13 thoughts on “Puppy Vortex”

  1. There must be a conspiracy here somewhere. Is someone trying to distract us with all of this cuteness?

  2. This is one of the best dog posts ever. I wonder if you move in counter clockwise if they were in the Southern Hemisphere. On the Eighth Day God Created Dog.

  3. Nick, I was raised with 2 and 3 Gordon setters at all times. I only like coke. I am not a big fan of cats, didn’t like them at all til I got 2 (mainly because I did not have the ability to have dogs where I lived). Cats or dogs. I think that is one time people often have a very specific affinity for one over the other. Coke and pepsi taste somewhat alike. My first 2 cats were like dogs, loved everyone, loved getting petted by everyone and were dogs. The 2 guys I have now are very much cats. I love ’em but they don’t come bounding at me when I come home, they don’t wag their tails in happiness to see me, they don’t cuddle and play the way dogs do. They are, quite simply, typical cats.very different from dogs. I think the analogy is more coke or mountain dew?
    I adore them because they are mine but truly I am a dog person. Just the way it is ((*_*))

  4. Very cute. Should be some way to harness the energy, limited though it is.

  5. leej, I love both cats and dogs. I like the Beatles and the Stones. I like Coke or Pepsi. I do not abide contrived either/or. Cats and dogs complement each other. You get that.

  6. Wonderful! (don’ tell my cats but there’s nothin’ like a dog, or dogs)

  7. There’s a black hole I’d more than happily be enveloped by! Those faces! If cute could kill, we’d all be in serious trouble!

  8. I think that those pups are in Australia since they are creating a low pressure with all that suction, and they are spinning in a clockwise direction.

  9. there has to be some kind of simple tie in to capture dog-motion – instant power – no-one has captured yet !!
    All that lost energy ! I love all those wagging tails !

  10. Religious beliefs are created over lesser unknowns we desire explanations for. As for me – I believe in Dog!

  11. No, the spin i all directions, usually at once. And my miniature Aussie Shepherd herds other dogs four times his size! His the little dog who thinks he’s a great big dog. And watching him chase a ball is hilarious. Getting him to drop the ball is a laugh, too.

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