Washington Prosecutor Resigns After Photo In Bikini Found In Prisoner’s Cell

3989988_GMatthew-Baumrucker-and-Marriya-WrightWashington state prosecutor Marriya Wright has resigned from her $83,000-a-year job after a photograph of her in a bikini was found in the cell of Matthew Baumrucker, a prisoner who supports a forehead tattoo reading “criminal.” Officials later found that she had texted or called Baumrucker over 1,200 times during a period of a little over one month.

Wright, 34, is now suspected of helping Baumrucker avoid being taken into Spokane County custody on a warrant in a felony drug case. Police were investigating an assault case and serving a warrant in the drug case when a witness said that Baumrucker had spoken with a woman named Marriya in a car at a gas station. The witness recounted how the woman allegedly told Baumrucker that he “needed to get his warrant taken care of.” Police later found surveillance footage purportedly showing Baumrucker getting into Wright’s car at the gas station. That is a problem for a prosecutor when she did not turn him in.

Police say that Wright repeatedly met with Baumrucker for two months in a jail area intended for attorney-client visits, even though he was not her client. The bikini photo was found in her cell. Wright has competed in bodybuilding contests. She is featured here as the winner of bodybuilding contests.

Her lawyer says that she could have used better judgment — something of an understatement. However, he insisted that she was trying to “put him on the straight and narrow.”

Source: KXLY as first seen on ABA Journal

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  1. She must be very hard up for male attention and she may be built like a brick shi_ house but she sure as heck doesn’t have the brains of a Bessie bug. (lady bug). She may have book sense, but definitely no common sense. Then again, some women have the weird idea that all men would treat them the same way – depends on the type of people she hung out with when growing up. Also, as was mentioned above, she may have the wild idea that she could turn him around. Could be she gets high by living on the edge. ……………..Big stupid idea. It never works!!! Will women never learn!!! Crazy, stupid, low self esteem, it could be either or with a woman who gets involved with a criminal. Just my opinion That is one dumb stupid woman.

  2. Low self esteem. Savior Complex. The delusion that “you” can save him from himself. If you can ‘save’ someone then you must be a good person and fix that low self esteem and everyone must admire and respect you.

    Women seem to suffer from this much more than men.

  3. Whaaaaaat? I can never, ever understand why well-educated women are attracted to this particular type of criminal. There’s a whole book in this for some enterprising sociologist or psychologist. A doctoral thesis?

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