donna worship. Cold hard truth: 300 firemen in 9/11 died because of egregiously incompetent command (i.e. political) decisions. They are all workers. Cull the fanatical image promoters, pay and treat them like all other workers.

    The military pays all MOS’s the same per numerical rank plus proficiency – clerks, mechanics, MP’s, cooks, medics, infantrymen, instructors, firemen – it’s good enough for government work. For every job opening there are 5,000 applicants – supply and demand says cut the pay. Cops in San Jose, CA, $200K, teachers in Chicago $150K because of superhero images planted in the media by their well paid PR firms. Image is everything.

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    Wow! Was that a rant? Whew!

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  7. Max-1
    “Who protects the people FROM the police?”

    The judicial branch and legislative branch protect us from the executive. Or, they’re supposed to. In some states, they tend to work together too much.

  8. Yeah, Simms, the whole idea that the worst cops are in the blue states is so far from the truth…

    Heck, Paul even pointed out to Nick that he forgot the NO police. Last I heard, New Orleans is a red state.

  9. Is the color of the state a PC issue for this thread?
    How does the color of the politics guide the bullet out of the chamber?

  10. Another case that begs the question:
    Who protects the people FROM the police?

  11. Paul,
    I’m a maverick, just like Sarah Palin. From now on that will be my technique, when I’m feeling lazy, I just won’t source my assertions, oky doky? End of conversation.

  12. “A Leesburg Police Department radio transmission however said that Brown was charged with assault and was fleeing on a motorcycle.”

    I pulled up a few articles on this. What I find very odd is that there is no mention of where the dispatcher got the information that Brown had been charged with assault. The incident had just happened. How could he have been charged with anything? Did someone call the police to the party? Did the witnesses who latter exonerated Brown keep their mouths shut at that point?

    It sounds like someone may have made a prank call to the police. It’s a little perplexing to me that none of the news people were at least a little bit curious about this.

  13. Paul, no. I plan on making broad sweeping statements and when I don’t feel like posting sources, I won’t. Thanks for asking though. 🙂

    1. Annie – could have sworn there was a whole meme today between liberal/progressives agreeing to link because they hated that others were not doing it.

  14. Nick: “I submit the 3 worst police Depts., LA, Chicago and NYC are in blue states”

    I submit that you offer no proof of your submission.

    The state of Texas has probably executed more innocent people than those three blue states combined.

    “Paul, Picking on Red States is the national pastime here.”

    How many people will die because Red State governors won’t take the Medicaid expansion?

    Progressives support higher pay for cops, which would help recruit better cops. Progressives support strong rules for the behavior of cops. We support ending the drug war that leads to many bad outcomes with cops. We support tougher penalties for cops who abuse their authority.

    I’m unaware of conservatives who agree with progressives on those issues, but if there are any, I welcome their support.

  15. bettykath, I submit the 3 worst police Depts., LA, Chicago and NYC are in blue states.

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