Edinburgh Couple Sentenced For Defacing Mosque By Wrapping Bacon On Door Handles

220px-NCI_baconThere is a bizarre case out of Edinburgh where Chelsea Lambie, 18, and Douglas Cruikshank, were arrested for defacing a mosque by wrapping bacon around door handles and, last year, throwing strips of bacon inside. It was a stupid and hateful act. What is interesting is the length of the sentences, which were a year and nine months. We have previously discussed how sentences tend to be lower in England but these are pretty stiff.

As criminals, these two flunk out of felony school. CCTV footage first caught two men and a woman at a store at 4.45am where the woman asked an assistant if she knew where to get the bus to the mosque. Then they were caught on another camera buying bacon. Then a third camera outside of the mosque shows the three putting bacon on the door handles and the woman took a picture of the men outside the mosque. They are then shown running off laughing.

The case also shows how extensive and integrated the camera surveillance in England has become.

When Lambie was arrested, police found messages on her cellphone, including “Going to invade a mosque, because we can go where we want.” Another, that was a prosecutor’s dream, said “Went to the mosque in Edinburgh and wrapped bacon round the door handles, opened the door and threw it in ha ha ha.” Lambe still insisted on a jury trial while Cruikshank pleaded guilty to the attack. Lambe got the longer sentence of a year.

The third person involved in the attack, Wayne Stilwel, was sentenced to ten months after pleading guilty last August.

Source: BBC

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  1. After reading through these comments I have to suggest Prof. Turley re-think his blog. To associate his name with a great many of the posts on this entry is to do himself a great disservice and leave himself open to guilt by association, if not actual encouragement of the disgusting comments.

  2. funny how all the wise crackers are ignoring or denying that jews don’t eat pork either/. but hey just keep on being lied to and distracted by the lies of the corporation. maybe what humanity should be asking is where exactly did their appetite for MEAT originate?

  3. Nick Spinelli
    Isaac, There’s that pesky little thing we have here in the US, it’s called the Constitution. Give it a read. I love it, but you may not.
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    Are you saying cross burning on someone else’s lawn IS protected speech?

  4. The real issue here is the defacement of bacon… that pigs had to die so these people could wrap their body parts on the den of pedo-prophet muhammed is simply unconscionable.

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