The Return Of Baa: A Wayward Lamb Finds Its Way Home Over 700 Milies From Cape Cod To Northern Virginia

BaaWe often use these pages to discuss tragedies and disasters. So it is time to report a happy ending. Unbeknownst to most on this blog, a catastrophe occurred on the return from our family trip to Cape Cod. Upon our return to Virginia, Madie, my youngest learned that she had left “Baa” her lifelong lamb blankey at the hotel in Hyannis, Massachusetts. However, as it turned out, a rescue would be launched.

We were staying at the Hyannis Harbor Hotel and, despite not finding out until late on Thursday, I wrote to the hotel to ask if Baa might have been found. Then, on Friday morning (after a long, traumatic night), a response came in from manager Raymond J. Spirlet with the picture above.

I’m happy to report that Baa has been found and is safe and healthy – although a little traumatized from spending the night in the lost & found storage cabinet. I would be very happy to have her overnighted (at our expense) so she can be with Madie as soon as possible.

Mr. Spirlet was as good as his word and later that day we received the following note:

Baa is on her way home! She should be back by bedtime tomorrow. If you want to track her progress you can at Her tracking number is: [XXXX XXXX XXXX].

I know you missed her but we all enjoyed her company today in the office!

Well, Baa arrived this afternoon covered in protective paper and no worse for wear. Madie and Baa is now re-united and content in their bed.

Thank you Mr. Spirlet and thank you Hyannis Harbor Hotel for taking such an effort to help a little girl and such good care of a wayward lamb.

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  1. Happy for you all – especially Madie and Baa. I recall a similar saga, many years ago, when “Tickle Baby” was left behind by my little girl and they were eventually reunited. Fond memory.

  2. I have had some positive experiences such as this, with good hotels and staff. However I’ve had multiple experience in leaving something, calling 20 minutes after checking out, and never seeing it again.

  3. “This blog used to be about reasoned debate. It’s been hijacked by bigots, ideologues, and idiots. You know who you are.”

    Yep, and I wish we could do something about it.

    Besides the regulars it seems this blog is now monitored or reposted somewhere in Wackoooo Land. And the crazed flying monkeys start gathering.

    Long time follower now lurking about.

  4. awesome story as for a particular post im sure you know which one you fall under since you’re the one looking in the mirror everyday

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    Sometimes a little good news–especially mixed with a few chuckles–is good for the soul Read this from Johnathan Turley and smile.

  6. Very glad your daughter got her blankie back. That is an important part of childhood. On our last trip we left a jacket in our hotel room which somehow the staff never seemed to have found. Glad they found your daughter’s. Many happy sleepy nights to her. 🙂

  7. Glad theyre home safe and sound and how sweet the hotel went along with the idea of sweetness in their replies.

  8. What a happy story. I’m so happy Madie got her Baa back. And what wonderful customer service.

    Most people only comment on customer service when it is bad. It’s nice when someone takes the time to write about a job well done.

  9. I like hearing about a business that gladly gets something important to patrons done, especially with such personal interest. I’ll remember them should I be planning a stay in Hyannis.

  10. Glad little Madie got her Baa baaaaack. All’s well that ends well. My daughter, the attorney had a little stuffed dog that she sucked her thumb with, if Sleepy Doggy went missing we had a a few identical replacements. Found out the hard way one night when it was lost and we had a crying heartbroken little girl who wouldn’t suck her thumb or fall asleep without it.

    Steve, you are always a ray of sunshine.

  11. Well, this deserves an Irish Poem!

    Baa Relief???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a blankey named Baa,
    Who was loaded with je ne sais quoi.
    She got stuck on the Cape
    But she made her escape
    And her family shouted, “Hurrah!”

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  12. I’m sure Maddie is sleeping more soundly with Baa to snuggle.

    Most hotels/motels have a lost and found and will forward forgotten items if you ask for them. I’m not sure that a lost lamb showing up on your doorstep would make difficulties for your marriage, but sometimes hotels tend to use caution just in case that sexy underwear doesn’t belong to wife of the man who checked in.

    Nice try for a hijack, Steve. Geesh, be careful you don’t become what you accuse of.

  13. Come on, “Anonymous”, I’m waiting for you to change the subject to Ferguson, MO. (Not MS as you’ve posted.)

    Come on, Mespo, I’m waiting for you to blame the Republicans that you hate so much.

    And, Patriot, I’m waiting for you blame the Jews.

    This blog used to be about reasoned debate. It’s been hijacked by bigots, ideologues, and idiots. You know who you are.

  14. A heartfelt story. I always smile whenever I see a stuffed animal bring joy to a child’s heart.

    “A child, more than all other gifts that earth can offer to declining man, brings hope with it, and forward-looking thoughts.” –William Wordsworth, quoted by George Elliot in her novel, “Silas Marner” (1861)

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