“Don’t Be Late And End Up In A Crate”: Airport Company Uses Man’s Death To Pitch Its Services

Doré_-_StyxI just saw this on Reddit and had to share it. A company issued a report of the death of a man at O’Hare airport, but it turns out that the company was using the death as a hook for more business. The company notes “[t]here could be many reasons for the cause of this man’s death but based on the story one possible reason could be stress. The process of arriving to the airport and boarding the plane can be very stressful.” The solution? The company of course. ParkSleepFly, which appears to be working on a new slogan: “Use Us Or Die.”

The full ad read:

Can On-Airport Parking Kill?
Last week a 55 year old man was found dead at a Chicago O’Hare parking lot. He was found lying on the ground unresponsive at around 7:15 am. The Chicago police did not find any signs of a homicide and an autopsy is to follow.
There could be many reasons for the cause of this man’s death, but based on the story one possible reason could be stress. The process of arriving to the airport, getting through security, and boarding the plane can be very stressful.
Many airlines and travel industries have implemented technology to make traveling easier such as through buying airfare online, booking hotels and renting cars, and even reserving off-airport parking through an app.
Don’t be late and end up in a crate. Save stress and possibly anything worse by utilizing technology and reserving all your travel needs in advance.

The company uses the death to warn “Don’t be late and end up in a crate.” Catchy? Slightly. Tasteless? Absolutely.

The company even offers a discount $5 coupon – a nice benefit to possibly give the widow’s family traveling to the services.


I was skeptical but this appears a real company. I found a Consumerist article that said that the company felt bad about the mocking and clearly opportunist use of a man’s death. In an apology, the company said it was “an extremely poor choice and a mistake that leaves us all in remorse.” In the understatement of the year, the company added “There is no good explanation to how and why we made the decision to create such a tasteless marketing email.”

Below is the advertisement:


18 thoughts on ““Don’t Be Late And End Up In A Crate”: Airport Company Uses Man’s Death To Pitch Its Services”

  1. What is difference of this company over others? The ad is offensive, but I saw no added value from them. Not to sound haughty, but I refuse to fly coach. The physical agony (I’ve had several operations), along with all the other minuses, are just too much. So, I pay more and fly Business. Arriving feeling fine is worth every penny! No luggage charges, good food, good service, etc., also worth it! Retirement means no business travel. If they could come up with a way to avoid the TSA, I’d pay more!

    1. Sandi – I fly super cheap Allegiant when I can and they only have one class – super economy.

  2. Be the first one on your block
    To have your boy come home in a box.

    Creativity is found everywhere. It’s kind of like offering real estate services to someone whose spouse is terminal, knowing that they will probably be moving soon.

  3. NO wait, Isn’t marketing great – end up in a crate – no – that[s just too much and it doesn’t make sense. But things don’t have to anymore.

  4. Tasteless ad so let’s give the company extra exposure by making it the topic of a blog post.

  5. I fly on occasion, have never had a really bed experience, though the time the person in front kept leaning back and my legs moving preventing him from sleep might have turned into something more serious.

    But I never (never) go through the scanners. I insist on a personal massage. This whole business of letting them scan your body with a machine that may cause cancer in you is not something that interests me in the least. I always insist the personal “massage” happen in full view of everyone. I even offer to remove any and all clothing if they really want to be sure.

    If more people insist on this, our “security” would change drastically, and I am confident for the better.

  6. Ok, they are apologizing, but will they still honor the coupon code or if we try to use it will they just tell us to drop dead?

  7. Oh my God, that’s just awful. Tasteless beyond comprehension. The widow must have been pissed to find her late husband used in an ad.

    If they hadn’t referenced an actual real person who died, but had come up with a commercial where a character keels over after a Planes, Trains, and Automobiles experience, that would have been humorous.

  8. But if there’s foul play, another catchy phrase would be, “I’d rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6”!

  9. My brother and sister refuse to fly. I fly only under duress, although I personally have not had any bad experiences. I did have TSA search my bags for the first time. Not sure to take that as a plus or a minus. I do think this is a creative ad and that people are taking things too seriously these days. As a country we have lost our sense of humor.

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