Woman Asks For Demonstration at Gun Show . . . Dealer Then Shoots Her In Thigh

300px-380_ACP_-_FMJ_-_SB_-_2Geoffrey Hawk may soon have the reputation of gun displays that are a tad too realistic for customers after he accidentally shot a customer while displaying a gun for sale. Hawk, 44, could be criminally charged for the shooting.

Hawk was at the Eagle Arms Gun show (on its face a bad interspecies mix) when he showed Krista Gearhart, 25, a concealed-carry wallet holster to the woman, Krista Gearhart, 25, when the semiautomatic .380 went off and shot her in the thigh.

He has an interesting defense: he claims that he racked the gun previously to guarantee that it was unloaded but had left the gun on the counter while doing a background check on another customer (yes, finally proof that background checks can kill). He suggested that someone may have walked up and strangely loaded the gun and then left it there. Seems a bit implausible but I have never gone to such shows.

If someone did load that weapon, it does not necessary excuse the negligence of Hawk but does implicate that person as well if there are any videotapes of the areas.

Gearhart is being remarkably generous about the ordeal and says that she feels sorry for Hawk.

I understand the recklessness allegation but I still have great trepidation over using the criminal code in such cases of obviously negligence. This clearly should be a matter that puts permits in danger and certainly can lead to civil liability though Gearhart seems disinclined to blame Hawk. Accidents do happen and we have licensing and civil liability systems to handle the repercussions. The steady criminalization of our society raises serious questions of how it is changing our relationship to each other and the state.

Source: Seattle Times

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  1. You guys can say what you want about guns but I for one know that a gun is a deterrent. On one occasion I did not have a gun and endured 2.5 hrs. of horrible fear before I ( Bible in hand) convinced the guy to let me go.
    The second occasion when someone stepped out from behind my shrubbery and tried to break into my car with a A toy gun laying beside me sent him running when I held it up. At dusk it is hard to determine if one is real or a toy. Guns I am afraid of but will use if it is necessary and you never know when one will come in handy. You people who think gun owners are so horrible, better hope you never need one.

  2. I do not think anyone is strange for either wanting to own a gun, or not wanting to own a gun.

    It is a simply a right to own a gun, and people are free to own one or not. No one should feel pressured to own one.

    The only people I would criticize for not being armed are, say, a scientist who brings his grad students to Alaska to study grizzlies and then is unprepared to keep them safe.

  3. pete, I have learned via my profession as a PI that people project their own world view into all interactions. I don’t dislike you, as you do I. I’ve said that recently. My comment about what dogs eat was good natured, trying to lighten things up. Your hatred of me clouds your thinking. I ignored your insults for awhile. They didn’t stop so I tried engaging on an affable note. Since you’re not a dog, I thought the dog quip would be received as a friendly ball bust. I truly don’t have anger toward you. Your ball busts are mean. But, I’m a big boy. I have turned some folks here negative attitudes toward me around. You do seem intransigent, however.

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