Police: Alleged Murderer Of Pregnant Woman In California Searched Computer For Ways To Dispose Of A Body

bildeWe just discussed the Generation Z murder where a college student was convicted of murder in part on evidence that he asked Siri on his iPhone for suggestions on how to dispose of a body. Now the same type of evidence is being raised in the case against Christopher Lee, 24, in California in the alleged murder of his lover. Lee reportedly admitted to doing internet searches on the same question and a witness said that he was also asked by Lee about “what was the best way to dispose of a human body.”

erinThe body of 19-year-old Erin Corwin was found at the bottom of a 140-mine shaft by a special mine shaft search team. They also recovered .22 caliber casings at the scene that reportedly matched casings found in Lee’s vehicle and home. Lee was arrested in Anchorage, Alaska the day after the discovery.

Lee was honorably discharged after seven years in the Marine Corps and then moved his family to Alaska.

920x680A witness said that Corwin and Lee were having an affair — unbeknownst to Corwin’s husband Marine Cpl. Jonathan Corwin. She was also carrying a child and the father was believed to be Lee. A friend told police that Lee was afraid that his wife might divorce him and he would lose access or custody to his child.

Corwin told her husband that she was going to look for hiking trials that she could explore with her mother days later.

The use of the Internet by criminal suspects is now a routine element in prosecutions. It is curious that many people do not realize that these records exist, though the record from the Siri inquiries in the earlier case (as well as the use of the spotlight function) was surprising to many. Of course, if the police account is correct, Lee not only asked an acquaintance the same question but left shells at the scene and in his vehicle and apartment. That does not suggest a particularly sophisticated felon or a lot of room for a serious defense unless counsel can keep some of this evidence out of court.

Source: SFGate

11 thoughts on “Police: Alleged Murderer Of Pregnant Woman In California Searched Computer For Ways To Dispose Of A Body”

  1. Asking Siri about what to do with a body was all over the internet….she just had funny responses…
    Hopefully THAT wasn’t held against a suspect…

  2. Could have saved himself some time by watching a few episodes of Breaking Bad… that stuff really works!

  3. No wonder the number of young people getting married has declined so precipitously.

  4. Thankfully you don’t have to prove a defendant is smart, just that he’s guilty.

  5. The victim wasn ‘t no rocket scientist either. She tells her married boyfriend, ” I ‘m pregnant!” and he says, “Oh, let’s go on a hike in the deep woods!” Sheeesh, didn ‘t this chick ever watch the Lifetime Movie Channel???”

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  6. Probably leaves criminal lawyers and the Courthouse Gang more time to spend crafting the appropriate bribery scheme…

  7. One of the nice things about Arizona is you never have to make the awkward Internet searches. We have lots of empty desert.

  8. Stupid is as stupid does, there are a wealth of tools online to allow you to do stuff anonymously without leaving a trace. Thankfully your average criminal is too stupid and does not plan well enough to take advantage of them.

    Now not only do you have to toss the gun in the River, you need to toss your laptop and cell phone too (even though the records will still exist online).

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