Michigan Woman Steals $600 of Merchandize And Then Leads Police On A Very Very Slow Cart Chase

shirleymaemasonShirley Mae Mason, 46, is certainly not the first shoplifter faced by Walmart but she may be the first to use a Walmart motorized wheelchair for her getaway. The amazing thing is that Mason got two miles before police caught up with her.

She explained that she was unable to get a ride to the store. The problem is that the theft of the cart added $1200 to the six bags of stolen clothing for the criminal charges.

It is not clear if the Michigan police were forced to use a puncture strip or road block to stop Mason.

13 thoughts on “Michigan Woman Steals $600 of Merchandize And Then Leads Police On A Very Very Slow Cart Chase”

  1. Conspicuous by its absence is any commentary from you with regard to Amazon caving to Jewish Power in America by “disappearing” Holocaust Revision books and authors.

  2. This slow speed chase perp can’t afford the entire O.J. legal team, but there’s always Legal “Zoom” (pun intended).

    1. Charlie – I had the impression that Legal Zoom just did civil law. Have they branched out. Jodi Arias needs help.

  3. Well, this presents a chance for a punny Irish Poem:

    Once, A Pun A Crime???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    The officer wasn’t too smart
    In reporting the theft from Wal Mart.
    On line number ten,
    The cop, he put in
    “The perp left the scene ala carte. . .

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  4. The verdict, a wheel chair race, then some community service. Winner takes all. Something like this Benny Hill video.

  5. Has society in the United States of America evolved so far that some people are finding their only practicable alternative to suicide by social neglect to be the (unconsciously driven?) committing of some really ludicrous criminal act in order to find food and shelter in jail or in prison, for lack of achievable access to a less bonkers alternative?

    What if adversarial law and jurisprudence turns out to be a useful model of a paradigm for human addiction to unbounded destructiveness?

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