Semi-Sweet: Study Finds Chocolate Compound Can Reverse Memory Loss . . . At The Cost Of Obesity

220px-Chocolate02Finally, a study that we can believe in and truly get behind. A study published in Nature Neuroscience found that chocolate has a natural compound from cocoa that can reverse age-related memory loss. The problem is that you have to eat so much that you immediately remember that you have a serious weight problem.

The researchers isolated the benefits from flavanols and found that they reverse mild memory loss in older adults. The same element was found in some tea and some vegetables. Most modern cocoa-processing methods however remove many of the flavanols found in cocoa.

The problem is that the compound is found only in minuscule amounts in the average chocolate bar so you would have to devour a massive amount of chocolate to reach the daily required level. Many would be happy to try of course. Worse yet, the guy who told us that chocolate could help our memories but would make us obese is Dr. Small. Scott A. Small is a professor of neurology and director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at the Taub Institute at Columbia University Medical Center.

The research also established that memory deteriorates with age because of changes in the dentate gyrus, a region of the hippocampus. The compounds enhance connectivity and metabolic activity in the dentate gyrus. The result could be significant. The research indicated that a person with the memory of a typical 60-year-old could, after just three months, function more like a 30- or 40-year-old.

Not surprisingly, the study was funded by the chocolate maker Mars.

Source: NY Times

30 thoughts on “Semi-Sweet: Study Finds Chocolate Compound Can Reverse Memory Loss . . . At The Cost Of Obesity”

  1. Oh, they’ll come up with an isolated supplement.

    But will it taste as sweet?

    I’m pretty sure I improved my memory this morning when I bought Halloween candy and started the celebration early.

  2. John Ewbanks

    All things in moderation.
    Especially memory.

    It is too much like history when done well.

  3. Squeaky:

    Not much I can say to that. I dont think Russel Stover will use that ryhme though.


  4. Chocolate or cacao in and of itself is not fattening. It is the sugar and fats that are added to the chocolate to make it palatable to our sense of what tastes good. The Aztecs did not sweeten their chocolate drinks. They even added chilies to give it more zip.

    They used one of these a molinillo to stir it up and make it all frothy.

    Really tastes awful until you get over the fact that it isn’t sweet and is quite bitter.

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