8 thoughts on “How A Corgi Tells You That He Doesn’t Want To Go On A Walk”

  1. If I don’t take my dog when I leave, I get the cold shoulder when I return. She won’t even look me in the eye. Nor will she run to greet me. She, needless to say, is my constant companion and you may as well say my favorite chair is hers. Those four legged critters can sure steal your heart even if they do have a mind of their own. The trick is to let them know you are the leader of the pack.

  2. Nick Spinell, NO KICKING DOGS!!! Shame on you! Make the walk fun and the dogs will love to go. People resort to violence when they have not educated themselves about dogs/people and not cultured patience and understanding within themselves. Or else they are just plain “stupid & mean”. When my dogs do something wrong, the first thing I do is look at myself and ask “What am “I’ doing wrong? What can “I” do to get the behavior I want from them.” Get in touch with your heart and brain, Nickie Boy!

  3. Mine would just lock its legs in forward and force you to drag it. After about 20 yards it got the idea you were serious about going on a walk. 🙂

  4. Maybe it will take more than one officer to get this one into the paddy wagon!

  5. He needs exercise, couch potato dogs are like couch potato people, they get more chronic illnesses and live shorter lives. A gentle kick in the butt should do it.

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