Canine Happy Hour

EVKIQkSThe problem with canine happy hour is finding a space at the bar.

The owner on Reddit said that she got up to go to the bathroom and caught her dogs red handed.

My dog is a toilet bowl diver and we have to constantly close the doors of bathrooms to stop Luna from drinking deeply at that well.

8 thoughts on “Canine Happy Hour”

  1. Just in case I can’t get home and my cats have finished all the other water I keep the lid taped up so they have access. Mine don’t seem to drawn to it the way dogs seem to be though, must not taste of tuna or catnip. (:

  2. pete, LOL! I’ve sometimes wondered about the attraction to toilet water. Never enough to try it, though.

  3. Yup, put the lid down – or has Luna figured out how to open it? As a bonus, it’s also apparently good Feng Shui to keep the lid closed (to prevent the good chi/energy.from escaping or something like that).

  4. OK Pete, after that I think we can close the thread, you win! 😀

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