What Seems To Be The Problem, Officer?

1407331554000-pot-watermark1Justin Goodloe (right), 20, and Allen Thomas Barnes (left), 19, are probably not going to be top candidates for the next year’s draft picks for the Sinaloa Cartel. Barnes was driving a car in the early morning of July 24th when it was pulled over the police near a burglary scene — purportedly because of the lack of headlights. As police approached the vehicle, they saw a rather curious sight: a marijuana plant sticking out of the window of the vehicle.

1407341623001-goodloe-11407341623000-barnes According to police, Goodloe insisted that they had stolen the potted pot from a friend who owed him a $100 drug debt. That is a curious defense where you add theft to a possession charge.

The police appear not to buy the defense anyway. Both of the men were charged with manufacturing of marijuana.


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  1. Sometimes, when I reflect upon the enigmatic tragedy of human destructive violence, I ponder how much more destruction will be required before someone becomes sufficiently competent in theoretical and applied-theoretical biology to unriddle the relational structure of human biology with existential philosophy with the creativity of evolution and the evolution of creativity with the changing structure of human society and its effects on human brain function well enough to understand why humans so viciously and unconsciously hate themselves and project that hatred upon their environment…

    When nothing else works, is gobbledygook the first, not the last, resort?

  2. Thankfully we got these dangerous criminals off the streets, better people drink alcohol and get in fights, I guess. This is why I support the Marijuana Policy Project.

  3. Reminds me of an article I read a long while back about a mobile meth lab that caught fire in the backseat of a car while it was being driven down I-80 in IA. Smoke was pouring out the windows and thus quickly attracted the attention of the highway patrol.

  4. Anonymouly Yours


    I think corporate farms manufacture….

    Now this is a kinda funny story… There are people that stupid…
    T-baggier and T-baggier candidates are born every day … but most of them do not bloom so early.

    They wait until they are elected, usually, and can see, from their house, corporate farms manufacturing campaign money for them.

    They see everything from their house.

    It gotsta be incest doncha know?

    1. Dredd – those idiots driving the plant down the highway were not tea party members, they were probably good little progressives. And I am sure their heart-bleeding progressive parents will bail them out of jail and try to get them off with a minor slap on the wrist.

      You want everyone who does stupid things to be from the Tea Party, but clearly they are not. These stoners will never be members of the Tea Party. Your feeble attempts to connect criminals with the Tea Party is pathetic.

  5. Eric


    At a guess, cultivation is shoehorned into “manufacturing” in the statute.
    I hear that.

    Bill Drafters be shoehorny.

  6. Notice the use of “cult” in cultivating …

    An Oregon man was put in prison for collecting rainwater after he was given permits …. law enforcement has its cults.

    Some of it sounds litigious or relitigious to me.


  7. Well of course they were manufacturing marijuana, they were growing it the back seat of their car. Doesn’t everybody grow stuff in the backseat of their car? If these guys were growing weed in their backyard, there might be some question whether they were cultivating weed or if it was just wild weed.

    Cannabis Cultivation in Cars – Getting Started:

    When you’re rolling reefers while driving and you drop seeds on the floor, be sure to sprinkle some potting soil on the carpet and water until soil is saturated. Water everyday and leave windows cracked.

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