Faux News Website Succeeds In Spreading Bachmann Story On “Americanization” Labor Camps


Think Progress has become the latest victim of a juvenile faux news hoax. Think Progress ran a story about how Minnesota U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann proposed “Americanization” labor camps for Central American unaccompanied children. It quickly spread from Think Progress to other liberal sites, precisely what the “source” KCTV 7 had hoped. KCTV 7 is one of a number of fake news sites run by adolescent tricksters who relish spreading false stories. I have previously written about these sites and the type of low-grade “gotcha” pranks that motivate such people. It hardly takes a genius to set up a site that looks like a real news outfit and run stories to trick anyone who stumbles by on the Internet. I don’t find these pranks funny or impressive. I cannot understand how companies like WordPress give them a platform for such hoaxes or why the creators have not faced personal liability over their false stories.

The story quoted Bachmann as saying “I’m calling on all of us, Obama and Congress and everyone, to chip in and build special new facilities . . . ‘Americanization facilities,’ if you will. And we’d send these kids to these facilities, in Arizona and Texas and wherever else. And we’d get private sector business leaders to locate to those facilities and give these children low-risk jobs to do. And they’d learn about the American way of life, earn their keep, and everyone wins in the end.”

Raw Story reported that “However, it turns out that interview, often sourced to KCTV7, was plagiarized from an openly satirical site, The National Report. The KCTV7 report lifted large passages of the Bachmann “interview” and accompanying text from The National Report website verbatim.” National Report is the fake news site that I previously criticized. I honestly do not understand why these people find such pranks to be funny or worth so much effort. They degrade both media and Internet users. It is the equivalent to graffiti on the Internet.

Think Progress issued the following statement:

The news site KCTV7 News is a parody. Rep. Bachmann (R-MN) never made the statement. We sincerely regret the error.

The editors of the site relish these juvenile pranks. The site states “KCTV7 is a Kansas City news site that reports local and world news, as well as American politics.”

I am astonished that WordPress tolerates such fraudulent sites or that these people have not been sued for false light or defamation. If a site tricks people into buying false items or harming themselves, WordPress would presumably terminate the site. Yet, here is a group of people who work hard to spread false stories to embarrass people — often attributing harmful stories to people like Bachmann. I am less judgmental toward Think Progress as I am toward these juveniles and, by extension, WordPress that gives them access to victims.

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  1. Followers of Bachmann are cultists as are all dyed the wool duopolists. There are many here. Bachmann’s husband is gayer than Hillary.

  2. SWM, You are urbane enough to know that people have different faces for different roles, particularly politicians. I have said here many times, if someone you’re dating treats a server, bartender, housekeeper, etc. like crap, drop them then and there. My sources say he treats “the little people” like crap. You know, when he’s not campaigning. It really doesn’t matter to us, we can’t vote for him.

  3. Elaine, I think Bachmann and her husband are the cultists. They ran some “pray away the gay” clinic.

  4. “But, maybe he’s nice w/ elitist friends and donors. That wouldn’t surprise me.” nick He is very nice out on the campaign trail with working people. I gave Franken a few small donations when I lived in Texas.

  5. SWM, How many couples do you know where one member is a great person and the other is a horse’s ass? Read the SNL books, particularly Jay Mohr’s. Jay suffered from panic attacks. Everyone was supportive except for Franken. Mohr asked a few regulars if he had done something and they told him, “No, he’s just a prick.” My buddy has little contact w/ Franken. He has businesses in Florida and Wilmar so he’s gone a lot. But, this buddy is a great guy who takes care of his employees. He is the one who taught me “NEVER ask an employee to do something they haven’t SEEN you do.” He gets earfuls from the employees @ the condo @ what an a-hole Franken is. But, maybe he’s nice w/ elitist friends and donors. That wouldn’t surprise me.

  6. nick, Actually, I hear that opposite. Al and Frannie Franken are well liked these days. Have met them a few times .Frannie is a big asset to the campaign.

  7. SWM, No I don’t. I know Franken has had a double digit lead to date. I don’t know about the guv race. I have a buddy who lives in the same condo building as Franken. The guys a Dem but he and most everyone hate him personally. SNL books portray his as a pompous a-hole. The 20th ranking for the Gopher State surprises many people. As you might expect, the northeast has most of the Top 10 liberal. New Jersey is the 6th most liberal and they’ve elected the Fat Boy twice!

  8. nick, Well I guess you must think Dayton and Franken who are quite liberal are going to lose this year?

  9. Or, have some Tums for agita. SWM, when you’re defending Pelosi you can’t win. I’m not defending Bachmann. And, I was spelling it Bachmann but changed figuring being a former Gopher you spelled it correctly w/ one ‘n.’ You’re incorrect. Even when I think I’m wrong, I’m right.

  10. Digging in those heels, SWM. YouTube, “Pelosi idiot.” Make sure you pee first.

  11. Gallup did an extensive poll earlier this year ranking states liberal to conservative. Minnesota was 20th. Liberals like to think they own the state because they own the Twin Cities and therefore the media. But, like most states, rural is conservative and there’s a lotta rural in Minnesota. Liberals own big cities and have bled them dry.

  12. “I know you’re sweating when you ask me for links, DIVERSION!” nick. There are literally hundreds of sites with crazy Bachman quotes. Many are of the anti-gay and anti-immigrant persuasion. You could come up with a few for Pelosi if she says the things you say she does. I don’t know if Pelosi was Georgetown material as she never got the opportunity. She was certainly politically connected enough as was Sebelius. i went to school with girls that were Notre Dame material but because it was not co-ed they had to go tom St. Mary’s.

  13. Bachmann, the woman who pursued tax law because her husband told her to.

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