12 thoughts on “When Opposites Attract in Nature”

  1. Heh. This reminds me of that Star Trek episode where a planets people were all black on one side and white on the other. The people who were black on the right side discriminated against the people who were black on the left side. (or maybe the other way around, but you get the picture)

  2. We have always ordered our Universe. Hard lines, rules and laws define our playground. Now we are learning the world we live in is more fluid and flexible. Random chance is encouraged and rewarded, if it survives. Survival is not only of the fittest, but the best adapted and creative…..Don’t kill that its beautiful and unique.

  3. What the…? What’s going on with that bloom? The pear and apple are fairly easy to graft together, but how do you get a blossom to split color that cleanly?

    Pretty cool.

  4. My sister had this beautiful tree in her backyard that was infested with a vine that gave a varigated flower pattern when they both bloomed. Sadly, here HOA cut it down. These things are interesting.

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