Progressive Map Shows Cigarette Sales From 1970 to 2012

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 7.33.06 AMScreen Shot 2014-09-08 at 7.33.10 AMI just saw a fascinating gif map on Reddit showing the change of cigarette purchases from the 1970s to 2012. Given the decision by CVS to stop selling tobacco products, this is an interesting perspective on the social trend.

I thought that you might be interested so here is the link: Map

It is a hopeful sign though there is an interesting backslide recently. I continue to be surprised and disappointed in seeing young people smoke. My family in Chicago has a number of smokers, including among my nephews and nieces. It is particularly surprising given the extremely high price of packs today. That of course is the value of an addictive product.

The trend nationally is more promising than the results in my family. Traditional tobacco sales are down roughly 30 percent but E-cig sales are climbing by an impressive 25 percent annually.

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  1. 90,000 go to emergency rooms per year due to using PSYCH DRUGS, happypappies!!!! Yes, so YOU get real. That’s HUGE! Source CCHR. Check it out. They do good research.

  2. The young never think cancer, wrinkles, or COPD will happen to them. I’ve lost people to cancer, had some blessed with remission, and I have asthma myself. When I see a young person smoking, I have an urge to shake them ’til their teeth clack, for deliberately ingesting something carcinogenic that will destroy their wind. I would give a lot for my asthma to disappear, and yet they smoke something that will put them on a one-way COPD street.

    My son was shocked when he saw someone with an open hole in his throat for the first time at the store. The poor man smiled at him, to reassure him, but my 4 year old’s frightened face was an open book. He knew enough not to ask me about it until we were outside, though, and tried not to stare. But he urgently wanted to know how such an injury could happen. I told him smoking causes it most often, and he’s sworn never to try it. I hope he sticks with that promise.

    Aridog – stay strong. I wish you well and a complete recovery. Someone in my family is just starting her battle with cancer. I hate that word and what it stands for. But “full remission” is such a lovely phrase and goal.

  3. No explicit crap.
    Just some nasty looks from some in restaurants, like I am getting away with something they tried so hard to outlaw.

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