Looking Hot: Illinois Woman Arrested After Posting Selfie With Stolen Dress

6379cc40-1106-11e4-bcb6-efa0f914c309_shoplifted-dress-illinoisDanielle Saxton clearly wanted to look hot and she succeeded. The 27-year-old Illinois woman was arrested after she posted pictures on Facebook showing herself in a shoplifted dress. The multicolored leopard print dress with a black waistband was stolen from Morties, a store located in West Frankfort where Saxton resides. Saxton added the caption “Love my dress.” She was not alone.

The son of the owner of Morties, Kert Williams, had posted a note about the theft with a description of the dress. Williams was pulling up the store and saw a girl running out with something in her hand. He reviewed the store video footage and then questioned nearby stores on anyone who identified the girl. It turns out that she had also allegedly stone an item from a consignment store.

Various people saw the selfie by Saxton and even sent screen shots. Saxton had an outstanding warrant for an arrest in another county. Saxton then went from Facebook to being simply booked.

Source: Yahoo

24 thoughts on “Looking Hot: Illinois Woman Arrested After Posting Selfie With Stolen Dress”

  1. She’s lucky the cops got to her before the fashion police did.

  2. “They ain’t no cure for stupid!” Larry the Cable Guy, or Ron White. Hope Squeaky gives us a warning before her next groaner. Groan.

  3. Paul, It is incredibly liberal and the most racist city in the US. Socialistworker.org did a piece on 10/31/13 about how racially divided Madison is. This isn’t some Koch Brothers publication, it is a VERY left wing website. The liberals like there black “neighbors” to be a few miles away from their lily white neighborhoods. The study shows the racist liberal city is not just relegated to housing but also economic, educational, etc. It was quite a scandal here, for about 2 days! Then swept under the rug, by an eltist professor’s black housekeeper.

  4. Barkindog, LOL! You’ll probably run into a couple of neighborhood dogs. We used to have poop from 2 dogs in our yard to clean up. They both died in the last few years. But, our neighbor’s dogs have picked up the slack. The owners do pick it up when they see it. Some shit you just have to let slide, as it were.

  5. Met a guy who claimed to be one the five conservatives living in Madison WI.

  6. She was dead in the water without the selfie. The selfie is just icing on the cake.

  7. Nick: I am a flatlander who hails from right near West Frankfort. I am on a train now to Wisconsin so as to poop in your yard.

  8. BK, You need to lighten up. There is a good natured rivalry between “Flatlanders” from Illinois and “Cheesheads” from Wisconsin. I’m from Wisconsin. That was the motivation in my comment. You liberals have lost what little sense of humor you had. Maybe it’s the weight of a failed Presidency?

  9. She’s from ILLINOIS, they’re all dumber than a bag o’ hammers.

  10. that was my first thought, emw. i was also going to say it makes her butt look big but i didn’t want to sound catty.

  11. If you look up Stupid in the dictionary, this woman’s face is there.

  12. Cops like using Facebook and other social media for solving crimes.

    Danielle better ditch the other stuff that’s in her clothes closet….You know, it’s about that outstanding warrant.

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