MSNBC Host: “Keep It Right Here On Morning Jew”

200px-Sigmund_Freud_LIFE220px-Mika_BrzezinskiWe have another addition to our series “Perils of the Press.” There are Freudian Slips and then there are Freudian falls from a high cliff. The later seems of a more apt description of MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski mistake this morning. After interviewing Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer, Brzezinski said “keep it right here on Morning Jew.”

I honestly hope that people are not too hard on Brzeninski. Such slips have happened to all of us and often tend to be funny, if somewhat embarrassing. When hosts like Brzeninski are juggling scripts and interviews, I am more surprised that such slips do not happen more often.

Freudian slips are actually called parapraxis and thought to be a mistake in speech that reflects some “dynamically repressed” thought. As a juris doctor, I would diagnosis a simple close pronunciation of “Joe” and “Jew” but then again I have so many Freudian slip and falls that I could keep an army of analysts busy for centuries. I once introduced a person who caught me at a speech with a long tirade against the legal system named Coring as “Mr. Boring.” To his credit, even he got a good laugh from that one as my face turned a bright red.

Do you have any good slips to confess?

163 thoughts on “MSNBC Host: “Keep It Right Here On Morning Jew””

  1. AustrianAssassin – I am calling you out on being anti-Semitic, because you are.

  2. Help. The Vortex of Doom has swallowed a reply to AustrianAssassin.

  3. Austrianassassin – anti-Semite works on those who are anti-Semitic. It is impossible to be anti-death since it is inevitable. Anti-war is just silly. People who are anti-war just give war-monger more room to move. Anti-suffering? Really, you are reaching. Suffering is what makes us stronger. FYI there are not enough Zionists for them to dominate the world. However, there are a couple of other organizations I do worry about. I am very concerned about ISIS and its brother/sister organizations. I am concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood.

    1. Squeeky – the way you pronounce ‘aunt’ dictates which part of the country you were in. The way I pronounce it shows that I spent time in MN.

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