Stabbing – It’s Better Than Meth

140919_stabbing_bigJohn Fecteau really knows how to guarantee a maximum sentencing. The Seattle man was arrested for robbery and assault charges after a crime spree. When arrested, police say that Fecteau proclaimed that he loved stabbing people, asked if he severed one victim’s spine, and said that “It is better than doing meth.”

Fecteau is accused of knifing two people and robbing a third person at knifepoint. Police say that Fecteau told him that he was hoping that he had succeeded in severing one victim’s spine. He added “I’m going to stab one person every day” due before slogan: “It is better than doing meth.”

Fecteau’s first victim was a fellow homeless man. Fecteau had argued with a woman for sitting on his piece of card and, when her companion rose next to her, Fecteau stabbed him in the back of the neck and then stuck him a second time behind his ear. Fecteau then allegedly stabbed the woman in the hand.

It was not hard for the police to identify Fecteau from this horn and other facial tattoos.

Only 90 minutes later, another report of a robbery in came in after a man was robbed at knifepoint and described Fecteau. Fecteau already stabbed at the man and chased him half of block before given up.

When arrested, Fecteau is quoted as saying “Did that kid die yet? I got them, the two under the bridge . . . I licked their fluids off the blade. That guy, I hope I severed his spine.”

The victim was fortunately treated and released.

Fecteau has guaranteed a maximum sentence. In addition to his extensive comments, he has an extensive criminal history in Washington, Oregon and California. In Washington alone, he has convictions for assault with a deadly weapon, as well as 15 less serious assault charges.

Despite his statement that he was trying to kill the first victim, he has been charged with two counts of second-degree assault and one count of first-degree robbery. It is an interesting line to draw given the alleged admission of his desire to kill the victim.

Source: KOMO News

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  1. Paul – no kidding!!!

    Living in CA formed my fiscal conservative viewpoint. It’s pretty hard not to get upset at all the waste.

    I wish we could drag the people running the state and cities into a conference room, and write down on a white board the CORE responsibilities of state and local government. You don’t blow our money on your pet projects, million dollar interior office remodels (that happens occasionally here), or other really nifty programs until you take care of your basic responsibilities. And you don’t raise taxes, or attack Prop 13, because you’ve blown all our money on nonessentials!

  2. Austin Police are looking for the person who stabbed and killed a 19-year-old man in South Austin Monday night…
    the comments under this story from the local newspaper website are filled w/ ridicule & contempt…
    So much for American (& liberal AUS) exceptionalism

  3. We’re the highest-taxed state in the union (sometimes we trade places with New York). And yet, we don’t have the money for really basic services – like fixing pot holes and building jails.

  4. We also have an enormous drain on our resources with illegal alien prisoners. And yet, here we are, wasting $65 billion on a stupid vacation train to SF.

    It often seems to me like CA has forgotten its core responsibilities and become fixated on pet pork projects.

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