Ohio Woman In Injured When Police Throw Her To Ground, Pry Open Her Mouth, And Arrest Her . . . After Taking Tylenol

article-2629393-1DDF609500000578-147_634x461Below is a disturbing video from the Summit County (Ohio) jail where Siobhan Householder, 35, is shown being thrown to the ground and having her jaw pried open by deputies because she had taken Tylenol while waiting in a prisoner-holding room. She was merely at the jail to have a warrant lifted so she did not appear in custody. Indeed, she was left with her purse, soda, and other items as she waited. What followed was highly shocking.

Householder, a mother of three, has a tooth infection and had swallowed the pain reliever when Deputy Eric Vaughn spotted her. She says that he demanded to know what she was taking and she said “Tylenol.” He allegedly ordered her to spit it out but she had already swallowed it. She says that she was only able to say “I can’t” when he pulled her up and threw her to the ground while trying to pry open her mouth. She had one of the three pills in her mouth but say that he was squeezing her mouth and pulling her hair — making it impossible to spit it out.

article-2629393-1DE0EEF300000578-296_306x423She suffered a bruised chin, cuts inside her mouth, bruises to her legs and some hair loss. The officer is seen later collecting the Tylenol bottle and a single pill from the ground. Householder was handcuffed and frisked and her bags were searched before being taken to Akron General Medical Center.

While she was in the hospital ER, she was hit with charges of resisting arrest and obstructing official business. She was not charged with any drug offense.

article-2629393-1DDF60A000000578-748_634x463Given the sudden action by the officer, it is hard to see the basis for resisting arrest in this video and the obstruction charge seems to be redundant and equally problematic. We have seen in the past how victims of abuse are often hit with multiple charges that are later dropped. The concern is that police will charge individuals not only to justify their actions but to encourage a plea deal or at least an agreement not to sue the police.

What do you think?

Source: Ohio.com

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67 thoughts on “Ohio Woman In Injured When Police Throw Her To Ground, Pry Open Her Mouth, And Arrest Her . . . After Taking Tylenol

  1. Evidently taking legal drugs in the presence of the police is a criminal offense. They just have not found the statute yet.
    We all know that the charges are bogus. The minute this sort of thing happens we can recite by rote the charges that will be filed against the innocent.

  2. Police State: There is no better descriptor. Consider the incarceration rates, the crackdown on dissent (Justice for Cecily,) the criminalization of nonviolent intoxicant use, the lack of prosecution of elite activity, etc.

  3. At least 5 officers appear in the video and not one tried to stop what was happening. Hope she sues the pants off of them!

  4. Here we go again. Video showing a completely INNOCENT citizen being mauled by an officer of the law. And of course, the obligatory false charges to cover their abuse of authority.
    Will they be held accountable this time?
    There is another recent story out there where a cop used his flashlight to bust out a citizen’s teeth because he might have had drugs in his mouth.

  5. Don’t ever eat at a restaurant with badged Scumbags nearby. The last thing you’ll hear is, “what did you put in your mouth?” before beating you and charging you with assaulting a police officer.

  6. Our legal system is out of control and consistently oppresses the poor like this. Will it ever stop?

    I found the following background from the niece of this woman:
    This is my aunt.

    A little backstory: My aunt is homeless, she is currently staying at the Haven of Rest. She had just been to the dentist the day before. Along with needing 2 root canals and various other issues, she was prescribed Tylenol by the dentist.

    May 9th she went to the court on her own because she was told there would be a warrant out for her, as she had a court date for which she didn’t appear. A complication of being homeless, as you have no transportation, nowhere to receive mail, etc.

    The judge had an opening and saw her, everything was resolved, and he told her that a warrant had been ordered but never issued. He asked her to go have a seat while he filled out paperwork. She went and had a seat with her purse and polar pop. While she was waiting her tooth started to hurt, so she took some Tylenol out of her purse and took it. A deputy standing nearby asked her what she had just taken, and she told him Tylenol. He demanded that she spit it out, but she had already swallowed it. This resulted in the cop grabbing her by her neck/face and attempting to pry her mouth open, along with everything else you can witness in the video. Unfortunately there is no audio, but the deputy instigating the attack also referred to her as a “worthless cunt” at one point.

