Cat Scratch Singer

Submitted By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

cat-scratch-handIt is said the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. Here, the hand that scratches the kitty, is the hand that rocks the house.

For some cats, the scratch is a joy of no equal: music their only words.

Watch Tabby’s excellent rendition of what brings his joy. The pleasure is most certainly all his.

Video Below the fold…

By Darren Smith

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12 thoughts on “Cat Scratch Singer”

  1. Nice to start my day with a smile.
    (and thanks for the reminder of Nal and Find the kitteh. I miss them too)

  2. THAT is the best video of anything which I have seen in my life! And, I am a dog.

  3. For me, this post is a bit melancholy. Old timers remember a weekend blogger named “Nal.” Many Saturday mornings he had a continuing series “Find the Kitteh. The cat would be difficult to find in the photo. He allowed you to search, but always provided an “answer key” below the fold. They’re in the archives if you’re a cat lover. Nal would post serious items @ times but that was his signature on this blog. I only knew him for a little over a year, the old timers longer. Nal died suddenly last year. I miss his gentleness, as he was a true gentleman.

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