Study: Teenagers Who Smoke Marijuana Daily Are 60 Percent Less Likely To Complete High School; 60 Percent Less Likely To Graduate College, and 700 Times More Likely To Commit Suicide

marijuana_leafThere is a startling study out that shows that teenagers who smoke marijuana daily are over 60 percent less likely to complete high school and 60 percent less likely to graduate college. Even more startling is that these students are seven times more likely to attempt suicide. The study is published in the respected medical journal, The Lancet Psychiatry.

The study looked at 3,725 students from Australian and New Zealand until they reached the age of 30. They found “clear and consistent associations between frequency of cannabis use during adolescence and most young adult outcomes investigated, even after controlling for 53 potential confounding factors including age, sex, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, use of other drugs, and mental illness.”

While I expect this study will be cited in the ongoing debate over legalization, it is worth noting that this involves student who use marijuana daily, which is an extremely high rate of use for most students. That level of drug use seems to me to reflect other problems that likely preexisted in the lives of the students or an environment that is not optimal. The data suggests that if a student uses cannabis less than monthly, he or she would have slightly lower odds of graduating high school or getting a college degree, compared to a person who doesn’t use at all. Other aspects are entirely unsurprising like the fact that even a monthly user has a four time greater likelihood of developing addiction to cannabis than someone who does not use it at all.

Then there is the interesting aspect of the drug being illegal. Since it is illegal, the authors of the study suggest that kids who use the drug are cross critical lines in violating the law — and associating with others who do so.

Source: Washington Post

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  1. @leej

    Yes, that’s what I meant to say, “I don’t discount people’s pain. ”

    On the report, I am not sure who or what is behind it. The numbers seem way too large. This would not be the first report where somebody had ulterior motives. IMO.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Squeeky the numbers seem to large to you because you , and way too many others, do not understand chronic pain or all the illnesses where it is a main or sole complaint.

      1. leejcaroll – 100 million chronic pain sufferers is an ESTIMATE, not a hard number.

  2. @leej

    I discount people’s pain. I was in a lot of it myself earlier in the year. But I don’t think there are anywhere like 100 million chronic pain sufferers in the U.S. That sounds like a Big Pharma study.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Hopefully you meant you don’t discount pain. And look at who did the report. It was not Pharma

  3. Let them eat pot brownies. Not pot girl scouts. But no one should smoke. Tobacco or weed. Dumb as dirt.

  4. (and sorry to not have added I am sorry you too are in pain. Because it is invisible it is way too easy for people like squeaky to just discount it.)

  5. Paul your doctor can write for as little as he wants. It is just now, well once it is reschedules this October, he cannot write for more then 90 days as opposed to 180. Your doc evidently does not feel comfortable giving patients more then 30 days.

  6. Paul, I rarely take pain meds. I have rheumatoid arthritis as well as osteo arthritis in my knees and spine and a bit in my hands. I also have Spinal Stenosis that flares up with activity, when I get flares ( which are debilitating) I absolutely take pain meds. I take a great deal of antiinflammatories daily and if I didn’t I wouldn be able to walk, even around my house, or use my hands. I’m never without low grade pain and I do actually power through that. Anyone who can take walks daily does not have severe issues with their back, because if they did, that daily walk would NOT happen.

  7. Some people are HUGE fakers and ARE pot heads. I have pages and pages of MRIs and other tests to prove where my pain comes from. I have never ever had any trouble with any doctor prescribing medication after they’ve seen my diagnostic tests. Some here purport to be human, I doubt it. Maxcat, please contact me before giving out any personal information to anyone here. Again, I am urging caution.

  8. Paul, Anyone who has chronic pain can empathize. I was mocked for using cannabis by a person here who purports to be in pain. You and everyone else, even Gene the former GBer who despises me, expressed empathy when I was going through a bad spell. But, this one person has mocked me several times calling me a “pot head.” It is a cold and angry person who would do that. That was when I put her on the Ignore List. I knew there was nothing there worth even acknowledging. She’s reportedly a caregiver of some sort. I’ve seen a lot in my life, but that was some cold sh!t!! We live and learn.

    1. Nick – I cannot image someone with a degree in the medical field not be empathetic, but it takes all kinds. I am sure Annie with her MSN has been most supportive.

  9. That’s interesting Paul, yet a while back you told me to just “power through my pain”. Maxcat and LeeJ, there are those who talk the talk, bu don’t walk the walk. When it comes time to really show real empathy they fall flat.

    1. annie – I do power thru my pain. It is only when it gets so bad that I cannot operate at all that I take medication. We all have different tolerances for pain.

  10. @LeeJ

    I don’t believe the 100 million number either. That is about 1 in 3 people, and who knows how they are counting people. I know a lot of people, and 1 in 3 are NOT suffering from chronic pain. I wish it was possible to see who is making money off peddling this nonsense.

    All of which has squat to do with legalizing pot, or pot’s effects on kids.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  11. Debbie Wiser Williams – I cannot believe you don’t know how to read. I used the word OR to separate the clauses, meaning that one or another may be the case, not that all are the case simultaneously. (That’s what OR means, as opposed to AND). I also used the term “socially and culturally impoverished”, which you interpreted as “economically impoverished”. Unbelievable.

  12. Maxcat, because I’m very fond of you and we have some things in common, I’m going to publish one of my emails here, please contact me. LeeJ is a saintly person. Feel free to email me too LeeJ.

  13. Nick, nope no horns, not for a liberal. we are a nice bunch, caring and concerned about our brethren. ((*_*))
    Youre welcome and thanks. Hope its a good read for you.

  14. Darren, I consider medical cannabis an RX med. Now, in Ca. the RX is good for a year. I don’t think EBT cards should be used for cannabis and I’m a big proponent of medical and legal cannabis.

  15. David Blaze, Breitbart, newsmax drudge are known to be biased to the right. You may be the only one who doesn’t know this.
    When I looked there was nothing from the NYT or atlantic constitution (with which I am not familiar)

    1. leejcaroll – Drudgereport is a new aggreggator. He does report breaking news though. Studies have shown his sources to be taken from both sides.

    2. leejcaroll wrote: “David Blaze, Breitbart, newsmax drudge are known to be biased to the right. You may be the only one who doesn’t know this.”

      Of course they are biased to the right, but that does not mean they are untrustworthy. They are certainly more trustworthy than the New York Times! Just last week the New York Times was lying, claiming that the Koch Brothers wanting to tax solar panels. Can you believe that?

      There is a lot of news picked up by news sources that lean right which are completely ignored by the left wing sites. That is one reason to read both.

  16. leej, I was amazed you didn’t have horns like that meth dealer killer on trial in Massachusetts. Thanks again for the book. I’m about 1/3 through it and it makes me like you even more.

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