Chicago Gang Members Allegedly Murder 9-Year-Old Boy Who They Thought Warned Opposing Gang


My home town of Chicago continues to be plagued by gang violence. Children are often the victim of drive by shootings and gang gun fights. However, the intentional killing this week of 9-year-old Antonio Smith Jr., known as “Fat Baby” and “Hamburger,” has shocked many in the city. The four men are reportedly members of the Sircon City faction of the Gangster Disciples street gang and murdered Smith because they thought he had warned their intended victims, rival members of the Pocket Town gang.

According to police, it was Jabari Williams, 22, (the first picture above from the right) who handed the .380-caliber handgun to Derrick Allmon, 19, (the second picture above) after they arrived in two cars at the scene. Also charged is Michael D. Baker, 19, (third) and Paris Denard, 19, (fourth). The four accused men had spotted two men from the rival gang while driving in the neighborhood.

antoine-smithWhen Allmon went into a back yard, police say that he saw Smith giving what he thought was a warning to the other gang and proceeded to kill him.

Allmon was just paroled from state prison in early August after serving about 1 1/2 year of a 3 1/2-year sentence on a weapons conviction. He has the word “Blessed” tattooed across his chest. Allmon allegedly threw the gun into a sewer as he fled from the shooting scene.

Adding to the anger over the crime is that fact that the gun used by in the crime was traced to a gun store in Indiana, which has less restrictive gun laws and does not require background checks, a waiting period or even a record of the transaction. Chicago has long complained that many of the guns used in such crimes come from Indiana.

It appears to have been Williams who led police to the others after being picked up on an unrelated gun charge and reportedly making “self-incriminating statements” about his involvement in the slaying.

Smith, in the fourth grade, was an honor roll student at Hinton Elementary School and played peewee football. Friends say that he was extremely smart and popular. He lived his short life along the dividing line of territory between the two gangs, a railroad track where his body was found.

At his funeral, they played his favorite song “Still Have Joy” by singer Tye Tribbett.


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  1. Is it possible these ferals goons could be executed today. I would be honored to administer the drugs myself.

  2. This picture reminds me of the 3 men in the picture in Columbus Georgia. This time it’s 4 from Chicago, but the same dead eyes. The picture of the little boy has shining eyes, a child still untouched by the hatred of the 4 who killed him! They should get the death penalty, but I suspect Illinois doesn’t have one. Often prisoners do what the outside could not. In prison there are eyes deader than theirs who don’t like child killers.

  3. Annie,
    Someone requested the link to the heritage manifesto. I found it again and posted it.

    Besides, Jon is making it clear he doesn’t want anyone here that disagrees with one person on here. I am not sure how they have so much pull. I do tell you this, if he ever becomes a guest blogger I will do what ever is necessary to protect my anonymity. That is for certain.

  4. DBQ doesn’t dictate how we comment here AY. If we want to post quotes and cite sources, we still have that prerogative. If DBQ is bored or too lazy to read them she can pass them by. Also some folks have trouble understanding nuance.

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