    A bunch of other deputies enter the room, some assist, some just block other people from viewing what was happening. When they finished there was blood on her face, I assume most of it came from her mouth (this is visible in the full video which I am in the process of getting). After they had bloodied and bruised her, they arrested her for “obstructing official business” and took her to the hospital with both her arms and legs shackled, and shackled her to the hospital bed when they arrived (despite marking that no injuries had occured on the police report.) The arresting deputy got a phone call while at the hospital, hung up, told her “It’s your lucky day, we don’t want you.” and then left her there with absolutely no way to make it back to the Haven of Rest for the night.

    In the article I posted you’ll notice the police statement issued claimed they found a latex glove with unknown pills in it, along with her other prescribed medications. Watch closely at 1:53 you will notice the older deputy pull a latex glove out, place it on one side, and then the young deputy up front pick up a latex glove along with the her bottles.

    I currently only have a picture of her mouth injury on my phone, pardon the quality as it’s literally a picture, of a picture:


  7. Not a brain between the officers present in the room when this women was brutally assaulted by the police officer. It was hard to watch. I think her attorney will want to speak to the African American witness in the room who initially seemed to try to intercede. The officer who initiated this assault should be doing the perp walk and the police department should be checking on their insurance coverage.

  8. The Gestapo and KGB moved out of Germany and USSR and transplanted to the United States. It gets worse every day.

  9. Maybe I have watched too many law and order but while the actions of the officers were assaultive there could be concern that she/ or David’s aunt was taking something that could have been meant to harm themselves. Just another take on it.

  10. leejcarroll – I am sure that is going to be their defense. Or she was destroying evidence. Even though she was not under arrest.

  11. i don’t know why but the song “if i had a rocket launcher” kept playing in my head while reading this article and viewing the video.

  12. I think that you are right. When they make a mistake like this, charging the victim will make them want to deal just to make the charges go away. Trust in the police force is vital to a safe community. They need to clean up their act. If this officer gets in trouble, it needs to be publicized to restore faith in the force.

    I acknowledge the vital role the police play. They put their lives on the line for the community. But that carries with it a great responsibility to be a model of justice.

  13. And I also think that an excessive police response elicits great fear in the victim, who should not be charged or even blamed for their panicky, instinctive attempts at self defense or escape.

  14. Another example of police being out of control. All of the officers involved as well as any who saw this happen and did not stop it should be immediately fired and then prosecuted for assault and battery. It is fire tending to know that one is never under any circumstances safe in a police station. You never know what is going to set of these guy. Is it the steroids they take to build up or are they just psychotic.

    Any prosecutor that would go forward with such charges is also suspect.

  15. From what I seen in the video it seems to me the deputy who instigated this is a loose cannon. There are rare, and I do mean rare, times when druggies will try to swallow contraband before arrest. But there is no evidence at all to indicate this was the case here.

    I don’t see any probable cause for the two charges made against her. I do see cause for action against the sheriff’s offce and this deputy.

  16. I was waiting for the cops to knock over the drink in the chair and cause a spill.
    Extra charges probably would have been filed under hazmat cleanup.

  17. It seems that the bullies we knew in school become cops after leaving the educational system. It’s bullying, shouldn’t be tolerated in scholls, workplace and definitely not in the police departments in any city, state or federal location!!!

  18. The police act as though NO CRIME should go unpunished….. if they feel like it , that is …… and since everything you do can be construed as criminal …. well … you have no chance …. unless the police are lethargic that day …. plus look out for power mad prosecutors , judges , politicians , regulators , inspectors , drones , IRS , BATF , …. yikes !

  19. Very professional.

    How many Summit Countieshighly trained sheriffs deputies cretins does it take to violate a persons civil rights?

    Was Summit County, Ohio, sheriffs deputy Eric Vaughn personally trained and mentored by Barney Fife?

  20. Scum.

    Those thugs need to face felony charges.

    The woman obviously has limited means; it is remarkable how much braver cops feels when they know that a victim does not have the resources to sue.

    Remember Schwarzenegger’s comment: “I’ll be back.”?

  21. Paul, unless the police station is located at the courthouse, I don’t think she was in a police station. She went to court. The judge had finished with her and had asked her to sit and wait until the paperwork was done.

  22. Most pd deserve the name pig! Pure and simple! They are waiting to do the bidding of their next master! In their world, its them against the rest of us! Its the business of cops and robbers to them! This video is interesting but not surprising!

  23. The first officer who put his fingers in her mouth could have had the courtesy to remove the cavitied tooth while he was in there. (sarc)

  24. Sick authoritarian control freaks. That poor woman. Highly disturbing considering these folks are supposed to protect the public. Wow, is the U.S. third-world or what?

