New Jersey Man Found Guilty Of Shooting Family Dog With Arrow

43b732a544a7d98125536ef314f1b5beDavid Moors, 39, of Beachwood, N.J. has been found guilt of felony aggravated cruelty to animals after he shot and killed a family dog named “Clara” with a bow and arrow — allegedly in front of a little girl from the dog’s family. Moors opted for a non-jury trial, but it did not help. County Judge Donald A. Williams called the act a “reprehensible” crime done with intent and “without justification.” He faces a maximum sentence of up to two years.

The killing occurred in a residential neighborhood when Moors was deer hunting on his sister’s property. Clara was let out when Chris Palinka was cutting wood and asked one of his kids to go inside and retrieve his gloves. Clara ran out and the family says that their 8-year-old daughter witnessed the killing and is haunted by the tragedy. Clara, a shepherd-terrier mix, was a 2 1/2 years old when she was killed.

Moors was also originally charged with hunting deer with bait but that charge was dropped.

In court, Moors claimed that he thought “Clara” was feral and that he was therefore justified in killing her. However, the family said that Clara was only outside for nine minutes when Moors killed her and that when he argued with her owners after the killing he insisted that the dog was killed as a trespasser on his sister’s property and “shouldn’t be running loose.”

The Court rejected the feral claim and said that it “has an unwavering belief that the intentional act of killing a dog in the manner that this death occurred, without justification, is reprehensible.”

Source: Daily Freeman

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  1. Outrageous. There is a huge correlation between people who abuse animals and child abuse/spousal abuse.

  2. Nick …. you said There’s too much horror human children suffer every day.

    We really don’t differ, when you get right down to it. I AGREE with you vis a vis children and the suffering they endure. I’ve seen some of the worst imaginable long ago. I alluded to that with my $60 child comment. I also know, with certainty, that adults who abuse animals are very likely to abuse children. My view point, since this punk got 2 years, is that is two years he won’t molest a child or kill another dog. I only wish you could sentence for potential….then it might be 25 years.

  3. Rafflaw and Schulte … I’d be the first to agree that the penalties for animal abuse are too lenient. The penalties for poaching are similarly too soft. Anyone who can abuse an animal can abuse a human. I’d suggest Temple Grandin’s books for anyone who wants to understand even simple livestock. In some places in the world, animals are more valuable than children in terms of livelihood. I’ve been there, seen a $60 child die and a $600 buffalo/oxen die. I can only imagine the pain and loss felt by this dog’s family. There’d be no price on it. None.

    When I had an enemy that I knew, at the same time I understood that enemy and why they fought me, and tried whenever I could to ameliorate that hatred. I understood they knew I, and my kind, would be leaving one day, so they kept allegiance to who they knew who still be there. We still seem to not “get” this phenomena, and frankly, I do not know the answer. I know what it takes to gain trust, learn a language, adapt to an environment and culture…but I never knew how to explain, that, yes, I was going to leave one day. However, I never ever lost my sense of the value of life, mine or anyone’s, human or animal.

  4. Aridog, Ironic we posted quite different takes @ the same time. I respect your philosophy. I’ll stick w/ mine. Life experiences are what shape our world.

  5. I love all animals. I have had cats and dogs as pets most of my life. That said, our culture is too gaga over stuff like this. There’s too much horror human children suffer every day. All resources are limited, including compassion. I reserve e most of mine for abused kids.

  6. I cannot comment on this, except to say that if I’d been there and seen this fool shoot a small terrier with an arrow, what I would do is very much against the law. I’ve been in a “boundary dispute” when my son in law was hunting, on public land, and was approached by someone, with a drawn and aimed .44 Magnum revolver, whose land abutted the public land and felt he therefore controlled it for his blind and feed pile (punks use feed piles) which was on the public land. It took incredible will not to go after the guy since that son in law is likely the most peaceful and capable hunter anyone could find. I ceased hunting in 1972 upon my return from far away…only two legged game interested me by then and that was insane. I kept my sanity, while understanding those that still hunted weren’t the enemy. A guy like this….words fail me. I’ve raised dogs and horses most of my life and I cannot understand how any sentient person could just kill one for the heck of it…fact is I have loved more Trakehner & Quarter Horses horses and German Shepherd Dogs, both east and west types, than humans. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with me.

