Saudi Justice Minister: Criticism Of Sharia Law Will Be Treated As An Attack On The Kingdom Itself

200px-Coat_of_arms_of_Saudi_Arabia.svg300px-Dira_SquareJustice Minister Mohammed Al-Eissa gave the world a chilling lesson on the blind faith that underlies the medieval Sharia system imposed by Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. Al-Eissa warned that questioning the Sharia system was akin to questioning God and “Any attack on the judiciary will be considered an attack on the Kingdom’s sovereignty.” That certainly simplifies things. Most people harbor a notion that they can criticize their legal system and call for reforms but Al-Eissa pointed out that their legal system comes from God and is therefore not subject to change on its most controversial parts. “Justice” will continue to be meted out in “Chop Chop Square” (Deera Square, right) in the name of Islam.

Al-Eissa attacked “rights organizations” like they were akin to pornographers. They certainly seemed akin to blasphemers in his mind. He explained that they misunderstand Sharia law and these “rights organizations [are] making big mistakes in their reports.” The biggest mistake is that they do not recognize that Sharia law comes from the Koran (Qu’ran) and “[t]hese punishments are based on divine religious texts and we cannot change them.”

Al-Eissa has a bachelor of arts degree in sharia law at Imam Muhammad bin Saud University.

So, it is easy. Just accept that Sharia is divine law and all of these concerns melt away. Besides he adds, if you cannot trust my religion, what can you trust? — “Islam is a religion of wisdom that calls for dialogue with other religious faiths and peaceful coexistence with other communities. If it was not a good religion, it would not have lasted for more than 1,400 years and won millions of followers around the world.”

As for flogging and executions, those are just divine judgment as unchangeable as God’s word. Besides, he noted,“Islam sympathizes with the victim, not the criminal.”

It was an interesting pivot. If you do not want to view Sharia as God’s justice, than view Islam as the ultimate “law and order” faith.

So there you have it. If you hate it, you either do not understand Islam or you are a blasphemer. Of course, if you are a blasphemer in criticizing Sharia law, then Sharia law demands your death. Problem solved.

Source:Arab News

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  1. Sharia contradicts the Quran. Problem is it was written hundreds of years later and is littered with human biases. For the Saudis the Sharia essentially is more important than the Quran. It has essentially become the golden calf about which the 2d verse of the Quran was about. It is about the Jews giving up on Moses when he went to Mount Sinai. The message it appears was not about the Jews;but about Muslims. This message has completely escaped the likes of the Saudis and anyone who wants to base so much importance on the Shariah.
    Shariah Law Shouldn’t Be Called Religion

    Saudis basically have a conservative Bedouin mentality. These people were always poor and not educated, then oil was discovered. They have same mentality. Their forbears visited Muslim Spain and thought the Muslims there were libertines! See BBC documentary on Muslim Spain.

    The Shariat treats a thief (cutting off hand) worse than the Quran describes as punishment for a murder er ( being responsible for victim’s family).

    Basically Saudis and those who follow their beliefs show a patent lack of cognitive skills. cannot also tell when the Quran has figurative descriptions. (which is where the miscnception for punishment for theft appears to come from)

  2. There is only one way to deal with a Muslim Pirate Territory: Fly over and flush. Twice over Saudi Arabia, they wear head dresses.

  3. The one million Iraqi human beings that perished during the period Karen S refers to died as a direct result of UN Security Council Resolution 661 and the sadists that enforced it.

    From the NY Times:

    Iraq Sanctions Kill Children, U.N. Reports
    Published: December 1, 1995

    As many as 576,000 Iraqi children may have died since the end of the Persian Gulf war because of economic sanctions imposed by the Security Council, according to two scientists who surveyed the country for the Food and Agriculture Organization.

    1. Persona – there is no proof of 1 million dead and even if there were it would be at the hands of the Iraqi government which refused to comply with UN demands.

  4. I’m sorry Justice… HOW many feet away must I stand from your Court?

  5. Good thing we don’t deal with terrorists… (bonus question: House of Saud and how many 9/11 attackers?)

    Kerry in Saudi Arabia to discuss Syria, Iraq

    US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Saudi Arabia Friday to meet the Syrian opposition as Washington unveiled plans to provide some $500 million in arms and training to the rebels. The top US diplomat, who landed in the Red Sea city of Jeddah in the afternoon, will also meet Saudi King Abdullah, a day after hosting urgent talks in Paris with the Saudi, Jordanian and UAE foreign ministers to discuss the widening crisis in Iraq and Syria.

    King Abdullah has long called for greater US military support for the Syrian rebels, whom the Sunni kingdom has long backed. He has also been an outspoken critic of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, whose Shia-led government has seen insurgents sweep up a huge swathe of territory, including second city Mosul, since June 9.

    Well, at least we aren’t rewarding them like we’re doing to Egypt for jailing journalists…
    … Ah, smell the Fascism.

    1. Max-1 – several of us have dumped facts in your lap. I do not know what else we can do.

  6. Bob, Esq.
    Don’t ya just love their shenanigans?
    I’ve heard the usual WMD’s all the way to, “Saddam was a bad guy.”
    That could be said about the USA, too. But they dare not because it’s never when their leader is that bad guy. Wars of choice, of oil, of lawlessness, of terror, of torture. Nope, never when their guy is THAT bad guy. NEVER!!!

  7. This is what happens when people confuse Religion with Politics…
    … They end up using their faith as a dictate to police their people by.

    Good thing the Religious Right can now get in the face of women as they go to and fro, in and out of abortion and women’s clinics… eh?

    And have you ever heard their reasoned rantings? Imagine their politics and how similar it would make America into Saudi Arabia…

    1. Max-1 – you have been on the receiving end of rants going in and out of abortion clinics?

  8. No, But John and George certainly are, Saucy. Glad to see you got the reference.

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