Study: Three Day Fast May Reboot Immune System And Produce Other Benefits

300px-MahavratasThere is an interesting study out of the University of Southern California on fasting. The study is fascinating in what it found to be benefits from three-day fasts. The researchers found that such fasts could protect against immune system damage and actually induces immune system regeneration. I was so intrigued by the study, I decided to give it a try. I am on my third day of only water.

The researchers were surprised by their results and concluded that fasting not only force the body to eat stores of glucose, fat and ketones but devours white blood cells. Once you begin to eat again, new cells are produced — a type of reboot.

They also found that fasting reduced the enzyme PKA that is linked to aging and a hormone which increases cancer risk and tumor growth. This was particularly important for people undergoing chemotherapy who reported positive effects.

The study suggests that periodically doing a three-day fast each year could be highly beneficial.

As for me, I must admit that I am feeling the fast today as I complete my third day. I fasted many years ago and I was interested in just seeing if I could go the distance. It is an interesting collection of sensations and reactions as you pass through the three days. I am looking forward to dinner tonight, however.

Source: Medical News

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  1. You should never take meds when fasting. The goal is to get your body into the ketosis state. This is where the amazing health benefits occur. If you put anything into your body other than water, your body will detect it as food and it will likely prevent your body from going into ketosis.

    Besides water fasting is about purifying your body. Pharmaceutical pills are pure poison and are one of the major causes of disease in this country. Skip the pills. If you can, buy distilled water for the fast. It has a powerful ability to flush out toxins from the body. It has no minerals and is pure H20.

  2. Anyone knows what happens when you’re taking meds? Does it still work?

  3. This is basically saying that you are a misogynist and hate women. Fasting is sexist, because only a few hundred years ago women had to fast because sometimes they did not have enough food in the house to feed themselves along with the family.

    Sexist pigs in here!

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