Former Wisconsin Police Officer Arrested In Grisly Sadomasochistic Murders

37696631-mjs_bodies_steven_zelichb99299307z.1_20140625160735_000_gtd6q1en.1-0Former West Allis (Wisconsin) officer Steven M. Zelich, 52, has been arrested in two grisly homicides after the bodies of two women were found in suitcases along a rural road. They had been murdered over a year ago in what allegedly part of Zelich’s sadomasochistic fetish. What is most striking about this story is that Zelich was dropped from the force after a fight with a prostitute. However, no criminal charges were brought by the department against one of its own officers. Had those charges been brought, Laura Simonson, 37, and another unidentified woman might still be alive.

Zelich met both women online. He was reportedly a frequent participant on a sadomasochistic web forum. Zelich allegedly killed them both in the first meetings — at first hiding them for a while and then throwing them in suitcase along the road. A highway worker this month discovered the suitcases while cutting grass.

Zelich has reportedly admitted to causing the deaths though he has yet to be charged with murder. Simonson was killed after they met in Rochester, Minnesota in November 2013 and he first hid her body in his car. She was found with a rope around her neck and a gag strapped into her mouth with a collar.

town-of-geneva-unidentified-womanPolice are still trying to identify the second female victim.

What caught my eye was the reference in articles that Zelich in 2001 was forced to resign from the West Allis Police Department after an off-duty altercation with a prostitute. That had to be a bit more than a shocking match to result in such a resignation. Yet, that case was never charged or referred to the Milwaukee County district attorney’s office for possible prosecution. He was later forced to resign from another company, Comprehensive Title LLC, where he served as a partner. He was accused of embezzling money but yet again no criminal charge was brought even though there was a civil judgment against Zelich and another partner for unpaid premiums. He then moved on to Securitas Security Services USA until June 28, 2007 but was placed on administrative leave after his arrest.

The company noted that in their search of his background “His employment records reflect no extraordinary or remarkable incidents and indicate a satisfactory work record.” That is because he seems to have been repeatedly spared from the bringing of criminal charges.

Simonson was a mother of seven children who had struggled with mental illness. Her children have had extraordinarily tough lives. They were taken from Simonson and put in foster care with her father, Richard Wierson, in 2010. They were then taken away from their father in 2011 after he sexually abused at least one of them. Now they can add a serial murder of their mother to an already nightmarish collection of memories of their childhood.

Source: JS Online

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  1. @DarrenS:

    Thank you too. I am still in this rehab place recovering from a silly accident I had. ALL I have is my Kindle Fire to access the net.But I am going home in few weeks whether I am fixed or not. Sheesh 5 months is all I can take of this.

    Squeeky Fromm
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  2. Well I am NOT surprised by this at all. We have all these domestic violence laws while we ignore (or become titalated) by BDSM stuff. Sooo here is a poem!

    By Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    When fifty shades of gray get stale
    And morph into vanilla;
    And none will pay
    To watch Fay Wray
    Get it on with her gorilla.

    Think not the Human Race evolved
    Whence metaphorical caves.
    Old Plato’s sheets
    Just beat retreats
    While they winter in shallow graves.

    Squeeky Fromm
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  3. A police officer moved in next to me. Life turned very bad. Nuisances of every sort were generated 24/7/365. I had three formal complaints against him “sustained” by his department. That meant nothing to the cop or any authority (sustained complaints are buried so deeply in HR that no one ever finds out about them – they’re a big joke). He continued. Local authorities did nothing, from Animal Control to Code Enforcement. To top off the bad behavior, the cop rode his governmental vehicle, a motorcycle, for his commute to work which was 100 miles per day (an untaxable benefit). The worst part was that he was always home, he worked only 3 or 4 days a week because cops are in governmental workers unions (they strike or enjoy the benefits of strikes through “equal pay”) and they are given tons of money for few hours. The cop loved to hide behind the “I put my life on the line everyday” line which gave me flashbacks to Vietnam, 10,000 miles from home and family, on duty 24/7 in 100 degree temperatures with 95% humidity moving through jungles, rice paddies, mountains and mud, when I was awarded a Purple Heart and fellow combatants were killed and wounded right next to me frequently. What a joke cops are. What a joke. They are, much of the time, gang members who have hidden their past and somehow maintain their behavior just within the boundaries of legality.

    Ask yourself who, what kind of mentality, has a desire to enforce law. A few are motivated by a true desire to HELP people. Rarely, there are truly well-balanced, nice guys who are compelled to help people. In my opinion, from my experience, as the saying goes, “they put lipstick on a pig,” most cops have some essential behavioral issues that, many times, lead them to the other side of the line.

    The BROTHERHOOD prevails and “you can’t fight city hall,” which is an adjunct of the BROTHERHOOD. It’s the “comparable pay” principle. From the teachers union to the mayor to the cops to the janitors – when TEACHERS STRIKE, THEY ALL BENEFIT. Teachers strike and pay goes up, so does pay for every other governmental worker. They call it “comparable pay.”

    The “dictatorship of the proletariat.” The “deep pockets” of the taxpayers.

    “Tax the rich, feed the poor, ’til there are no rich no more.”

    Ten Years After

    Alvin Lee – 1971

    Everywhere is freaks and hairies
    Dykes and fairies, tell me where is sanity
    Tax the rich, feed the poor
    Till there are no rich no more

    I’d love to change the world
    But I don’t know what to do
    So I’ll leave it up to you

    Population keeps on breeding
    Nation bleeding, still more feeding economy
    Life is funny, skies are sunny
    Bees make honey, who needs money, Monopoly

    I’d love to change the world
    But I don’t know what to do
    So I’ll leave it up to you

    World pollution, there’s no solution
    Institution, electrocution
    Just black and white, rich or poor
    Them and us, stop the war

    I’d love to change the world
    But I don’t know what to do
    So I’ll leave it up to you

  4. Keebler, I’m a beach walker in San Diego. A couple years ago I was taking an early morning walk and came upon a suitcase, near the water. It had a luggage tag w/ a man’s name, address and phone#, a small town in Mo. I called the phone# and heard a very sad tale. The phone was the guy’s elderly mom. She had tried to help her bipolar son for decades. He was hospitalized several times as well as incarcerated for self medicating w/ booze and drugs. She was @ wit’s end. The day prior to my call she bought a plane ticket for her son to San Diego. He had some wacky reason for wanting to go there. She was just so exhausted, against her better judgment flew him to San Diego just for a respite. She then broke down. Her son was suicidal and she was fairly sure he probably just had a plan to swim into the ocean and kill himself. My heart bled for this woman. I called the police and sat w/ the bag until they arrived. I kept checking the news and w/ the police and lifeguards for any floaters. He never was found. Pleasant way to start your day!

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