iMurder: Florida College Student Convicted of Killing Roommate After Asking Siri Where To Bury The Body

1407928162027_wps_35_SiriOne of the first things that my kids did when I got my iPhone with Siri was to ask “how do I get rid of a body.” The question is such a favorite that Siri is programmed to answer. However, police allege that Pedro Bravo, 20, was serious when he asked Siri that question after kidnapping and strangling his friend Christian Aguilar (below), 18, in September 2012. The two were sharing a room at University of Florida. On the day that Aguilar died, police say that records show that Bravo asked “‘I need to hide my roommate.” Siri responded “What kind of place are you looking for? Swamps. Reservoirs. Metal foundries. Dumps.” Aguilar was later found in a shallow grave in a Levy County forest, about 60 miles southwest of Gainesville. The ultimate Generation Z murder case. Siri however was not indicted as an accessory before the fact.

1407925444564_wps_17_In_planning_the_murder_KrPolice say that the two men argued over Bravo’s ex-girlfriend, Erika Friman, before the disappearance. Friman dated Bravo before dating Aguilar. Police suggest that, after using Siri for advice on body disposal, Bravo used the phone to find a spot in the dark.Bravo’s iPhone also shows him using the phone’s flashlight function nine times from 11.31pm to 12.01am on the day that Bravo disappeared.

Police believe that Bravo drugged his roommate before strangling him in his SUV. Aguilar was last seen entering a Gainesville Best Buy with Bravo buying a Kanye West CD.

Bravo’s lawyers claimed that Aguilar was unbalanced and even suicidal. The jury did not buy it. Bravo was found guilty this week of first-degree murder, false imprisonment, poisoning, providing false information to law enforcement officers and other charges. Bravo refused to accept guilt after the verdict and said “It doesn’t matter what anyone says. I know in my heart what I did. I did not kill my friend.”

He was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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19 thoughts on “iMurder: Florida College Student Convicted of Killing Roommate After Asking Siri Where To Bury The Body”

  1. I never realized that Siri was so practical… This is incentive to leave ‘droid, and get an iPhone.

    Siri… do I need to wear a condom to have sex with my slain roommate?

  2. Obviously a very Siri ous matter. Ask Siri to talk dirty to you. That’s about the only question I’ve ever asked her.

    1. david – I hope for your sake that your worst fears do not come to fruition. 🙂 Good luck to your daughter.

    1. Nick – big mess up north. Nothing we haven’t lived with before. 🙂 We really need the rain. Screw the traffic.

  3. You have got to admit, if this is true, the kid is using the latest technology. Nothing old school here. However, since it is a favorite of Siri, how do they know the kid was serious this time and not kidding around like the bazillion other Siri users?

  4. Suspects are certainly good at creating a lot of evidence against them.

  5. Max-1,

    Reminds me of a Star Trek episode where they found a planet of Androids.

    The crew did the same thing to get the Androids into “an endless loop.”

  6. Well, this needs an Irish Poem!

    Siri -ously???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a helper named Siri.
    A computerized, digital dearie.
    But she had a wee flaw
    ‘Cause it seems Johnny Law
    Could access her records quite clearly!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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