  25. I heard on NPR tonight that some community in L.A. is considering a board of citizens to oversee the police, since their current oversight apparently is not too effective. I think that is a fantastic idea! I know LEO have tough jobs, but a constant reminder that humans are their neighbors as well as their salary-payers and not their enemies is a good thing. We are fellow humans, not just objects for the restless cops to shoot at with the excess from all our useless military expenditures.

  26. Historically, a police state has always failed, just like fiat currency, because eventually the people rise up. It’s only a matter of time.

  27. at this point in time and life im definitely fed up with those who insist on defending the worse criminals in history aka cops= criminals out patrolling streets ….. NO ONE FORCED THEM TO JOIN THE ACADEMY!! they did so of their own free will.. knowing what the risks were and are everyday…

    yet no matter what happens you will find at least 2 people defending their actions.. heres a psa for the cops!!! the elites hate you worse then they hate the rest of society because you have turned your backs on your fellow citizens
    just remember boys and girls in blue when they get tired of you it will be your turn to be abused,killed, jailed, and what ever else they can think of to do to you. those same false charges you write against your fellow citizens will one day be the same charges you or someone close to you will face.. always remember..

    karma is a itch that will get scratched….

  28. david – If she is not in a police station the police have even less reason to do this. However, I do see their reason to charge her with everything they thought would possibly stick. They need some negotiation room. Still, the tape is ruinous to any story they want to tell.

  29. Drug war insanity layered over the top of police state authoritarianism is what this is. That insanity gives authorities near carte blanche when it comes to abusing people…and with police tending to view citizens more as potential adversaries rather than someone they are there to protect and serve, this is what you get. Hope she sues. Better yet, would like to see the officer charged with assault. Cops that resort to this sort of physical violence so quickly are exactly the people who should not be cops.

  30. One of my friends of many years was an amateur radio operator, whose station license was WB9PME, and who was a Chicago patrolman, the late Clarence Madison..

    He spoke with me about how police work had changed from work he greatly enjoyed to work that often troubled his conscience.

    We spoke of that concern of his many times, and I shared with him of my understanding of social psychology attribution theory, especially “the fundamental attribution error,” which error attributes situational factor effects (stuff that is accurately outside a person’s actual locus of control) to something labeled “personal disposition,” and enables blaming a person for events over which the person had no actual ability to prevent.

    Police brutality, if that be a suitable term, is the result of social structure situational errors which social coercion drives into people’s mental models of external reality.

    An error does not become not an error through indefinitely repeated indoctrination of the belief that it is not an error; however, enough repetition of an error while accompanied by enough repetition of the erroneous belief that the error is not an error can reinforce the erroneous belief that the error is not an error.

    Instead of finding fault with the victims of human error (such as police officers who use brutality in response to the brutality of their socialization experiences), what needs to happen for people to recognize as fact that everyone has been victimized by human error?

  31. At this point, I think I’d rather take my chances with criminals than cops. At least you know criminals are generally motivated by profit (aside from the mentally or ideologically disturbed or the chemically altered), but you can never tell why a cop is going to decide to mess with you. And of course there’s no real recourse if they do.

  32. “Ohio”

    Tin soldiers and Nixon coming,
    We’re finally on our own.
    This summer I hear the drumming,
    Four dead in Ohio.

    Gotta get down to it
    Soldiers are cutting us down
    Should have been done long ago.
    What if you knew her
    And found her dead on the ground
    How can you run when you know?

    Gotta get down to it
    Soldiers are cutting us down
    Should have been done long ago.
    What if you knew her
    And found her dead on the ground
    How can you run when you know?

    Tin soldiers and Nixon coming,
    We’re finally on our own.
    This summer I hear the drumming,
    Four dead in Ohio.

  33. *** In 1920 what one ingested was established at a God given right for thousands of years.

    *** Now we have mentally ill people called cops that claim that they can usurp God given rights. What is even more disturbing is that some of these people call themselves Christians.

  34. Call the Summit County Sheriff’s Department and leave a message with the officer who is investigating this matter. The perp needs to be charged with, at minimum, disorderly conduct, battery, and misconduct in office (or whatever these crimes are classified as in Ohio). I’m presently in Denmark, but called long-distance just now to express what I, as a taxpaying citizen of the United States (with no fewer than five ancestors who fought in the Revolution) think of this. (330) 643-2111 is the number for the department.

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