Baltimore Man Charged With Robbery Despite Being In Jail At Time Of The Crime . . . Prosecutor Still Insists on Trial and Judge Agrees

PrisonCellOne can certainly understand Tyree Threatt, 21, being confused. He was charged after a victim picked out his photo as the man who robbed her. However, the robbery occurred while Threatt was in jail on another robbery charge. Now here is the bizarre twist. Nicholas Cooksley, his public defender, showed the court the record proving that it was impossible for Threatt to have committed the crime. Indeed, what could be a better alibi than being in jail? Well, it was not good enough for the prosecutor who refused to drop the charge and insisted on a trial. Even more bizarre was the judge who agreed that a trial would be needed. The charges were only dropped after the media pressed the police, which eventually dropped the charges.

The case demonstrates, yet again, that witnesses are often mistaken despite the heavy reliance on such testimony by many jurors. A detective spotted Threatt in the area of the crime as someone who matched the victim’s description. He was arrested on armed robbery and using a firearm in a violent crime. Both charges carry a maximum 20-year prison sentence.

However, the real story is the initial position of the prosecutors and the ruling of the court. Exactly what is the trial supposed to show. Could a jury decide that Threatt could have been both in custody and miles away at the same time?

On June 27th (the day of the robbery), Threatt was being held on charges of second-degree assault and false imprisonment. While charges were dropped that day, Threatt was not released until June 28th.

There is no discussion of how the detective could have missed this obvious problem or any discussion of the position of prosecutor who was informed of the problem. Indeed, there is no mention of any investigation, let alone discipline, for the detective or the prosecutor for such negligence. There is also no mention of the name of the judge who agreed that a trial is warranted when the accused was locked away at the time of the crime.

Source: Baltimore Sun

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  1. Yeah sure right, resisting arrest. How many times have we heard that?

    How many times has a suspect been laying on the ground being beaten with his hands in cuffs and cops yelling “Quit resisting!” I don’t have anything against cops. My brother was a Milwaukee cop for 30 years, but let’s be real here.

    1. Annie – if you watch the tape, she was. She was clearly resisting and clearly kicked the officer in the leg (assaulting an officer). This was all because she thought she was too powerful and important to have to identify herself. In Arizona you have to identify yourself to the police if asked to.

  2. Darren, I think the alleged hit to the head may also play a significant role.

    That hit to the head may have left the officer dazed and confused. He may have incorrectly seen Brown as a threat even though Brown appears to have backed off.

  3. Annie, In the afternoon press conference I heard the Chief say that the officer was not engaging Brown because he thought he was a suspect in the robbery. But the description of the robbery suspect had been broadcast by dispatch. So, the officer probably knew about it.

    Maybe the initial reason the officer noticed the two men was because they were in the middle of the street, but I’d like to get the officers response as to whether or not he then recognized Brown as fitting the description.

    We might have to wait for the full investigation to complete.

  4. Even if the shooting officer had not known there had been a robbery just a few minutes prior, the suspect did and it is the case where suspects who have just committed violent felonies believe that they are about to be apprehended assault officers that might not have been aware otherwise of the crime.

    That does happen and there have been incidents in the past where officers have been killed under these circumstances.

    The after effects of this particular incident are going to be part of the shooting investigation and should be weighed after that time.

  5. Jack,
    In the press conference this afternoon, I believe the Chief said the PO was not there in response to a call about a robbery. Also that the PO was unaware of a robbery. I’m trying to find a video of the press conference of this afternoon.

  6. Annie, There was another press conference this afternoon, but I thought the information you were talking about was covered in the one from this morning.

  7. Jack, your video link was to the press conference this MORNING. Wasn’t there another press conference just shortly ago this afternoon? I think there were two press conferences today.

  8. Annie, The Chief was not very clear on the matter. He did say that the officer left the sick call and that the description of the suspect in the robbery was put out by dispatch. –Did the officer notice that Brown fit the description? I don’t know.

  9. Jack, didn’t the Chief say that the PO was NOT responding to a call about a strong arm robbery? I didn’t see the beginning of the press conference, but did see the last part, did I miss the part where the Chief said the PO WAS in the area in response to a report about a strong arm robbery?

  10. “Personally, I am going to wait for all the facts to come out before I judge.” – Squeeky

    You do that, Squeeky.

    Theft of cigars?

    Go directly to execution. Do not pass Go.

  11. In a press conference this morning, the Ferguson Police Chief identified the officer who shot Michael Brown to be Darren Wilson.

    The Chief also explained that Officer Wilson had received the call about the strong-arm robbery and had left a sick call to investigate.

    Surveillance video from the Fergusan Market shows brown in an altercation with a much smaller, older man at the Market.

    In a video posted August 10th on facebook, one of Brown’s friends implicates Brown in the robbery, even giving a description of what Brown was wearing.

    Here’s a link to the facebook page with the video: (the video has been published as public)

  12. Squeeky,
    I think we are all speculating here, one of the reasons I put a question mark on my last sentence. You are also speculating on a possible reason for Brown to have the tussle with the PO. I don’t see anyone coming to a conclusion here.

  13. “And thus Pot does in fact meet Kettle.” -John Oliver

    Only Pot dies
    at the hands of Kettle
    while Kettle continues to thrive.

    This case isn’t even close to “closed.”

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