“Sponsored by Bud Light and Somerset County Sheriff”: Maine Man Takes Mugshot Wearing Teeshirt With Image Of His Prior Mugshot

bobburtsmallApropos of our earlier discussion of celebrity mugshots with Gov. Rick Perry’s appearance in a Texas police station, Robert Burt has his own views on how to dress for your police portrait. If this mugshot of Robert Burt simply a bit surreal, it is because Burt was arrested wearing a teeshirt with his prior mugshot displayed on the front. He now has a great image for the back. Consider it a low-rent version of Norman Rockwell’s Triple Self-Portrait technique.

Burt was arrested for DUI and and driving without a license in Pittsfield, Maine. Two hours after pleading guilty to the drunk driving count, Burt sent out a Facebook announcement that he was starting his two-day jail sentence: “Going to do my 48 hours whoo.”

bobburtoldApparently, a co-worker at the Pittsfield restaurant were he works made the t-shirt for him after a mid-June arrest. For his repeat appearance, Burt wore the prior mugshot with a caption of “Burt Family Reunion 8/8-8/10/2014” and “sponsored by Bud Light and Somerset County Sheriff.” The bit about a family reunion is an apparent reference to an incarcerated Burt relative.

Burt said that the jailers wanted him to take the photo to capture the shirt and that “They laughed there asses off haha.”

He later proclaimed “I’m out bitchs” with “Probably the best mug shot ever haha.” Well, that is certainly something, Robert, not much mind you but something.

Source: Smoking Gun

18 thoughts on ““Sponsored by Bud Light and Somerset County Sheriff”: Maine Man Takes Mugshot Wearing Teeshirt With Image Of His Prior Mugshot”

  1. It started as a push back during to RWR administration…. Every time a politician says states rights art X, I cringe because I know someone’s about to get it without Vaseline…..

    People have no idea of how much the Feds intrude on everyday life…. If you live within 100 miles of the border… HSA can just walk in your home with or without a warrant…..

  2. AY,
    I won’t speak for Rover, but I certainly want the Fed out of the business of state governance.

    In the meantime, I believe Rover would benefit more by sticking around and learning from the many intelligent and tolerant folks here.

  3. Rover,

    Unless you’re for the Feds regulating everything…. Even though they try there damnest….. States have certain rights and that’s how to classify crimes as well as punishment….. Driving is a right still regulated to the states….punishment is still left to the states….

    The one that chaps me is the marijuana laws…. The state can agree to dismiss the charges…. But if a gun is involved…. Then the Feds can pick up that gun charge, even though it arose out of the same transaction or occurrence….. That’s BS to me….

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, although divorce is still a state issue…. Bring a child into the picture and the Feds have An automatic right to jump in under the child support act….

    Learn a little more and come back rover…

  4. Nick,
    I don’t read these stories in a vacuum. The theme I get from this entire blog is the decline of the American culture. What’s different here than in other outlets is I get to see how the legal profession is woven into the fabric of that culture.

    A drunk in Maine is a drunk in Texas; those are the facts. Unfortunately, facts aren’t of much use when we have a culture without moral absolutes and where the rule of law is constantly ‘under construction’. Frederic Bastiat had it right:

    “No society can exist unless the laws are respected to a certain degree. The safest way to make laws respected is to make them respectable. When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law. These two evils are of equal consequence, and it would be difficult for a person to choose between them.”

  5. John, I made it a point to call this guy “white trash” to see if there would be any indignation. It took almost 6 hours for someone to take note.

  6. Kind of sad statement on our culture. We have this character at one end of the socio-economic ladder being the butt of everyone’s jokes but move him 1500 miles southwest and into a position of power and all of a sudden he’d have an army of supporters.

    I like his sense of humor and at least he wasn’t demanding special treatment.

  7. Definitely a bit of recursion

    I’ll bet as a child going to the carnival his favorite was the House of Mirrors.

  8. Great sense of humor but I hope he grows up and shows better judgement so he doesn’t get another mug shot showing the other 2.

  9. Burt should hook up with Justin Bieber and sell mugshot T-shirts. I prefer pocket T-shirts. The fans will buy them.

  10. I have always been offended by the fact that you have to hold up your own booking number. They want the photo, shouldn’t they be doing the work?

  11. It shows a sense of humor about a life that is not going anywhere. The cops liked it and laughed, what is with the rest of you?

  12. First, it’s Maine which will go toe to toe w/ any state in a white trash contest. Secondly, we have discussed here previously those websites that publish booking photos and require you to pay a stipend to have them removed. I think this guy is not their target market. He would pay to have it stay on the website.

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