Tooth “Time Warp”: British Researchers Discover Method To Reverse Tooth Decay

220px-Lower_wisdom_toothThere is an exciting discovery by British scientists that could significantly decrease tooth surgeries and extractions. The technique is known as Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralization and it has been found to repair tooth decay by using electrical current to boost the tooth’s natural repair process. It is being called a “time warp” for teeth.

The two part process involves pushing minerals into the tooth to repair the damages area. It was developed at King’s College, London, and may be available for use within three years. No drills, no injections and no filling materials. The process allows teeth to “remineralize.”

These brilliant researchers decided to tackle the problem of tooth decay straight on. The problem is that minerals continually move out of the tooth and the enamel is undermined — creating lesions (which can later become a physical cavity). This process reverses the process. Pretty cool.

Source: India Times as found on Reddit.

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