Singapore Government Supports The Destruction Of Book Of Same-Sex Penguin Couple and Non-Traditional Families

220px-TangopenguinThe Singapore government is supporting the National Library Board in the plan to destroy a children’s book detailing the real-life story of two male penguins raising a baby chick in New York’s zoo. It appears that the government views “And Tango Makes Three” to be nothing more than penguin perversion.

Now banned are “And Tango Makes Three” as well as “The White Swan Express: A Story About Adoption” (discussing a lesbian couple) and “Who’s In My Family: All About Our Families.” Minister of Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim enthusiastically supports the book ban, stating “The prevailing norms, which the overwhelming majority of Singaporeans accept, support teaching children about conventional families, but not about alternative, non-traditional families, which is what the books in question are about.”

It appears that the Ministry has joined a long line governments in banning books to fight an idea. It has been proven to be a fruitless endeavor but government continue to hold back ideas that they find threatening or different. Regrettably, it is another U.S. ally that is moving against free speech in the name of public decency.

Source: New York Daily News

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  1. maxcat06 bleated “It’s a shame that you never leave your bubble. Hate is all-consuming, and it eventually destroys.”

    There are none so hateful as those who preach tolerance for any given sexual disorientation. Those special interest groups are the most hateful people to those who have differing views on sexual disorientation.

  2. On the surface, it could be a fascinating story. However, in this climate of social agendas being shoved down everyone’s throats – i.e. the normalization of homosexuality, this book looks a little fishy. It will be viewed simply as propaganda.

  3. @maxcat

    Perhaps it is you who are naive??? I don ‘t blame you for not knowing about Special Gay Snowflake Marriages, because they are kinda kept on the down low. Sooo, not only are gay marriage numbers ridiculously low, most of them (the mm ones) aren ‘t even real live committed marriages from the outset. Perhaps it is really gays who have a problem with getting married???

    These are the kind of things that never get discussed in all the “homophobe!” canards and diatribes.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. It’s a shame that you never leave your bubble. Hate is all-consuming, and it eventually destroys. Oh well, I can’t worry about you; you’ve chosen your path. I will just concern myself with those who are the objects of your hate, scorn and ridicule. A subset of anything never makes a whole. I could find links on heterosexual marriages that are shams, but who cares and why bother? To you, that’s fine. Some reporter…

  4. @99gus

    I don ‘ t even know what an ASI is, so IDK. As far as people “suffering”, I have not been aware of any MCA (Mass Celibacy Attacks) among the gay population. In fact, just the opposite. They seem to have been busy nailing most anything with a pulse without benefit of marriage.

    If you are feeling sadistic, and want to make them “suffer” make them get a REAL marriage, not a Special Gay Snowflake Marriage where they can cheat and run around. That would be fun to watch!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. You have no real concept of the gay community, do you? it is as varied as the heterosexual one. There are the ones who “cheat and run around”, and there are those who have been together perhaps longer than some traditional marriages, without the benefits. Your dismissive comment about “Special Gay Snowflake Marriage(s)” is an insult. I know many couples, male and female who have been together for over 20 years, and in the states where I have lived, Texas and Georgia, they have no legal rights, yet they remain committed. Perhaps that shows a greater resolve than your infantile idea of what constitutes a “real” marriage.
      I don’t know how old you are, as you seem to write as one with much wit and little real world knowledge, but you are far too quick to demean others. I’m fortunate to not have had to go through what some of my gay and lesbian friends have, but to see them categorized in such an infantile manner is repulsive. You have your right to your opinions, but others have more real world rights, and, I’m sorry, but you’re trampling on them, cute posts and poems aside.

  5. Squeeky certainly has selected a lot of groups that should suffer. What I learned as a child was that Jesus was love. How someone could believe they were a Christian ( I am not ) and desire people to suffer is beyond me. I guess ( to some ) being a Christian does not require emulating Jesus. It appears that some professed Christians can think and do anything they want and quickly flip to a page in the Bible that seemingly supports them…. then like magic ….. everything is cool. The first commandment ….. “Let thy neighbor alone” .

  6. I love it, “San Francisco marriages”! As if heterosexual couples never have multiple marriages. I also was amused about religion being necessary for societies, and that personal ethics weren’t enough. I know many religious people I wouldn’t trust my cat to, and many atheists I would trust with my life, my cat, my dog, my house and my life savings. Besides, which religion would we anoint as the keeper of our “morals”? Islam? Judaism? Christianity? Buddhism? If Christianity, please tell me which sect or denomination, as they don’t even have the same New Testaments, beliefs or creeds. As for the Old Testament; I was born into the Jewish faith, and believe me, the Christians have totally misunderstood just about all of it.

  7. YES!!! I understand irony QUITE WELL!!!! But please condescend to me. I LOVE IT!!!

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