The Importance Of Recording Witness Statements

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Scales of JusticeLaw enforcement video recording of witnesses and suspects has a long history of controversy and judicial scrutiny. Not only can this be an issue in the field but also within the courtroom.

Dangerous Dog SignA recent interview of a witness brings these issues to light. This is especially noteworthy in jury trials and for accuracy in police reports forwarded to prosecutors.

Video below the fold…

Please watch this video witness statement and click below your choice as to how this might affect the case. Comments are most welcome.

By Darren Smith

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21 thoughts on “The Importance Of Recording Witness Statements”

  1. Frank,

    That is most welcome news, and it is long, long overdue. The former practice was bewildering as to why it was maintained given that most state and local departments moved to either audio or video recording. So easy was it to rig something against the defendant with little the defendant could do to prove otherwise.

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