Mother Of Seven Dies in Jail While Serving Sentence For The Truancy Of Her Children

SchoolClassroomWe have previously discussed the move in some states to jail parents of truant children. It is part of the criminalization of America where pet peeves of politicians are ramped up to criminal offenses to make a point. Now, Eileen DiNino, 55, of Reading, Pennsylvania has died while serving one of these ridiculous sentences. The mother of seven died in jail after serving half of her 48-hour sentence.

The 48-hour sentence was in lieu of a $2,000 — a choice that many impoverished parents have to make.

District Judge Dean R. Patton is quoted as asking “Did something happen? Was she scared to death?” He described DiNino as “a lost soul.”

Perhaps not quite as lost as when she was sent to jail for her kids not attending school regularly. The law is another example of how politicians are criminalizing every type of social ill to demonstrate their commitment to an area like education. Little thought is given to how such sentences only worsen the situation in families that already have serious problems. Jail increasingly seems the answer to every social failure for politicians. It not only magnifies the problems in these families but gives these parents criminal records.

In this one county, more than 1,600 people have been jailed and two-thirds of them are women since 2000 over truancy fines. Yet, the “give-them-a-dose-of-jail” crowd will likely be undeterred. What most concerns me is that more affluent people can simply pay these fines so it will be often single mothers from impoverished families who are send to jail. However, prosecutors like Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy have pushed to jail parents for missing teacher-parent conferences. The criminal code is becoming our vehicle of reinforcement of good social habits and behavior. As more such matters are put into the criminal system, politicians demands that their pet peeves of unkept lawns or feeding pigeons be added as well. It becomes a downward spiral into a criminalized society.

Source: ABC

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  2. Question, Were were the kids when mama was in jail. Running loose? Regarding becoming wards of the state. Having been involved in that system somewhat, everyone should know that the mother has more control than a foster parent who can not punish if the child refuses to cooperate. And time out is only for 5 minutes. The kids even tell you that you can’t do anything to them. They will just lie and say you hurt them so they can be moved to another home. I know of two kids that were in 8 homes withing 2 months. That is really a great place to put them. Another great government system!!!

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    This article addresses the intersection between the criminalization of America and the modern form of debtor’s prison. An impoverished mom of 7 chooses to serve 48 hour jail sentence, rather than pay a fine she can’t afford. All because of her son’s truancy.

  4. Leej, everyone who comments here knows you have a good understanding of American politics. I know you won’t take such criticisms from people who themselves make questionable assertions daily.

  5. My point was the democratic senate has continually found votes stymied because of the 60 vote rule that lets repubs often be the defacto “majority” because of the 60 votes needed to overcome filibuster.
    We disagree about the bill itself but I am not knowledgeable enough about it to debate the merits.

  6. Paul 60 votes are needed to overcome repubs filibuster. Saying the dems control is continuation of the fallacy that they had a supermajority Here’s example. The Senate voted 56-38 in favor of Warren’s bill to help ease the burden of student loan debt. Despite a majority of senators approving the measure, it failed to reach the 60 votes needed to overcome Republicans’ filibuster of the measure.

    Even if the Prez vetoes the senate repubs can overturn it
    I have a grip. I look at the facts and supply clicks and cites.

    1. leejcaroll – no one knows what it would cost the country. The idea of the student loan fund is that it refunds itself. If only 10% is being paid back by students from the income, no one knows how much is going back into the fund and how much will have to be replenished from the general coffers. Much as I am for students, I could not get behind this bill. I could get behind a bill that would cut college and university costs by 50% though.

  7. What was the mens rea component of Eileen DiNino’s “crime” in the penal colony once known as the state of Pennsylvania?

    The so-called “justice” system in the penal colonies of America is an utter disgrace. Too bad Eileen DiNino wasn’t wealthy she could have purchased herself some “justice” American style.

    Who if anyone will be held to account for this travesty of justice?

  8. Annie commented

    on 1, June 12, 2014 at 8:41 pmleejcaroll
    Violet this acceptance by way too many that the poor, which includes working poor, have caused their own difficulties and get what they deserve is a shame on this country. It is the continued acceptance of the Reagan “welfare queen” lie.

    Leej, so true, it doesn’t speak well for us as a society, does it?

