Bergdahl Report Delayed Until After The Election

305px-USA_PFC_BoweBergdahl_ACU_CroppedWe previously discussed how the White House opened admitted that it was delayed the increasingly unpopular immigration plan until after the election. Now it appears that another radioactive issue is being slow marched until after the election. The Army has completed its investigation into Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s disappearance from his base in Afghanistan five years ago. However, Pentagon sources have said that any release will have to come after the election and there is no guarantee that the findings will be made public.

There is significant evidence that Bergdahl may have planned to leave his post — resulting in search missions where fellow soldiers were put at risk. Some allege soldiers were killed on missions that included searches for Bergdahl.

The swap for Taliban leaders clearly violated federal law, as we have discussed. The Democrats are already facing a worsening situation with an extremely unpopular president but also very low polls for Democrats generally. Bergdahl is the last thing that voters need.

In Kentucky, the senate candidate has effectively denounced Obama and has turned the race into something of a referendum on Hillary Clinton, which may be only marginally better with most voters. Clinton has called Alison Lundergan Grimes the candidate of change — something many may find curious from the ultimate insider figure in American politics.

However, I remain fascinated, as I was with the immigration issue, that such issues are openly delayed to prevent voters from factoring them into their votes. There is very little outrage over such gaming of the system, which has obviously been done by both parties historically.

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  1. I am reading these posts and I wonder, why people are geared the way they are. Some of the posts are excellent, other just show contempt for civility.

    What Obama does or does not do before the midterm elections will affect certain candidates. There are no guarantees in life, somethings are just the way they are.

  2. So, the government is saying this Bergdahl won’t hunt . . . until after the elections. People are saying the government’s dog won’t hunt. Hmm?

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    1. Tyger Gilbert – thanks for bringing back great memories about Shari Lewis and her show. Loved Lamp Chop.

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    “Aridog – if I create a sockpuppet, I can have the sock puppet support what I have been saying in my other identity. The more sock puppets the more support.”

    Yeah, I get that part. It’s a bit like sitting gin the Latrine and talking to yourself IMO. The word “wanker” comes to mind.

    1. Aridog – since my sock puppet(s) is(are) giving me support, my opinion seems more valid. That is the theory. We got to see it in action this weekend.

    2. @Paul

      Sock puppets are so reassuring. They tell you what you want to hear and defend you against those who disagree. I don’t know why everybody doesn’t used sock puppets.

      If we could just figure out a way to hook that Eliza therapist program into a sock puppet we could get rid of blogs altogether. Who would need a blog? You could just talk to you sock puppets all day.

      1. bfm – it is like talking to yourself except you have the added value to additional validation for your opinions. If sock puppetry is allowed, I clearly have been playing by the wrong rules. 😉

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