Try Explaining This To Your Insurance Agent . . .

This Russian driver may have been prepared for any number of things but my guess is that an erupting geyser was not one of them.

What is always shocking to me is the sheer amount of water that a ruptured line can produce. Note how fast the road is inundated with water.

If you are feeling competitive, here is our own gusher from July in California near UCLA:

9 thoughts on “Try Explaining This To Your Insurance Agent . . .”

  1. It’s an act of defiance…. Putin will put it down with air strikes….

  2. I wonder if they have all the talk show hosts complaining about the age of the pipes. Like they did in L.A.

  3. @Paul C. Schulte “Why is her camera running all the time?”

    Dashboard mounted cameras are very common in Russia. It may have something to do with needing proof for everything amid rampant corruption.

  4. I liked the gypsy music that was playing in the backround. It was calm and soothing.

  5. Why is her camera running all the time? It is almost like she expect it to happen. She did not go through it. In fact she seems to have stopped in time and gone around. Maybe this is a usual occurrence there? Shouldn’t she have stopped and reported it? Checked for others who might have been injured?

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