Report: NFL Knew In April of Video After Law Enforcement Officer Sent Copy To NFL Official

ray-rice-punch-ap_296The scandal surrounding former Ravens running back Ray Rice has continued to deepen this week after his release by the Ravens for punching his now-wife in the face in an infamous elevator video. First, a longer version of the video was released. Then, the Associated Press has reported that not only was a league executive shown the video in April (long before what the NFL claimed in the wake of the scandal) but that the video was sent by a law enforcement official.

The AP says that a “law enforcement official” had a short voice mail on April 9th from a NFL official thanking him for a copy of the video and she notes on the recorded message that “You’re right. It’s terrible.”

250px-RayRice27That message would certainly suggest that the denial of knowledge before last Monday is questionable and adds to the controversy over the response of the NFL and Roger Goodell. However, I am more concerned about a law enforcement officer leaking a video to a private party anonymously. Since when does law enforcement collect evidence and then, in a non-public way, throw the evidence over a transom. There has been a long complaint over such leaks from the FBI and other law enforcement agencies designed to punish or pressure individuals.

The NFL announced that former FBI Director Robert Mueller will lead an independent inquiry into the league’s investigation. However, there has been no discussion about the authority or propriety of a law enforcement agent leaking this type of evidence. According to the AP, the officer insisted on anonymity and played the recording. Thus, you have a law enforcement officer who sends evidence to a private party and then gives a recording of that party to the press. It is all clearly calculated to punish Rice, the Ravens and/or the NFL.

I respect the AP’s work on this story, which is terrific. I also believe in the protection of such sources. However, there are legitimate concerns about what law enforcement office was responsible for leaking evidence against an individual for such purposes. There is no indication that the video was sent as part of a criminal investigation or why the NFL would be included in such a distribution. Indeed, it is not clear what office of law enforcement was involved. We do know that the Atlantic City police had reviewed surveillance footage in its investigation.

In the meantime, Atlantic County Prosecutor James McClain has denied special treatment for Rice who was able to enroll in a special treatment program despite his knocking his future wife unconscious and dragging her out of the elevator. As a first offender, he was given the alternative to jail — the same opportunity that other defendants have been accorded.

Source: CNN

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  1. PCS,

    About ReThink911

    ReThink911 is a global public awareness campaign launched on September 1, 2013 to educate the public and galvanize support for a new investigation into the events of September 11, 2001. Led by the group Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and supported by a coalition of organizations, ReThink911 raises public awareness by introducing viewers to the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 and informing the public that over 2,000 architects and engineers have signed a petition calling for a new investigation into the destruction of Building 7 and the Twin Towers.

    In September 2013, the ReThink911 campaign ran ads in 12 cities ads posing the simple question, “Did you know a 3rd tower fell on 9/11?” in reference to World Trade Center Building 7.

    1. John – there is a big difference between asking for a new investigation and saying it is a ‘controlled demolition.’

  2. Eric – thanks!

    Nick – I am so curious if this happened in a closed record state. If it was open record like in WI, then there would be no problem with the cop releasing the video, right?

    Here in CA, it’s really common for such videos or other evidence about celebrities to be leaked. That’s how Mel Gibson got in such hot water over his anti-semitic rant.

  3. Lesson Learned: No athlete is more important than the game they play.

    Goodell’s and thereby the NFL’s attempt to ignore, if not hide, the facts of Rice’s criminal behavior for the good of the game will cost Goodell his job and reputation, and the NFL growing discredit.

  4. Annie – yup you are right on with your partial story. Not that I lived the other half, but a significant part of it. Back in 1976 I was intimidated for years, into remaining with an abusive Spouse and mother of my two children because the B@st@rds running the Family Court would virtually NEVER fail to give – only to the mothers, custody of children under 12 years old, when they could at last decide who to be with themselves.
    Many youngsters and infants have died at the hands of these B@st@rd Judges whom, I would be dancing around the fire should they ever be so justly, burned at the stake*!*

  5. John – I can partially buy into everything you say but 9/11. Would like to see those 2200 architects and engineers who say ‘controlled demolition.’

    (Yes I am, shouting it from the rooftop)……..:-)


    Police let him off with diversion.

    NFL and Goodell had all the evidence and knew everything.

    NFL minimizes publicity and imposes a laughable 2-game suspension for public consumption.

    Goodell’s knowledge is exposed causing a huge PR problem

    Mueller is brought in to WHITEWASH the situation.

    The scapegoat will be whoever “received” the entire video at the NFL and did not “distribute” it to Goodell.

    Oops! The video got lost in the mail room.

    Stuff happens. Pay for a global class WHITEWASH and move on.

    PR pays “real good” (indirectly) these days.

