110 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Is Hit By Car, Cartwheels, and Then Walks Away”

  1. Nick – it sounds like WI must have very lenient drunk driving laws. People have the right to get drunk, but they don’t have the right to drive drunk and put the rest of the people on the road at risk.

  2. Ummmmm: For what it’s worth, I hate drink drivers.

    And I don’t know about anywhere else but down here in FIBland, anytime you’re making a left turn and become involved in an accident, you get the ticket.

  3. Karen, Wi. is an alcoholic state. You routinely read in the newspaper of people getting popped for their, 8th, 10th, 12th DUI. It is outrageous. Very strong liquor and tavern lobby here in Wi. They keep the laws the most lenient in the US. Not unusual for a town of 800 people to have 8-10 taverns.

    1. Nick – my hometown of 9500 people had more bars than churches. Small towns are like that.

  4. Nick:

    “Karen, Why don’t parents buckle up their kids? Because they are horrible, lazy parents who do not deserve the privilege of having children.” It’s a tragedy. My parents grew up in a time when they didn’t have seat belts. But once they came around, it was every time. He was one of those dads who wouldn’t move the car unless everyone was buckled up. Great habit to instill in kids. He didn’t have seat belts growing up, but that was no excuse not to use them with his kids to keep them safe.

    The worst is when parents drink and drive with their kids. I have a special disgust for habitual drunk drivers. I’m not talking about the people who drink one glass of wine and don’t realize they are slightly impaired. I mean the alcoholics and hard drinkers who feel entitled to drive wasted. They are like unguided missiles on the freeway.

    1. Karen – people are weenies today. I grew up with no seat belts and bench seats. When we traveled in the station wagon, some of were in the back playing.
      Of course that Buick Stationwagon was made of good old American steel and could withstand any collusion up to 30 mph

  5. Annie:

    “Karen, you have NO IDEA.” Obviously not. I am at a loss. I don’t understand why you keep getting upset, but can we please just have a discussion on the blog without Turley having to monitor us? I’d rather Professor Turley chimed in with his thoughts on issues than having to be hall monitor. He’s got to be pretty busy. If there are people here that you dislike, just ignore them. You can’t get upset if you don’t read their posts.

  6. Karen, Why don’t parents buckle up their kids? Because they are horrible, lazy parents who do not deserve the privilege of having children.

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    1. Annie – the article was more about ‘When investigators pre-text, However, the larger question is what does it have to do with anything or are you just attempting to threadjack (not that there is anything wrong with that).

      1. No I am attempting to say hat it’s prudent to not trust certain people to be honest regarding the crazy assertions and allegations they spew forth on a daily basis. I chalk it up to either insanity or too much medicinal marijuana.

  8. I live in a state[Wi.] w/o a mandatory helmet law. We attract riders from all over the Midwest. You know ER docs call them donorcycles, don’t you?

  9. Karen, I have a pretty simple faith. But, I have a strong belief in Guardian Angels. My deceased sister watches over me, just like older sisters do! Sometime when it’s not so whacky here I’ll give you an incredible example as to why I believe that.

  10. What’s going on? I thought we were talking about accidents, work comp, seat belts, and prescription drug addiction. I do not understand what the complaint is.

  11. Nick – your comment about buckling kids up reminded me of a tragic story I heard from one of the moms at my son’s school. Her mother had a fatal heart attack while driving with her pregnant daughter, her granddaughter, and her 10 year old son. She hit the support of a freeway underpass, and she and her boy were killed. Her daughter was severely injured. The little girl was missing, but no one was conscious at the scene, so rescue workers did not know about her. She had been buckled in her car seat. When the pregnant daughter woke up in the hospital, she was hysterical because no one knew where her toddler daughter was. They found her wandering next to the freeway, completely unharmed. She said someone in white got her out of the car and kept her safe. My friend always felt like it was a guardian angel. Luckily, the unborn child, though born early, was unharmed, although the pregnant woman had to have her arm basically reattached.

    I don’t understand why people don’t wear helmets or buckle up. The toddler in my friend’s story likely survived because of that car seat. Why not use the technology available to increase chances of survival in a wreck?

  12. Spinelli, I just sent off an email to Professor Turley. Your game playing has gone too far this time. What is wrong wih you? You need some serious help. It’s very obvious what you are attempting to do here, I won’t stand for it.

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