New York Parking Employer Admits To Stealing $89,000 in Quarters

jeffreydadayJeffrey Daday, 36, a Mount Kisco parking cop, is no “nickel and dimer.” No he is a quarter man. On Tuesday, Daday admitted Tuesday that he stole more than $89,000 in quarters during a span of about five years. That is a total of about 365,000 quarters.

There are two aspects about this story that struck me as particularly notable beyond the obvious. First, Daday appears to have been depositing these money directly into his bank account. That would seem pretty reckless since his account would show a huge amount of money that is not accounted for in his low-level municipal job. Given the missing quarters, it was likely that some investigation would occur and the first place that they would look would be the bank accounts of employees.

Second, his thefts from 2009 to 2014, is not the first such crime in Mount Kisco. In 2005 Jason Berke, a former parking meter supervisor, pleaded guilty to stealing $30,000 worth of coins from meters, admitting that he took about $1,000 a week.

Finally, here is the real shocker, according to the article below, the quarters would allow for 5.2 million minutes of parking time but then added that the close to $90,000 would also pay for “8 months worth of parking in the village.” That was meant to show how much was stolen but it is astonishing that almost $100,000 would be needed to park for less than a year in Westchester County.

Daday now faces up to 15 years in prison. His predecessor however received only five years.

Source: Lohud

19 thoughts on “New York Parking Employer Admits To Stealing $89,000 in Quarters”

  1. So glad to live in a county without parking meters. Lived for 4 years caring for my mom in another county that also was without parking meters.

    Communities with parking meters should do regular audits, e.g. when parking meters money collectors go on vacation, to determine the amount of money expected. ‘Course the auditors might decide on taking a bonus.

  2. If you’ve ever been fined for an unpaid meter, you can have no sympathy for this goofball, HOWEVER 15 years is bloody ridiculous, even in this Prison Nation. Don’t judges, prosecutors & lawmakers know that the Penal Codes of the 1700s in the UK INCREASED CRIME! (may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb….)

  3. Parking meters are a TAX! To get what they need requires purchase, installation, maintenance, replacement after vandalism, meter man salary, and allowance for meter man thefts. Comparing all of that against actual earnings would seem nil. Why not give taxpayers a break? The old chalk on the wheel would open more spaces intermittently. Outrageous parking ticket fees would raise $$$.

    1. Sandi Hemming – there is an odd quirk in Arizona law that parking meter cannot be a tax. They ostensibly have to be for the movement of traffic. Hence, no long parking. However, with this last hike in prices they made the mistake of saying it was a revenue measure. First person to fight their parking ticket using the right law, wipes them out. šŸ™‚

  4. Looks like he bought a lot of fast food with the money. Anyway, he deserves an Irish Poem:

    Ode D’Dude Daday???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a dude named Daday.
    Who stole him some quarters they say.
    Till some one dropped a dime,
    And reported the crime,
    Now they’re gonna send Daday away!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  5. I guess he’ll have enough to take care of his needs… Provided they are still a quarter….

  6. 89,000 over 5 years is about 1,400 a month. If he had several bank accounts it would be really easy to deposit several hundred dollars a month without raising any suspicions or triggering a CRT. He could just change some of the quarters into dollars easily at any store or place of business that is amenable.

    Heck. Once a year we take all the change we have thrown into the various cookie jars and it usually amounts to over $500. It is easy to empty out your pocket or purse and have a couple of dollars that you won’t miss.

    This is the same system he exploited in his job. A few dollars here….a few dollars there. No one missed it. No one was really accounting for it.

    Your Government at work….or…..actually NOT working.

    Just imagine the loss of money every year in all government agencies. Wasted, diverted, stolen. Billions of dollars.

    1. DBQ – the City of Phoenix just upped the price of parking meters. What they should have done is fired all the meter collectors and started fresh. Do that every month and you probably would save enough to make up the money they were trying to make up with the raise.

  7. If the amounts are low enough, and I am not sure how low is low, he can blame it on gambling winnings, and still dump it in his own account. That is too much loose change to put in your sock at home. I probably have $50 in change in the house in various places. Not sure where I would put 89k in quarters.

    Evidently, skimming is part of the job description.

  8. Theft by union govt. employees is why mass transit is now mostly cashless. Buses, subways, parking, road tolls, are prepay from machines or w/ credit cards. Chicago infamously even screwed that up giving an uber sweetheart deal to the parking meter company. Gee, I wonder if any elected officials got a kickback?? Now, only the higher up bureaucrats can steal from the citizens, twice.

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