    Annie it doesn’t and it seems to be getting worse not better. And the repubs have to take the blame for this. Giving money the Dod for instance doesn’t need and has wasted while turning their back on those in need, including children, seniors, disabled, working poor much less the abject poor who, without a helping hand, cannot get back up. (And in this country it is the responsibility of us all not just the churches/private charities as some here have said in the past.)

    1. leejcaroll – you really are going to blame this all the on the republicans? Any money being spent is coming from a Democratic President (with veto power) and a Democratic Senate (with veto power). You really have got to get a grip on the reality of American politics.

  9. Karen you believe the lies of the right. First of there are work requirements. Obama did not “gut” them as the right has lied over and over again. A google search shows this term coming up on many, many right wing sites. This is the truth, there are work requirements.
    You lump anyone who may disagree with your position as liberal with only one mind set.
    As someone disabled for over 30 years and who has tried to get to work through social security ticket to work and on my own devices only to fail, there are people, disabled and other circumstances who are not able to climb their way up and out.
    Have you ever been to a welfare office? It is an humiliating experience as is using food stamps, even with the card they now give.
    The states do not do enough and the repubs have gutted many programs that would help people get out of the “hammock”
    (I don’t know anything about free bike helmets but I do know that millions upon millions are wasted in the defense budget, a news article showing the planes, buildings, etc that DOD asked for in Afghanistan and never used and can’;t be used and now will have to be sold for pennies on the dollar.
    I will now lump, the problem with the repubs and the right is that they have consistently refused to trim the pentagon budget, given money for items even when the pentagon has said we don’t need them, and then gut programs to help those in need. (and governors losing millions and billions in their states to refuse Medicaid is a perfect example of how politicians (usually republican, with Medicaid all of the ones refusing are repubs) have no problem hurting their citizens, especially the poor. Maybe if the right finally considered their actions and the effect it has on the country as a whole, as opposed to kowtowing to their base, they would start putting funds where they need to go: to programs that help those in need become contributing members of society, or more contributing. A lot of the folk getting help are the working poor. And for school, if you are hungry or in pain and the help for that is withheld it is hard for you to school, and if you get there to muster the energy and ability to learn. This ultimately hurts us as a whole as we see the abysmal graduation rates and low reading, math, and science scores and placement in the world when compared with other countries. The right has not looked at the long term consequences of their laissez faire policies, the whole of congress have not looked at the long term outcome of legislating to the highest bidder.

  10. In some cities, people feeding the homeless are being arrested. Sociopathic society is now the norm.

  11. it is because of people such as paul that the po lie trickers manage to get away with bs like this.. they are fast becoming known under names worse then brown nosers. the poor are poor because of the rich. im really sick of hearing people cry about the rich. the rich are exactly why this world is in the turmoil it is. heres a question for the pauls of the world. if taxes are so legal why do the rich cry so much about paying them? why do they find any and every way to NOT PAY THEM?

    i mean you do realize that when you go shopping for say food. you are not only paying the food manufacturers for their products but your paying the corporation formerly known as the government for buying that food?
    same with clothes, house hold supplies etc.

    why are our taxes paying for leos whose job it is to no longer protect us but to protect the corporation?

    why did the uber rich move their companies overseas or to the other side of the planet?

    do you ever wonder how everything became politicized? and dependent on funding?

    we have no money for education, jobs, youth or senior centers, food pantries or any other necessity but we have multi millions for military weapons?

    and millions for consultants to tell us how to downsize the mta, education, where to put cameras, design software that is used to spy on us. their shutting down schools but building prisons. do any of these question ever bother you? do whats happening in our world even make sense ?

    our kids are able to get trained by the military to be killers at 17 but they cant smoke, drink, go to a club or vote till they are 18 for some and 21 for others?

    1. Shaking – if you would like to cut it down to one or two questions, I would be happy to respond, but I am not up to writing either a thesis or a dissertation.

  12. on 1, June 12, 2014 at 8:41 pmleejcaroll
    Violet this acceptance by way too many that the poor, which includes working poor, have caused their own difficulties and get what they deserve is a shame on this country. It is the continued acceptance of the Reagan “welfare queen” lie.

    Leej, so true, it doesn’t speak well for us as a society, does it?

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