    Warren Report
    MLK Shot By James Earl Ray (except shot came from high shrub area)
    RFK Shot By Sirhan Sirhan a Mob track worker (except the gun was fired 2″ from ear @ rear)
    Gulf of Tonkin
    Pearl Harbor
    Flight 800 (no “spontaneous” fuel tank explosions before or since)
    9/11 (2200 architects/engineers say “controlled demolition”)

  8. Eric, i suspect many of these women who stay in abusive relationships don’t have strong support systems in family and friends. One of the reasons abusers seem to try to isolate their victims. I think it must take a great deal of inner strength to leave such a relationship after many years in, once the woman has already been beaten down physically and emotionally and has children. I would think that having children would be the impetus needed to leave, to protect their children. I have volunteered at a womans shelter in my county and it’s frustrating and heartbreaking to see some of them return to their abusers. I’ve always told my daughters that I would never stand by and watch any one of them stay in such a relationship. Thankfully they all married well! I won’t have to go to jail for shooting my son in law, lol. I also taught my son that it was the height of cowardice to hit a woman, even if she has hit you first. As other’s have said, remove oneself, leave and never go back, but to hit back a woman who is a flyweight, nah that’s cowardly.

    1. annie – all good feminists should stand for allowing men to hit women if they are hit first. To give women a break is sexist. I got backhanded in the chest by a woman who weighed about 110 (also a MSN BTW) and she damn near cracked a couple of ribs. I was bruised for weeks. It is not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog.

  9. @Paul C. Schulte: ‘I am wondering what kind of due process he got.’

    Well I am not sure. And one of my first remarks was that as a celebrity he will likely be held to a different standard.

    But my concern is that many seem to make the assumption that to protect victims we ought to do what ever we can to punish abusers – as though that would some how make it better for the victims.

    As you may realize I am not such a big fan of punishment. I am far more interested in protection and getting on to a better future.

    As I have tried to indicate, urging employers to further punish abusers by firing them is likely not in the interest of the victims or their families.

    We should want to take what ever steps we can – not to further isolate the abuser – but to get them further involved with society, their community and providing support for their spouse and their family. It is much harder for the abuser to take the necessary steps to change and support their family if they are unemployed.

    It may be satisfying to get the abuser fired and ostracized in other ways. But trying to drum up additional punishment outside the judicial system for abusers by having employers fire them takes the abuser and their family in the wrong direction and makes it more difficult for them to move on to a better and more stable, violence free life.

  10. DBQ, Those controlling type men are dangerous. Wise choice. Controlling women just make a man miserable his entire life.

  11. Good rule. I wasn’t in a physically abusive relationship. Mentally abusive and more and more controlling. Trying to tell me what to do, where to go and who to be friends with. Gradually tightening the noose. Oh…. Really?!? I could see that it was a losing proposition and cut my losses sooner than later, before there became anything physical. Not going to put up with that kind of nonsense.

    This is why I have zero respect for Hillary. She enables and puts up with bad actions so as to not harm her own grasping for power. No respect.

  12. DBQ, The rule is quite simple. I taught it to my daughter. The first time a man hits you is the last time you see him. Thankfully, she always chose wisely and has a wonderful husband. I thank God for both our children’s choices w/ mates.

  13. “Is it ever right for a man to hit a women who is his fiancé so hard she is knocked out?”

    It is wrong…..under most circumstances. The man is ‘usually’ bigger and stronger than the woman and ‘usually’ can diffuse a violent situation without resorting to brute force or hitting. You can also just leave. Walk away.

    Men AND women should be able to control their tempers and not be hitting each other under ANY circumstances. Rice’s fiance was [it appears in the video] the aggressor. She, likely, was under the impression that she was invulnerable because she is a woman. Not so ladies. Do not assume you are protected. It still doesn’t make it right for him to have cold cocked her, but be aware that you shouldn’t start a fight your a$$ can’t finish.

    When would it be right to knock out a woman. If she is armed (knife, gun, club etc). Going to really harm the man. Not just hurt his ego or give a few slaps. Self protection: all is fair. Just because it is a woman being the aggressor doesn’t mean that there isn’t danger to the man.

    I don’t get staying in an abusive relationship. I left one many many years ago when it became apparent that the pattern was going to lead to a place that I didn’t want to go. However…….as shown in some of the above comments. Men and women often make bad choices and often make the same bad choices over and over again. It isn’t any of my business, unless it is a family member or very very close friend.

  14. @NickS

    No, I have a little friend named “Rossi”, who is a 5 shot 38 that I carry everywhere with me. I read somewhere that 357s and 38s could use the same bullets so I tried loading him with .357 hollow points, but the little round thingie won’t close and you can’t hardly get the shells out. Heck, you can’t hardly even get them in.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  15. Squeeky kicking ass! Now, that’s a REAL woman. You mean you don’t need paternal men protecting you????

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