Winsome, Lose Some: Felon’s Mugshot Goes Viral As Heartthrob

viralmugshotinternal1616This story is truly an insight into our often superficial society. Jeremy Meeks, 30, is considered by police to be “one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area.” However, his mug shot has gone viral with tens of thousands of “likes” as people gush over his movie-style good looks. Many women cannot see beyond the high cheek bones and blue eyes to see those six felony charges, including gang crimes.

The Stockton Police have been inundated with admirers and the mug shot appears to have become the ultimate poster bad boy. I recall the same happening with the Menendez brothers.

Meeks’ image has been shared by thousands who are marveling at his dreamy good looks. One wrote “Momma, I’m in love with a criminal.” If so, it will be unrequited love if he is convicted. He was one of four men taken into custody during Operation Ceasefire in Stockton with four firearms. He is being held on $900,000 bail.

Source: Fox

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  1. David, women who love bad boys lack self respect. They seem to need the ‘masculinity’ of a bad boy to make themselves feel more feminine. I think good boys are far more enticing, I married one and he was not lacking in any way.

  2. Stockton has a very high crime rate, filed for bankruptcy, and now has this guy feeding the fantasy of those women who just love guys with a bad boy image. I have never understood why so many women just love a man who is bad to the bone.

  3. The women who get conned are mostly from the US. The convicts look for women within driving distance to the prison. The women are often fat, lonely and vulnerable. Those women are also marks for con men on the streets. Predators in the animal kingdom always hunt for the most vulnerable, the easy prey. We humans are no different. It’s the same w/ pedophiles. They search for the child separated from their family, just like a tiger seeks a calf separated form the herd.

  4. I worked @ Leavenworth Penitentiary as a guard. All prisons have a problem w/ prisoners conning women to marry them. They often use them as drug mules during visitation. The woman gets busted and ends up in another prison. They’re no longer of use and the relationship is over. Convicts are con men.

  5. Alicia wrote “the story was about Scandinavians … 2002 Reuters story”

    Yeah, I saw the Reuters reference too. Supposedly the story was called “European Women Marry U.S. Death Row Inmates.” Reuters tends to keep its stories, so I wonder if someone made it up. It wouldn’t be the first time.

    I do not dispute that *some* European women are attracted to felons, just like some women are attracted to Islamists. The further west one goes in Europe, the more liberal the attitude. I can certainly understand women from Britain falling for it. But Europe is not a monolithic entity. And most of the felon-bait will be Americans simply because they are local.

  6. Saucy, I think the first time I read about women wanting to have relations/relationships with convicted murderers, the story was about Scandinavians and I was a little shocked so it stayed in mind. But I just looked around on the internet too, and the old story seems to have vanished into the mists of time. The closest was a blog that referenced but did not link to a 2002 Reuters story, and I could not find that one independently.

    There’s this though: “A large proportion of those who contact San Quentin’s Death Row inmates are from Britain and Holland. The interest from Europe, according to Messick, is probably rooted in opposition to the death penalty and sympathy for those who are being subjected to it.” — From a 2005 story

  7. Alicia wrote “Marriage offers to this creep are probably pouring in from Europe already”

    Doing a quick Internet search, I found a webpage titled “15 People Who Married Convicted Murderers,” but only two of the women were from Europe, one from Germany and the other from the Netherlands. It sounds like you have a pre-existing bias against Europe.

  8. rafflaw – case like this could make you a legal rock star. 😉

  9. Marriage offers to this creep are probably pouring in from Europe already, though the women who do that usually prefer murderers on death row.

    1. Alicia – he is married and says he is in a committed relationship. However, if the price were right, I sure he could be persuaded.

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