    1. Aridog – Audie Murphy had the same problem you had. However, he said deer hunting kept him sane.

  7. Two years is not enough for this character. He should be doing serious time. The laws on animal cruelty need to be reviewed, especially in light of past murderers who started out killing animals.

    1. rafflaw – if the law would accept the idea that pets (esp. dogs) are the children of many couple and the best friend of many children, then the sentencing guidelines could be changed.

  8. I agree about checking the man’s basement for bodies. People who like to kill dogs and torture cats usually have something wrong with them. The idiot was probably frustrated at not getting any deer so he decided to kill a dog. Hang him high!

  9. This man is some kind of monster. I can’t help but also feel a question as to how this would play if he had been a LEO.

    That said, with the topic change- unarmed does not mean dangerous!

    We see the FBI crime stats shows 726 people killed with “personable objects (hands, fists, feet, etc)”.

    Your body is a deadly weapon. Be aware of this.

    There is this account out of Lakewood, CA:

    Unarmed doesn’t mean harmless…

  10. A couple years in jail is a good idea. Personally, I’d opt for time in jail, but much better than him getting off b/c he was afraid of death or serious personal injury.

  11. Nooooooo! Clara looks like a sweet dog. Look at those kind eyes. And if she’s a terrier, she’d have a strong independent streak, too.

    Purposely killing pets is one of the early signs of a psychopath. There has to be something wrong with this man to purposely kill a pet dog, and right in front of a little girl, too.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like the dog went next door to the sister’s property when she was shot. There has been no evidence that she showed aggression towards the man (and, frankly, he’s not much of a man if he has to kill a tiny dog in self defense).

    I don’t know the size of the property, but I wouldn’t be too happy about anyone hunting next door to my home. Too easy for an arrow to go astray in the hands of a poorly trained hunter. I wonder what the law is in that area.

    Some members of my family are quite successful hunters. At least one feeds his family almost exclusively from his game, turkey shoots, fishing, and organic garden. The meat is so much healthier, including higher in Omega 3’s, and the animal has a much better life – no feed lot, no inflammatory grain finishing, and no trip through a slaughter house. But I much prefer hunting to be in open space and not a residential area.

    But I’m not familiar with NJ. Maybe these are 100 acre properties and “next door” doesn’t mean what I infer it to mean.

    And may I add that anyone who kills a dog on purpose, when he was in no danger, is reprehensible. I hope he serves his mere 2 years among a bunch of dog lovers in prison.

  12. issac, Neither were Michael Brown, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant Eric Garner, Amadou Diallo, John Crawford, Ezell Ford, Dante Parker, Kimani Gray, Kendrec McDade, Timothy Russell, Ervin Jefferson, Patrick Dorismond, Ouxmane Zongo, Timothy Stansbury Jr., Orlando Barlow, Aaron Campbell, Victor Steen, Steven Eugene Washington, Alonzo Ashley, Wendell Allen, Ronald Madison, James Brissette, Travares McGill, Ramarley Graham, and many others. Each of those listed was unarmed and killed by a cop.

  13. Unfortunately, yes, if he had a badge he would have escaped justice. To that, we can only guess how our world would be if the attitude of, ‘It/he/she was on my property and I was concerned/afraid/felt justified, so I killed it/he/she.’ allowed anybody and everybody to kill like that. Oh, wait, what about Trayvon Martin? Oh, yeah, he wasn’t a dog.

  14. This is not as bad as the case in Maine where a “hunter” shot and killed a woman who was on her property hanging out her laundry to dry. The guy was found not guilty of anything.

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