ACLU: Documents Show Effort Of Police And U.S. Marshals To Deceive Courts In Use Of Controversial “Stringrays”

marshals-660x494stingray_500x280_0There is a highly disturbing story out of Florida where the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has uncovered instructions from the U.S. Marshals Service that appear to tell police to actively deceive judges and defendants about the use of the controversial surveillance tool called Stingrays, or IMSI catchers, which simulate a cellphone tower and trick any nearby mobile devices into connecting with them. The federal officials reportedly told police to lie to courts and defendants and say that the suspect’s location came from a “confidential source.”

The ACLU acquired five emails from April, 2009 detailing the deception. The emails are shocking and constitute an open and knowing effort to lie to courts in sworn documents — a crime. In one email, a Sarasota Police Department sergeant flagged that a North Port detective had mistakenly told the truth about the source of information and “specifically outlined the investigative means used to locate the suspect.” The detective was told to “submit a new PCA [probable cause affidavit] and seal the old one.” That would put a false account on the record and seal the truth. The instructions were clearly stated as coming from the U.S. Marshals: “In the past, and at the request of the U.S. Marshalls [sic], the investigative means utilized to locate the suspect have not been revealed so that we may continue to utilize this technology without the knowledge of the criminal element. In reports or depositions we simply refer to the assistance as ‘received information from a confidential source regarding the location of the suspect.’ To date this has not been challenged . . . ” That last part is particularly galling. It suggests that they have succeeded in the deception because no one is the wiser and no challenge has been brought. It is not only a knowing conspiracy to mislead the courts but it is a denial of protection constitutional rights of defendants to use evidence. It is not clear if this effort resulted in any false oral testimony from police on the stand.

The U.S. Marshals Service has not responded to calls for comment.

Average citizens are routinely charged with even the smallest misrepresentations to federal officials or false statements in court or before the grand jury. Here is a paper trail showing an express effort to deceive courts and defendants and file false sworn statements. Yet, there is no indication of a single disciplinary action, let alone a criminal investigation.

Source: Wired

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  1. This is outrageous. They are using Stasi tactics. By lying, the police are also corrupting themselves and then who knows what they´ll be willing to do. Really stupid of them to put themselves in that position. This effects them and their families too, not just criminals. That said, my daughter´s i-phone was stolen last week. She´s thinking of not replacing it. She said she´s had the most relaxing 5 days of her life.

  2. Barking dog,
    I call the CONglomerats…

    Met Greenwald last week on the streets of Seattle. I was so bummed out not getting a ticket in time so I went on the waiting list. He said to email him my contact and he’d get me in. He did. Spoke for an hour and signed books. Many people attending don’t follow details and keep up with current information. I posted a link a month ago, here on Turley’s blog, about the trove of documents contained in his book for any and all to see.

    It is amazing that anyone now, would continue to defend the usurpation of their Rights linked to “Privacy”. Association, meetings/gatherings, warrants, discussions, videos, you name it. You may do “IT” (sic) in the “privacy of your own home” as they say, and still… Not “PRIVATE” enough?

    And, as they say… Only in America.
    Stay safe.

  3. This is a quiz. Which U.S. city was First in Booze, First in Shoes, and Last in the American League?

  4. Stingrays: coming to a theatre near you. If you are on wifi then carefully look at the supposed network that you are connected to. If your network is called: Singsong for example then be wary of a second name appearing on the screen with more power strength shown on the little scale there with Singsong1. That is how they entice you. Then they steal all of your information. Anything on your computer. That is not just “data” folks. That could be your bank code, social security number, name rank serial number, last Will and Testament, emails to Ayn Rand, emails to Muslim Brotherhood, letters sent to the abortion clinic, letters sent to JackMehoff. etc

  5. “Statute Enforcement Officers” should replace the name “Law Enforcement Officers” – police officers enforce statutes passed by legislatures – their authority begins and ends with statutes.

    They aren’t a special class above the law.

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    Which is why, we have climate change.

    1. Al – the London Bridge that was falling down was the Tower Bridge, not the one that was moved to Arizona. BTW, it was falling down because they kept building buildings on it.

  7. The greater problem is that of the change of definition of the word “honor” from the period it meant that truth was the basis of honor — not just arrest and win-loss records in court. The idea behind public policing was to hire and maintain honorable police forces — and that has been eroded to catch the bad guy — innocent or not while not being caught in bending the process to the breaking point,.

  8. Obummer is owned by any and all 3 letter agencies meaning his masters begin with the british royal family, then the rocefellers and rothchilds and every other intermarried ubernaire who has stolen their riches from the world

  9. Obama is in league with: NSA, CIA, FBI, Koch Brothers, Chicago White Sox.

  10. Yeah, the CIA only has jurisdiction outside the U.S. And the FBI? The NSA? They all work together with the Koch Brothers, with American corporations, with the RepubliCon Party, with Pepsi Cola. They have Old Lady Feinstein in their pocket or vice versa. Her husband’s pocket.

    1. BarkinDog – I would be more concerned with who Obama is beholden to.

  11. Go West Young Man, Go West. To Hong Kong if need be. Snowden is a hero.

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